The Best Rowing Places in and Around Exeter

By | September 17, 2023

The Best Rowing Places in and Around Exeter

Located in Devon, Southern England, Exeter is a place known for its exquisite nature, historical fabric and opportunities for rowing. In this region, where the rivers are abundant, there are places where the wind is good and suitable for skiing. Here are the best rowing spots in and around Exeter:

1. Exeter River

The Exeter River, which surrounds the city of Exeter and runs through the city centre, is an ideal base for rowers in the area. The river has varying difficulties, from calm waters to flowing regions. Also, the view on the river is breathtaking and preferable to enjoy nature while paddling.

2. Exe River

About 15 kilometers from Exeter, the River Exe is one of the most popular paddling spots in the area. The river has a structure suitable for both sailing and rowing sports. There are also many rowing clubs along the Exe River and it is possible to get training in these clubs.

3. Tiverton Canal

A little further from Exeter, approximately 20 kilometers away, the Tiverton Canal provides an ideal setting for rowing. Paddling in the calm waters of the canal offers a serene and peaceful experience. Tiverton Canal is also a popular spot for walking and cycling.

4. Teign River

About 30 kilometers from Exeter, the Teign River is an ideal place for canoeing and rowing. The water current in the river is fast and is a preferred spot for thrill-seeking rowers. It is possible to be intertwined with nature while rowing in this river flowing in greenery.

5. Dart River

About 40 kilometers from Exeter, the Dart River is one of the most popular paddling spots in the area. The Dartmoor River Valley, which stretches along the river, adds to the pleasure of rowing with its breathtaking views. Many rowing races are also held on the Dart River and are popular with rowers in the area.

6. Sid River

Located approximately 20 kilometers from Exeter, the River Sid offers a calm and serene paddling environment. The greenery and bird sounds around the Sid Valley, which stretches along the river, soothe your soul while paddling. The Sid River is also an ideal place for picnics and nature walks.

7. Salcombe River

About 50 kilometers from Exeter, the Salcombe River is one of the most beautiful coves in the region. While rowing on the river, you can both enjoy the view and row comfortably in its calm waters. Salcombe River is one of the must-visit spots for those interested in rowing.

8. River Erme

About 50 kilometers from Exeter, the River Erme is a beautiful place to paddle. The clean and clear waters of the river provide an enjoyable experience while rowing. Also, the natural beauty around the river is impressive, making the rowing experience even more enjoyable.

9. Plym River

Located approximately 50 kilometers from Exeter, the Plym River is famous for its natural beauty. While rowing on the river, you can explore the villages and historical buildings on the coast as you move through the greenery. Plym River can be a good alternative for those who love rowing.

10. Otter River

About 25 kilometers from Exeter, the Otter River is an ideal spot for rowing. Paddling is a comfortable experience as the waters on the river are calm. It is also possible to observe the natural life and birds around the river.

These rowing spots in and around Exeter offer natural beauty and the opportunity to paddle through the exciting waters. By rowing at these points, you can be intertwined with nature and collect beautiful memories.

Paddle Trails and Routes in and Around Exeter

Rowing is a very popular activity that supports our health both mentally and physically. Exeter is an area in the southwest of England that attracts nature lovers with its many rivers and lakes. These natural beauties offer excellent trails and routes to rowers. In this article, you will find detailed information about the rowing trails and routes in and around Exeter.


There are many different routes you can row in and around Exeter. These routes have varying levels of difficulty and appeal to rowers of all levels.

  • Exe River Route: The River Exe provides an excellent rowing route for Exeter. This route can be done south and north of the river. The southern route passes through a wider, open water area, while the northern route allows you to paddle on a narrower, calmer waterway. You can enjoy the perfect scenery and natural beauties on both routes.
  • Exeter Canal Route: The Exeter Canal, which flows past Exeter city centre, is a great option for rowing. This route allows you to paddle on a calmer waterway. Moreover, you can enjoy nature accompanied by the surrounding greenery and bird sounds.
  • Kennet and Avon Canal: Close to Exeter, the Kennet and Avon canal offers a long and enjoyable rowing route. Along this route, you can see breathtaking natural landscapes as you pass by various villages and monasteries.


There are excellent rowing trails in and around Exeter. These trails appeal to those interested in rowing with varying skill levels and difficulties.

Course Name Difficulty Level Length Exeter River Trail Medium 10 km Troutbeck Lake Trail Easy 5 km Exeter Canal Trail Easy 7 km Topsham Valley Trail Difficult 15 km

The Exeter River Course is an intermediate course for experienced rowers. It is important to pay attention to currents in the river and seasonal conditions. The Troutbeck Lake Trail and the Exeter Canal Trail are the easier trails and are suitable for rowers of all levels. They are great options for seeing sights and natural beauty. The Topsham Valley Course is suitable for more experienced and challenge-seeking rowers.

Exeter and the surrounding area have a large community of rowers. For this reason, there are many rowing clubs and trainers. If you are new to rowing, you can join a club and learn this wonderful sport with professional trainers. There is also the possibility of renting or purchasing rowing equipment.

As a result, Exeter and its surroundings combine magnificent natural beauty with rowing trails and routes, making them the perfect place for rowing. It appeals to rowers of all levels with different difficulty levels and course lengths. Rowing in Exeter is a great way to be alone with nature and play sports with lots of beautiful scenery. It’s worth checking out these tourist routes and trails!

Factors to Consider When Rowing in Exeter

Rowing is a great sports activity that strengthens your body, provides cardio and allows you to be in touch with nature. Exeter is the perfect place for paddling with some of England’s magnificent rivers and lakes. However, some factors need to be considered when rowing in Exeter. Let us examine these factors in detail under the following heading:

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are very important when paddling in Exeter. Ideal weather conditions for paddling include a calm wind, low precipitation and a calm water surface. However, the UK’s climate can be quite variable, so it’s important to monitor the weather carefully. Look at weather reports and pay attention to factors such as wind speed and precipitation before paddling. Also, rowing in cloudy weather can be more difficult than on a sunny day, so it’s important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses when rowing.

Areas to Visit

When paddling in Exeter, it’s important to be familiar with the areas to visit. Having different routes to take on rivers or lakes offers the opportunity for variety and exploration while paddling. Popular rowing routes in Exeter include the River Exe, the Exeter Canal and the River Exe, as well as the University of Exeter Rowing Club’s training routes. By doing research on these routes in advance, you can have a safe and enjoyable rowing experience.

Security precautions

It is important to pay attention to safety precautions when rowing in Exeter. When rowing, always use appropriate safety equipment, such as a life jacket or personal salvage equipment. Also, have communication tools such as cell phones with you while rowing. It is important to prepare yourself for possible risks such as falling into water, injury or other emergencies. It is also important that you know the emergency numbers near the river and lake in case of an emergency.

Technical Skills

It’s important to improve your technical skills when rowing in Exeter. Using the right technique while rowing will improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. When rowing, it is important to learn the basic techniques and practice them regularly. Also, getting help from a professional rowing instructor can help you improve your technical skills. There are several rowing clubs and instructors in Exeter, so it is recommended that you improve your rowing skills with professional guidance.

Summary Weather Conditions Follow the weather carefully while rowing. Ideal weather conditions include calm winds and low precipitation. Attractions Exeter has popular rivers and lakes where you can paddle on different routes. Safety Precautions Use appropriate safety equipment while rowing and be prepared for emergencies. Technical Skills Learn the right techniques and practice them regularly. It is important to seek professional guidance.

Taking these factors into account when paddling in Exeter will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Enjoy paddling in the right weather conditions, on safe and varied routes!

Rowing with the Most Beautiful Scenes in Exeter

Exeter is a historic city in the southwest of England. It is famous for its rivers, green spaces and unique landscapes. These beauties offer the perfect setting for paddling. While rowing on the rivers in Exeter, you can both enjoy nature and enjoy sports. Here’s what you need to know to enjoy rowing with the most beautiful scenery in Exeter.

Basic Rules of Rowing

Before rowing, it is important to remember the basic rules. First, you should use a sturdy life jacket and paddle. You should also be mindful of river traffic and respect other river users. Maintaining proper hand and foot position is also very important when rowing. By paying attention to these basic rules, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Most Beautiful Routes in Exeter

Exeter is a city at the confluence of many rivers, filled with magnificent scenery. Below you can find the most beautiful routes in Exeter:

Route Length Landscape Exeter Canals 4.5 km Historic buildings and green spaces around the canals River Exe 10 km Countryside and beautiful village views along the river Tour 6 km from Topsham Great views from Topsham village to Exeter harbor

The Exeter Canals are a great route for rowing. The historical buildings and green areas around the canals will offer you a unique experience. While taking a walk by the river, you can observe swans, ducks and other waterfowl. This route is suitable for both beginners and experienced rowers, as the length of the route is only 4.5 km.

The River Exe is one of the most popular rowing routes in Exeter. As you paddle along the river, you can enjoy the impressive countryside and beautiful village views. As the length of this route is about 10 km, it may be suitable for more experienced rowers. However, the magnificent views and calm atmosphere make this route definitely worth a try.

The tour from Topsham to Exeter harbor is another popular rowing route. This route starts from the village of Topsham and extends to the port of Exeter. Spectacular scenery awaits you on the way and you can explore the beauty of Exeter’s harbor area. This route, approximately 6 km long, is suitable for those with intermediate experience.

What Should Be Considered While Rowing?

When rowing, safety is always a top priority. It’s important to be mindful of river traffic and to respect other river users on the rivers you’re paddling. You should also monitor the weather conditions. You should avoid rowing in strong winds or stormy weather conditions.

When rowing, you should be active and comfortable. Especially suitable waterproof clothing should be preferred. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen. Protective sunscreen will help protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

Exeter has great routes and opportunities to see all these natural wonders and paddle. The rowing experience you will make in the rivers of the city allows you to both do sports and enjoy the magnificent views. Paddling through the most beautiful landscapes in Exeter will be an unforgettable experience!

Exeter is recognized in England as a city with many great rowing clubs and facilities. There are several clubs that cater to rowers of all levels. In this article, we will explore details about the best rowing clubs in Exeter and their facilities.

Exeter Rowing Clubs

Exeter has many different rowing clubs. Here are the most famous and successful ones in the city:

1. University of Exeter Rowing Club

The University of Exeter Rowing Club is one of the largest and most well-known clubs in the city. It is open to both students and city dwellers. The club offers training and training opportunities for rowers of all levels. It also provides opportunities to participate in various races and represent the university.

2. Exeter Rowing Club

Exeter Rowing Club is a club for more experienced and competitive rowers. The club encourages its members to participate in national level competitions by providing high quality education and training opportunities. There are also many junior club teams whose facilities cater to rowers of different levels.

3. St. Luke’s Boat Club

st. Luke’s Boat Club is a club for students in higher education. Part of the University of Exeter, St. Luke’s Campus. The club provides students with the opportunity to learn and experience the sport of rowing. It organizes regular events to create both a competitive and a social atmosphere.

4. Exeter City Rowing Club

Exeter City Rowing Club is a club suitable for both adults and youth. The club offers training and training for rowers of all levels. It also has youth teams and provides opportunities for young people to discover and develop new talents.

Exeter Rowing Facilities

Exeter is a city with quality rowing facilities. Here are some notable facilities located in Exeter:

Facilities Description Exeter Rowing Club Exeter Rowing Club has its own private jetty and boat storage. This facility offers members a comfortable training and training space. Isca Dumnoniorum Rowing Club Isca Dumnoniorum Rowing Club, a river club, has many waterway lines on the Exe River. This facility is especially ideal for long distance training. University of Exeter Sports Facilities The University of Exeter’s extensive sports facilities are available to students and clubs. There are both indoor and outdoor training areas and gyms.

Exeter is a city known for its passion for rowing. Rowing clubs and facilities in this city provide rowers with quality training and training opportunities. There are different levels of clubs for beginners and experienced rowers. With Exeter’s beautiful river views and excellent facilities, paddling makes for a vigorous and healthy activity.

Ideal Waterways for Rowing in Exeter

Exeter is a very popular destination for those who love to row in the UK. The city is known for its beautiful rivers and lakes, so there are many ideal waterways suitable for rowing. In this article, you will learn in detail about the best rowing routes in Exeter.

1. Exe River

The Exe River is one of the most popular routes for rowing in Exeter. The river is known for its beautiful surrounding landscapes and offers a relaxing experience while paddling. There are many rowing clubs along the river, some of which offer rowing instruction and equipment rentals.

While paddling this route, you can get stunning views of Exeter Cathedral and pass by historic buildings. The Exe River is also suitable for a variety of water sports, so you can do other activities besides rowing.

2. Topsham Peninsula

Located west of Exeter, the Topsham Peninsula is the perfect spot for paddling. This area is famous for its stone houses, beautiful natural landscapes and calm waterways. While paddling, you can explore the surrounding natural beauty and observe unique bird species.

The Topsham Peninsula has several rowing clubs that provide equipment and training to rowers. You can also see fishing boats and sea animals while paddling the peninsula.

3. Exeter Canal

The Exeter Canal is an extension of the Exe River and rowing is also very popular here. The canal connects various parts of the city and has a historical site. While rowing, you can see the historical buildings in the background and be exposed to the city atmosphere.

While paddling along the Exeter Canal, you can also explore botanical gardens and parks. There are several rowing clubs and water sports centers on this route, and they offer routes to suit all experience levels.

4. Double Locks

Located close to Exeter, Double Locks is a waterway route famous for its natural beauty. This place offers a quiet and peaceful environment for paddling. Double Locks represent two sections of the river separated by embankments, and here you can see the historic lock systems.

As you row the Double Locks route, you also pass through woodlands and surrounding rural landscapes. Although there are no rowing clubs in this area, equipment rental companies and guide services are available.


Exeter is a paradise with a variety of waterways for those who love to paddle. Routes such as the River Exe, Topsham Peninsula, Exeter Canal and Double Locks offer historical and urban sights along with natural beauty. While paddling, you can have a quiet experience and explore Exeter on these routes.

Route Features Exe River Beautiful scenery, rowing clubs Topsham Peninsula Stone houses, birdlife Exeter Canal Historic buildings, botanical gardens Double Locks Natural beauty, historic lock systems

In short, you can explore these routes for rowing in Exeter and enjoy nature and city life.

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