Torquay Best Family Hotels: Child-Friendly Accommodation

By | September 17, 2023

Torquay Best Family Hotels: Child-Friendly Accommodation

Torquay is a historic and beautiful holiday destination on the Devon coast in southwest England. If you want to spend an unforgettable holiday with your family in this beautiful city, you can consider staying in child-friendly hotels. Here are the best family hotels in Torquay:

1. The Headland Hotel and Spa

Headland Hotel and Spa is a great option for your stay in Torquay. This five-star hotel enjoys an amazing location with wonderful sea views. This family-friendly hotel offers a variety of activities and entertainment for your children. The hotel has a kids club, playground and children’s pool. There is also an adults-only spa and golf course.

2. The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel is one of the most prestigious and oldest hotels in Torquay. This hotel offers spacious and comfortable family rooms. There are also various facilities for your children, such as playgrounds, a children’s pool and a playground. Beautiful beaches and natural parks within walking distance from the hotel also offer great activity opportunities for your family.

3. The Grosvenor Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel is another great option for family-friendly accommodation in Torquay. This hotel is known for its beautiful gardens and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the family rooms, there is also a playground and a kids club for your children. Children’s special menus are also available at the hotel’s restaurant. In addition, shopping malls and touristic attractions that you can reach on foot from the hotel are among the places you can visit with your family.

4. The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is a great family accommodation option in Torquay. This hotel offers a fun-filled vacation for your children. The hotel has facilities such as animations for children, a mini club and a children’s pool. In addition, the hotel’s magnificent indoor and outdoor spaces provide the perfect environment for you and your family to have a pleasant time.

5. The Livermead House Hotel

The Livermead House Hotel is another kid-friendly hotel in Torquay for a peaceful family vacation. This hotel stands out with its beautiful gardens, private beach and activities for your children. Many more facilities are also available on site, such as a mini golf course, children’s pool and playgrounds. You also have the opportunity to participate in water sports activities nearby and explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

6. The Meadfoot Bay Hotel

The Meadfoot Bay Hotel is in a location with stunning views of Torquay. This hotel has comfortable and spacious rooms for families. Various facilities are also available for your children, such as a playground and a children’s pool. The hotel also offers activities and events specially organized for families. In addition, the beaches and natural parks that you can reach on foot from the hotel are among the places where you can have a pleasant time with your family.

Hotel Name Features The Headland Hotel and Spa Sea view, kids club, playground, kids pool, spa center, golf course The Imperial Hotel Playgrounds, kids pool, playground The Grosvenor Hotel Garden, kids club, kids menu The Palace Hotel Animations , mini club, children’s pool The Livermead House Hotel Garden, private beach, water sports, children’s pool The Meadfoot Bay Hotel Playground, children’s pool, organized events

Torquay offers many kid-friendly hotel options where you can spend an unforgettable holiday with your family. The above-mentioned hotels offer a variety of facilities and activities, ensuring that your children have a pleasant time. For families wishing to explore Torquay, these hotels offer ideal accommodation options. Come to Torquay for an unforgettable vacation and explore this wonderful city with your children!

A Safe and Comfortable Family Accommodation Experience in Torquay

Traveling can be an unforgettable experience for families. However, traveling with children can be difficult, especially finding a place that offers a safe and comfortable stay. Torquay stands out as a perfect destination for families in the UK. This beautiful seaside town is an ideal vacation spot for families with its tranquil beaches, wonderful sunny weather and a variety of accommodation options.

Safe Accommodation Options

Safe accommodation options are available for families in Torquay. Many hotels offer the necessary facilities for the safety of your children. For example, hotel rooms are equipped with items such as child safety locks and socket protectors. In addition, the hotel may have playrooms or playgrounds for children. In addition, some hotels offer areas in the hotel gardens to allow your children to play safely. Many resorts and apartments in Torquay also provide a safe and comfortable accommodation experience for children.

Comfortable and Spacious Accommodations

Torquay has spacious accommodation to suit the needs of families. Many hotels offer large family rooms or suites. These rooms have all the necessary amenities to ensure the comfort of your family. Likewise, resorts and apartments provide spacious and comfortable accommodation. It makes families feel at home by offering extra spaces such as kitchens, living rooms and private balconies. This type of accommodation is ideal for your children to play or relax comfortably.

Child Friendly Activities

Torquay has gained a reputation as a holiday destination that offers many kid-friendly activities. Babbacombe Model Village in the area offers an interactive experience where children can learn while having fun. You can also have fun with your children in touristic places such as Bygones Museum, Geopark, Living Coasts Zoo. There are also events and festivals organized for families in Torquay. These activities allow your children to interact with other children and the local culture. Activity options include a variety of options such as swimming, beach volleyball, cycling tours and water sports.

Meal Options

Torquay has a variety of dining options, and many restaurants are family-friendly. Menus often offer kid-friendly options, and some places offer children’s play areas so parents can enjoy their meals in comfort. Also, Torquay has many beautiful parks and beaches where you can picnic. You can have a pleasant outdoor meal with your family by preparing your picnic basket.

Safe Accommodation Comfortable Accommodations Child Friendly Activities Meal Options Hotel rooms are equipped with safety measures for children. Family rooms or suites offer spacious and comfortable accommodation. Kid-friendly places like Babbacombe Model Village, bygones museum. Restaurants offer children’s special menus and playgrounds. Resorts and apartments provide safe and spacious accommodation. Extra areas such as the kitchen and living room provide comfort for your family. Activities such as swimming, cycling tours, water sports Possibility to have a picnic in beautiful parks and beaches

Torquay offers many options that provide a safe and comfortable accommodation experience for families. You can spend an unforgettable holiday with your family with its beautiful beaches, child-friendly activities and spacious accommodation. You can enjoy spending time with your family on your trip to Torquay.

Specially Designed Rooms and Accommodation Options for Families

One of the most important factors when planning a holiday for families is accommodation options. During the holiday, specially designed rooms and accommodation options should be preferred for all family members to rest and have fun in a comfortable and comfortable way. In this article, we will examine such accommodation options available for families.

Room Types

Specially designed hotel rooms for families offer a variety of options. It is possible to choose a suitable room according to the needs and budget. Here are some room types specially designed for families:

  • Family Rooms: These are the rooms that offer a large living space that can be used by families easily. The option to have separate rooms provides privacy and independence between children and adults.
  • Connecting Rooms: Some hotels offer connecting rooms for families. These rooms are in the form of two rooms connected to each other by a door or a corridor. It offers privacy while keeping the family together.
  • Suite Rooms: A luxury option for families, the suite rooms offer a spacious living area and a private bedroom. Some suites also have a kitchen and a seating area.

Hotels with Family-Friendly Facilities

One of the most important issues that families pay attention to while on vacation is the amenities. Hotels designed specifically for families often offer the following amenities:

Amenities 1 Children’s Playground 2 Pool and Water Slides 3 Mini Club 4 Child Care Services 5 Game Rooms 6 Child Menus 7 Baby Care Rooms

Such facilities allow families to enjoy the holidays knowing that their children are having fun and are safe. In addition, some hotels offer various activities and animations for families.

Location Selection

Location is also important when choosing a suitable accommodation facility for families. It should be in a place suitable for the family’s holiday plans, and it should provide ease of transportation. It is also preferable to have child-friendly beaches, parks or entertainment centers close to the hotel.

Security is also another important factor. Families want to choose a resort with a safe environment where children can play freely. For this reason, the hotel should investigate its safety measures, whether it is child-friendly and whether it offers an environment where families can vacation in peace.


Rooms and accommodation options specially designed for families allow them to spend every moment of their holiday in a comfortable and enjoyable way. Hotels with family-friendly amenities provide a safe and enjoyable experience for children, while parents can relax. When planning a holiday, evaluating specially designed rooms and accommodation options for families increases the quality of the holiday and offers the chance to collect unforgettable memories for the family.

Family Accommodation Options and Services in Torquay

Torquay is a stunning holiday resort located on the south coast of England. It is known as a perfect holiday destination for families with its natural beauties and historical and cultural riches. Torquay offers many options and services for families to have a comfortable and comfortable stay.

Hotel Accommodation Options

Torquay has many family-friendly hotels. These hotels offer features such as spacious family rooms, kids clubs and activities, outdoor pools and playgrounds, allowing families to enjoy their holidays. In hotel accommodation, families can enjoy delicious meals at the restaurants as well as staying in a comfortable environment. Hotels in Torquay also offer childcare services, providing parents with a comfortable vacation.

Resorts and Parks

A great family accommodation option in Torquay are the resorts and parks. These resorts offer properties with their own kitchen and living areas where families can feel the comfort of home. In addition, there are playgrounds, outdoor pools and activities for children in the site. Resorts provide an unforgettable vacation experience by providing access to activities and facilities for families to spend time together.

Pension and Apart Accommodation

Budget accommodation options for families in Torquay also include hostels and apartments. Hostels offer large rooms to suit the needs of families and often also offer breakfast. Also, apartments are ideal for families because they have their own kitchen and are a budget-friendly option. Many Bamp;Bs and apartments in Torquay have the advantage of being either sea view or centrally located.

Touristic Village Houses

Torquay is also famous for its historic country houses. Many touristic village houses offer a different accommodation experience by allowing families to travel back in time. These houses usually have large spaces where couples or large families can stay together. In touristic village houses, you can feel the traditional English decoration and have the opportunity to cook your own meals.

Accommodation Options Features Hotel Spacious family rooms, kids clubs, outdoor pools, childcare services Resorts and Parks Own kitchen and living areas, playgrounds, outdoor pools, activities Hostel and Apart Spacious rooms, affordable rates, sometimes breakfast, own kitchen Touristic Village Houses Historic atmosphere, large spaces, traditional English decoration

Torquay is an ideal holiday destination for families. It offers many options to suit the needs of families, both with its natural beauties and accommodation options. Among the accommodation options such as hotels, holiday villages, hostels and touristic village houses, families can choose the one that best suits their tastes and needs. Every detail has been thought of for an unforgettable family holiday in Torquay!

Child-friendly hotels offer amenities and services specially designed for families to make the most of their vacation. These hotels have many entertainment and activities for children. During the holiday, there are many options where children can spend time without getting bored and have new experiences.

Entertainment and Playgrounds

Child-friendly hotels have special playgrounds where children can have fun. These areas are environments where children can develop their social skills and make new friends. In addition, many fun activities such as large open-air playgrounds, trampolines, slides and swings provide children with a pleasant time.

Mini Clubs

Child-friendly hotels have mini-clubs for children. In mini clubs, children can participate in activities suitable for their age and interests, accompanied by professional animators. While children’s artistic aspects are supported by activities such as painting, dance, music and theater, physical and mental development of children is supported by activities such as sports activities, nature walks and science experiments.

Outdoor and Indoor Pools

Child-friendly hotels have specially designed indoor and outdoor pools. These pools are arranged in such a way that children can spend their time safely. It has fun elements such as children’s pools, water slides, water fountains. In addition, some hotels have indoor pools reserved for children. These pools are ideal for children to enjoy the water without spending too much time in the sun to cool off.

Kids Shows and Entertainment

Children’s shows and entertainment organized in child-friendly hotels ensure that children experience unforgettable moments throughout the holiday. Shows and activities prepared by professional animators allow children to both have fun and learn. Activities such as dance shows, puppet games and clown shows offer environments where children can release their energy and have a pleasant time.

Child Care Services

Child-friendly hotels offer childcare services so that guests can have a comfortable holiday. Thanks to these services, parents can safely leave their children to the animators, participate in activities or relax in comfort on their own. The 24-hour kindergarten and baby care units provide great convenience for families with babies and small children.

Child Friendly Hotel Facilities Activities Amusement and Playgrounds Playgrounds such as swings, slides, trampolines Mini Clubs Activities such as theatre, dance, science experiments Outdoor and Indoor Pools Children’s pools, water slides, water fountain Children’s Shows and Entertainments Dance shows, puppet games, clowns Shows Child Care Services 24-hour crèches and baby care units

Child-friendly hotels offer many facilities and activities to ensure that children have a fun and enjoyable holiday. In these hotels, children can make new friends, participate in different activities and create unforgettable memories. In addition, parents can also enjoy their own holidays, leaving their children in safe hands. Child-friendly hotels are an important option that makes family vacations more enjoyable and memorable.

Dining and Restaurant Options at Kid Friendly Hotels in Torquay

Torquay is one of England’s beautiful seaside towns and a great vacation destination. It also offers many opportunities for families traveling with children. Child-friendly hotels in Torquay offer an excellent experience in both accommodation and dining.

Kid Friendly Hotel Restaurants

Most kid-friendly hotels in Torquay offer special menus for kids in their restaurants. These menus are full of options for children’s tastes and provide a healthy diet. In addition, some hotels offer the opportunity to prepare meals according to the special wishes of children.

Hotel Restaurant Children’s Menu Hotel 1 Sea View Restaurant Ece’s Special Menu Hotel 2 Family Restaurant Delicious and Healthy Hotel 3 Children’s Kitchen Create Your Own Hamburger

The restaurants of these kid-friendly hotels allow families to dine in a relaxed atmosphere. Colorful decorations and playgrounds help children enjoy their meals. In addition, some hotels offer babysitting services, creating a time for parents to enjoy their meals in comfort.

Traveler Reviews

The dining and restaurant options at kid-friendly hotels in Torquay are very popular with travelers. Families who spend their holidays in these hotels state that their children have had an excellent experience. Below are some positive comments about these hotels:

  • “The children’s menu in the hotel restaurant was great, my child has never had such an appetite!” – Family 1
  • “There was a playground where my kids could play comfortably and we were able to have our excellent meals.” – Family 2
  • “It’s great that kid-friendly hotels place such emphasis on children’s nutrition. It’s very gratifying that they offer healthy options.” – Family 3

The dining and restaurant options at kid-friendly hotels in Torquay ensure families have a great vacation experience. These hotels offer healthy and delicious options for children to enjoy. In addition, they provide a fun environment for children with colorful decorations and playgrounds. You can choose one of these hotels for an unforgettable holiday with your children in Torquay.

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