Student-friendly Places in Bath

By | September 17, 2023

Student-friendly Places in Bath

Bath is a city full of historical and cultural riches located in the county of Somerset, in the southwest of England. It is also known for being home to around 30,000 students. Therefore, the city of Bath offers many suitable places for students. Here are places in Bath that are ideal for students.

Universities and Campuses

Bath is home to a number of higher education institutions such as the world-renowned University of Bath and Bath Spa University. These universities are located on campuses with modern facilities and offer a variety of social and academic opportunities for students. University campuses allow students to easily access their classes and connect with other students at the same time.

Libraries and Study Spaces

Bath has several libraries where students can study and research. The Bath Central Library allows students to study in a quiet environment, while the University of Bath Library offers more academic resources. There are also private study spaces available, with facilities suitable for students providing cafes and study spaces.

Library Address Open Hours Bath Central Library Grand Parade, Bath BA2 4BR Weekdays: 9:30 – 18:00 University of Bath Library Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY Weekdays: 9:00 – 20:00

Cultural and Artistic Activities

Bath is known as one of England’s most historic cities and therefore offers many opportunities for cultural and artistic activities. Historic sites in the city such as the Roman Baths, Bath Health and Thermal Spa, and Pulteney Bridge are tourist attractions that students can enjoy visiting. In addition, events such as theater plays, concerts and film screenings are held at places such as the Bath Theater and Odeon Cinema.

Shopping and Restaurants

The city of Bath has a variety of shopping opportunities for students. SouthGate Bath Mall is home to well-known brands as well as independent stores. There are also shops in areas such as Milsom Street and Walcot Street selling original items such as antiques, arts and crafts. Also, the wide range of restaurants in the city are ideal places for students to sit down, eat and spend time with friends.

Sports and Recreation

Bath is also rich in sports and recreation opportunities. Students have access to facilities such as numerous gyms, swimming pools and sports fields. Also, the scenic parks in Bath are ideal places for students to take a walk or relax in the open air. They can also form new friendships by joining various sports clubs in the city, such as the Western Handicapped Rugby Club.

  • SouthGate Bath Mall
  • Bath Spa University
  • Bath Theater
  • Bath Central Library
  • Victoria Park
  • Bath Spa Station

Bath offers not only educational opportunities for students but also accommodation, entertainment and cultural activities. Therefore, it is considered an ideal city for students. Students who prefer the city of Bath can both focus on their education and experience a pleasant university life filled with the opportunities the city has to offer.

Student-friendly Restaurants and Cafes in Bath

Bath is a quiet and beautiful city in England with its historical structure, stylish streets and cultural richness. It is also an ideal place for students as it is home to many famous educational institutions such as the University of Bath. Students in the city look for suitable restaurants and cafes where they can dine and spend time in addition to their studies. Here are a few places in Bath that are suitable for students:

1. The Boston Tea Party

  • It is one of the students’ favorite venues in Bath.
  • It offers a wide menu choice and uses fresh, organic produce.
  • It has a friendly atmosphere where you will feel comfortable.
  • Suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

2. The Green Rocket Café

  • It is an ideal option for vegetarian and vegan students.
  • A cafe that offers healthy options and uses fresh ingredients.
  • It is famous for its creative dishes and delicious desserts.
  • It also serves hot and cold drinks.

3. Nando’s

  • It is a very popular option for students who love chicken.
  • It is famous for its chicken with hot and delicious peri-peri sauce.
  • It is an excellent option with student-friendly prices.
  • There are also vegan and vegetarian options.

4. St. James Wine Vaults

  • It’s a great option for students who want a slightly different experience.
  • It offers an extensive beer and wine menu.
  • It hosts live music performances.
  • You can have a pleasant time with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Yakisoba

  • Ideal for students who love delicious Asian cuisine.
  • It offers a variety of options such as sushi, noodle and wok dishes.
  • It is a very attractive place for students with affordable prices.
  • You can choose it for a delicious and satisfying lunch.

These are just a few selections of restaurants and cafes in Bath that are suitable for students. It is possible to find many more great places in the city. There are many venues in Bath that offer affordable prices, delicious food and pleasant atmospheres for students. Students coming to Bath should definitely try one or more of these venues. They are great places to eat and spend time!

Affordable Student Houses and Apartments in Bath

Bath has become a popular city among UK university students. Known for being home to famous universities such as Bath Spa University and the University of Bath, this city also attracts many with its historical and cultural charm. However, finding affordable housing for many students has often been a challenging task. This article will provide detailed information on affordable student housing and apartments in Bath.

1. Private Hosts

Affordable student housing options in Bath include rooms and apartments offered by private landlords. Many homeowners rent out rooms in homes that are often located near universities. These rooms are generally tailored to meet needs and are offered at affordable prices. Students can take advantage of this housing option by contacting their hosts directly.

2. Student Housing

There are also student residences in Bath that are specially designed and managed for students. These residences offer high quality living spaces and social facilities. Student residences are often rented at predetermined prices and offer a range of services, often including all utility bills. In addition, the security measures of the residences are generally high, allowing students to live safely.

3. Shared Rental Apartments

Shared rental apartments in Bath are a popular housing option among students. Multiple students share costs by renting a house or apartment together. These apartments are usually fully furnished and include all the essentials needed. In addition, they often have large and useful common areas. Prices for shared rental apartments vary depending on the number of students, location and other factors.

4. Medium Term Rental Residences

Some students are seeking mid-term rental accommodation in Bath. This option allows students to rent affordable housing for a year or more without making a long-term commitment. Such residences may be individual houses or flats, or sometimes apartments or complexes where the student community lives. This type of residence offers a socially active life as it is often filled with many students.

5. Housing Search Sites

Students looking for affordable student housing and apartments in Bath can also take advantage of a variety of housing search sites. These sites help students find housing options that best suit their budget, preferences and location. Housing search sites often offer filtering options and help students narrow down their search and find the most suitable housing.


Bath offers many different options, offering affordable housing options for students. Students can find accommodation that fits their budget by using resources such as private landlords, student housing, shared rentals, mid-term rentals, and housing search sites. By researching these options, students can find affordable and comfortable living space and enjoy university life in Bath.

University of Bath and Student Housing Options

The University of Bath is a public university located in the city of Bath, in the southwest of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1966, the university has earned a reputation for its high-quality educational opportunities and world-renowned research. Hosting both domestic and international students, this prestigious university offers a variety of student accommodation options.


The University of Bath offers its students accommodation in their resident dormitories. The dormitories located on the campus of the university have modern facilities to meet all the needs of the students. Dormitories usually offer individual or shared rooms to students. Each room has basic items such as a desk, bed, wardrobe and internet access. In addition, there are general kitchen, laundry and social areas in the dormitories.

One advantage of staying in University of Bath residence halls is that they are close to campus. Students can easily reach classes on foot or by public transport. In addition, the dormitories provide opportunities for social activities and interaction, allowing students to fully experience university life.

Special Accommodation Options

There are also student accommodation options around the university. Students can choose to stay in private apartments or houses. The city of Bath has many local real estate agencies that provide students with a variety of accommodation. Students can rent flats or houses through these agencies.

Private accommodation options give students more independence and freedom. Flats or houses with larger areas offer students a comfortable accommodation experience. However, private accommodation options may require a higher cost than dorms.

Research Accommodation

The University of Bath also offers its students research accommodation options. Students participating in doctoral or research programs have accommodation in the research centers or laboratories of the university. This accommodation option allows students to focus more comfortably on their research process.

International Student Accommodation

The University of Bath also offers private accommodation options for international students. In order to make students feel comfortable away from home, the university offers international student residences or apartments. These accommodation options allow international students to interact with other international students and experience living with students from different cultures.

Accommodation Advantages Dormitories – Close to campus
– Modern amenities
– Allows social activities Private Accommodation – Offers independence and freedom
– Spacious spaces
– Provides a comfortable accommodation experience Research Accommodation – Provides focus on research processes
– Close to university research centers International Student Accommodation – International interacts with students
– Brings different cultures together

Overall, the University of Bath offers a variety of accommodation options to its students. There is an accommodation option suitable for each student’s preferences and needs. The university supports and guides the accommodation process so that students can make the most of their university life and have a positive accommodation experience.

The city of Bath is a tourist destination in the Southwest of England, as well as a city that offers students many recreational and social opportunities. If you’re a student in Bath, we’ve rounded up the entertainment and social activity venues that are right for you.

Suitable Entertainment and Social Activity Venues for Students in Bath

Entertainment Centers

Bath is home to many recreational centers. You can have a pleasant time with your friends in these centers. Here are some entertainment centers located in Bath:

  • Bath Sports and Leisure Centre: Many sports activities such as swimming pools, skating rinks and gyms are held here. You can do sports with your friends or spend time in the relaxation areas.
  • Komedia Bath: Hosting various events such as stand-up shows, live music events and theater plays, this venue is a popular hangout for students.
  • Bath Pavilion: Offering a full program of concerts and shows, this venue organizes fun activities for students and offers a pleasant atmosphere.

Art and Culture Centers

Bath is a city with both historical and contemporary centers of art and culture. These venues, where various exhibitions and events are held for students, are ideal for those interested in the arts. Here are some of the arts and cultural centers located in Bath:

  • Bath Museum of Art: Here you can see works by British and international artists. Offering student discounts, the museum is an indispensable venue for those interested in the arts.
  • Bath Assembly Rooms: This historic building is popular with students, hosting a variety of events including music concerts, dance performances and exhibitions.
  • Bath’s Theater Royal: Offering a full program of plays and musicals, this venue provides an unforgettable experience for students.

University of Bath Clubs and Events

The University of Bath creates a social environment for its students by offering a variety of clubs and activities. By joining these clubs, you can make new friends and share common interests. Here are some clubs located at the University of Bath:

Club Name Interests Bath University Football Club Football Bath University Music Society Music Bath University Drama Society Theater Bath University Photography Society Photography

These are just a few examples and the University of Bath has many clubs. Finding a club that fits your interests will be quite easy.

Bath is full of cultural and artistic activities, as well as being a city that offers students both recreational options. You can have fun and experience new experiences by visiting the places here. While you are a student, you can collect unforgettable memories by exploring the opportunities offered by Bath.

Suitable Hostels for Students in Bath

One of the most important details for a university student is accommodation. Finding suitable dormitories is an important factor, especially for students studying in a popular city like Bath. In this article, we will detail the dorms available for students in Bath.

1. Edinburgh House

Edinburgh House is a modern and comfortable residence located very close to the University of Bath. It has many features that can meet all the needs of students. Each room offers amenities such as a private bathroom, work desk, comfortable beds and high-speed internet access. In addition, there is a cafeteria, gym and study rooms serving students in the general areas.

2. City Center Accommodation

Located close to Bath city centre, City Center Accommodation offers students a comfortable and modern living space. There are different options available to suit the needs of students in this dormitory with single or double rooms. A wide program of activities is also offered to support the social life of the students. In addition, common areas such as the cafeteria and laundry room are also available to students.

3. Twerton Mill

Twerton Mill is a residence preferred by students with its location close to the University of Bath and quality service. Offering students modern and spacious rooms, Twerton Mill also draws attention with its common areas. Facilities such as a game room, fitness center and study areas are offered to support students’ social life. In addition, there are common areas such as the dining hall and the library.

4. Shrubbery Court

Shrubbery Court stands out as a student residence offering affordable accommodation options. Offering single or multi-person rooms according to students’ preferences, this dormitory has many features for needs. Each room has amenities such as a work desk, ample storage spaces and high-speed internet access. In addition, facilities such as laundry and game room are provided in the general areas for the comfort of the students.

5. Westmoreland Apartments

Westmoreland Apartments is a centrally located residence offering students a modern living space. Located within walking distance of Bath city centre, this residence offers students comfortable and spacious rooms. Each room has features such as a bathroom, kitchen and living area. In addition, there are different types of apartments for students to choose from among options suitable for different tastes and needs.

Dormitory Name Location Room Type Features Edinburgh House Near Private bathroom Cafeteria, gym City Center Accommodation Center Single or multi-person Dining Hall, laundry Twerton Mill Nearby Modern and spacious Game room, fitness center Shrubbery Court Affordable Single or multi-person Desk, storage areas Westmoreland Apartments Center Different types Kitchen, living area

Student residences in Bath vary according to students’ needs and preferences. Dormitories such as Edinburgh House, City Center Accommodation, Twerton Mill, Shrubbery Court and Westmoreland Apartments offer students a comfortable and convenient living space. All these dormitories have common areas and activity programs to support the social life of students. Students who choose these dormitories in Bath can spend their education more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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