The Most Private Routes for Travelers in Cha Am

By | September 17, 2023

The Most Private Routes for Travelers in Cha Am

Cha Am is one of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations. It offers many special routes for travelers with its wonderful beaches, magnificent landscapes and impressive tourist attractions. If you happen to be in Cha Am, you should definitely take a look at these routes that you should explore.

Cha Am Beach ranks first among the Most Special Routes for Cha Am Travelers. This beach is like a tropical paradise. Surrounded by white sands and clear blue waters, this beach is the perfect option for sunbathing, swimming or spending time with water sports. You can also enjoy the magnificent views by walking on the beach and watching the sunset.

2. Mrigadayavan Palace

Another special route for travelers in Cha Am is Mrigadayavan Palace. This palace was used as a summer residence for the Thai royal family. The palace consists of wooden buildings with traditional Thai architecture. The gardens and ponds of the palace fascinate visitors with their calmness. You can visit the palace, breathe its historical atmosphere and admire its beauties.

Another noteworthy special route of Cha Am is Santorini Park. The architecture of this theme park was inspired by the famous Greek island of Santorini. You can find many fun and exciting activities in the park. There are many entertaining activities such as the horror house, water slides, Ferris wheels and even an air swing. There are also restaurants and shops in the park where you can eat and shop.

4. Cha Am Forest Park

Cha Am Forest Park is the perfect route option for travelers who want to be in touch with nature and enjoy the fresh air. You can go hiking, cycling or picnic in this park. You can also go fishing and bird watching in the ponds in the park. If you are a nature lover, Cha Am Forest Park is an unmissable opportunity for you.

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is a historical place located in the immediate vicinity of Cha Am. The magnificent wooden buildings and colorful gardens of the palace are the elements that impress the visitors. The palace has an elegant atmosphere that comes from its historical heritage. While walking around the palace, you will feel the history of Thailand and witness the unique beauties.

6. Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm in Cha Am is an excellent route option, especially for families. This farm is home to Swiss-style decoration and many animals. Here you can explore the farm life with your children, feed the animals and enjoy the pure nature. There is also a restaurant and a shop selling local products on the farm.

Maruekatayawan Temple is another highlight among the Most Special Routes for Cha Am Travelers. The temple is an impressive structure featuring traditional religious architecture of Thailand. The interior of the temple is elegantly decorated, creating an aura of spirituality. You can stroll through the gardens around the temple and meditate in a peaceful atmosphere.

8. Santouk Cafe

For travelers in Cha Am, stopping by Santouk Cafe is a great option to complete special itineraries. This cafe combines Thai traditional style and modern aesthetics, offering a peaceful atmosphere. The cafe is famous for its specialty coffees and delicious desserts. You can also sit in the garden and spend a pleasant time enjoying the magnificent views.

Route Feature Cha Am Beach Gorgeous beach and sea views Mrigadayavan Palace Historic buildings and gardens Santorini Park Amusement and theme park activities Cha Am Forest Park Hiking and picnic opportunities Maruekhathaiyawan Palace Majestic wooden buildings and colorful gardens Swiss Sheep Farm Swiss style farm experience Maruekatayawan Temple Traditional temple and gardens Santouk Cafe Thai coffee and sweets

You can make your trip in Cha Am unforgettable by exploring these special routes. Each place offers its own unique experiences and beauties. Cha Am is a place that offers a satisfying travel experience with its natural and cultural riches.

Hidden Beaches in Cha Am: Discover Uncharted Beaches


Cha Am is a popular tourist resort in the south of Thailand. It is known for its magnificent beaches and beautiful landscapes. However, many tourists only get the opportunity to explore the main beaches in Cha Am and remain unaware of the hidden beaches. In this article, you have the chance to find unexplored beaches in Cha Am. These hidden beaches will fascinate you with their calmness and natural beauty.

1. Puek Tian Beach

Puek Tian Beach is one of the most famous hidden beaches in Cha Am. This beach is famous for its white sands and clear waters. Whether you want to sunbathe or swim, Puek Tian Beach offers you all kinds of experiences. The beach has many sun loungers and parasols, so you can sunbathe comfortably. There are also clean toilets and showers on the beach. There are also restaurants that serve fresh seafood while enjoying the sea.

2. Suan Son Beach

Suan Son Beach is located just a short distance from the city of Cha Am. This beach has a wide sandy beach lined with palm trees. Suan Son Beach is also a great option for those who want to camp. The beach has some campsites and barbecue areas. At night, you can light a campfire and spend time in a romantic atmosphere. You can also do water sports on the beach or take a pleasant walk along the beach.

3. Cha Am Bay

Cha Am Bay is named after the city of Cha Am. This bay is home to a quiet and peaceful beach that is often used by locals. Here you can relax and have a quiet time as there are fewer tourists than other popular beaches. Cha Am Bay has the perfect spot to watch the beautiful sunset. There are also several restaurants and cafes running along the beach so you can enjoy delicious Thai cuisine.

Line 4 Puek Tuk Tuk Beach

Hat Puek Tuk Tuk Beach got its name from the tuk tuk drivers on the shore of Cha Am beach. This beach is known to locals but has not gained much fame among tourists. Therefore, it is a beach that is usually quiet and empty. Hat Puek Tuk Tuk Beach is famous for its clear water and white sand. There are also many restaurants and cafes nearby so you can easily relax your hunger and thirst.

5. Kao Takiap Beach

Kao Takiap Beach is another hidden beach in Cha Am known for its natural beauty. This beach is famous for the large rock formations that rise up around it. Kao Takiap Beach is also near the royal temple Wat Khao Takiap. This temple is a popular tourist place to visit. The beach has excellent spots for sunbathing, swimming, walking and taking in the scenery.


Cha Am is a destination that will enchant you with its hidden beaches. You can enjoy a quiet vacation by exploring undiscovered beaches such as Puek Tian Beach, Suan Son Beach, Cha Am Bay, Hat Puek Tuk Tuk Beach and Kao Takiap Beach. These beaches will offer you a dream-like holiday experience with their natural beauties and calm atmosphere.

Hidden Beaches in Cha Am: Discover Uncharted Beaches

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