Top 10 Children’s Educational and Entertaining Discoveries in and Around Lyon

By | September 17, 2023

Top 10 Children’s Educational and Entertaining Discoveries in and Around Lyon

For families looking for educational and entertaining exploration spaces for their children, Lyon and the surrounding area offer an excellent choice. Many venues in the city and nearby areas allow children to both learn new things and have fun. Here are 10 of the best educational and entertaining discovery spaces for kids in and around Lyon:

1. Musee Miniature et Cinéma

This museum is a place that opens the door to the magical world of children. The miniatures and cinema collections inside are astonishing for children. In addition, the museum offers activities such as miniature making and stop-motion animation for children.

2. Musee des Confluences

This modern museum combines nature, history and science. With its interactive exhibits and unique collections, it both entertains and teaches children. The museum also hosts many activities to help children develop their exploration skills.

3. Parc de la Tête d’Or

Located in the heart of Lyon, this large park is the perfect entertainment area for children. The zoo, botanical garden, lake and playgrounds in the park promise a fun-filled day for children. In addition, Roseraie, located in the park, allows children to be in touch with nature.

4. Les Halles de Lyon

This delicious marketplace is the perfect place for kids to discover new tastes. Families can visit the market with their children, try local products and get to know different cultures closely.

5. Le Parc des Oiseaux

This park, where many bird species live, offers an experience that brings children together with nature. Here, children can observe different bird species, listen to bird sounds and learn more about nature with interactive activities.

6. La Maison des Canuts

This museum gives children the opportunity to explore Lyon’s historic silk weaving culture. Here, children can learn about silk and weaving techniques, make their own silk weaving and get to know the cultural heritage of the region better.

7. Aquarium de Lyon

This aquarium presents a world of various sea creatures to children. Children can see different types of fish, sea turtles and coral reefs here. The aquarium also hosts interactive exhibits that provide children with information about marine biology and ecosystems.

8. Espace Gros Saule

This entertainment center is a place where children can unwind. It includes trampolines, climbing walls, playgrounds and many more activities. Children can have fun and improve their physical skills here.

9. Mini World Lyon

This indoor miniature park offers children a unique exploration experience. There are miniature cities with various themes in the park, and children can closely observe the details, trains and events in these cities.

10. Ile Barbe

Located on this small island, the park is a quiet relaxation and exploration area for children. It includes playgrounds, green areas and picnic areas. Here, children can be in touch with nature, ride a bicycle and have a pleasant time in the open air.

Lyon and its surroundings offer many places for children to explore, enjoy and learn. The above-mentioned areas allow children to have both an educational and entertaining experience. These areas offer activities to help children develop their sense of curiosity and exploration skills. Families in Lyon and its surroundings can evaluate their children’s holidays in an enjoyable and educational way.

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