Staten Island: Food, Shopping, Attractions

By | September 17, 2023

Staten Island: Food, Shopping, Attractions

Staten Island is one of New York’s five boroughs. Standing out with its central location and natural beauties, Staten Island has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.


Staten Island is a place where you can experience many different cuisines. It is especially famous for its Italian cuisine. Italian restaurants and pizzerias can be found in every corner of the island. One of the most famous Italian Restaurant is Enoteca Maria. This restaurant offers traditional food of housewives from different parts of Italy. In addition, many steakhouses and barbecue restaurants such as Fresh Kills Barbeque are among the options you can choose.


Staten Island is famous for its malls and boutique stores. Staten Island Mall, also known as Island Mall, is one of the most popular malls in the area. In this shopping center, you can find the stores of world brands and you can shop in many different categories. You can also explore the local boutique shops on Bay Street in the city centre. Here you can find fashion, homeware, souvenirs and more.

Places to visit

Staten Island is famous for its natural beauty and historical sites. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Historic Richmond Town. Here you can see historic homes and buildings dating from the mid-17th century to the early 20th century. Also, the Staten Island Zoo is a great option for animal lovers. Here you can see exotic animals and learn about their natural habitats.

The Staten Island Botanical Garden is also the perfect place for nature lovers. You can take a walk in this garden, discover various plant species and enjoy the natural air. You can have a picnic and have a good time with your family in this garden, which has large park areas.

You can also take the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan and easily reach attractions such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Best Dining Experiences in Staten Island

Staten Island is one of New York City’s five districts and is famous for its diverse cultural and gastronomic options. The island is home to many restaurants and cafes that offer rich dining experiences. Let’s embark on this flavor journey by touching on some of Staten Island’s best dining experiences.

1. Seafood

Staten Island is home to many restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent taste of fresh seafood. One of these restaurants is ‘The Lobster House’. At this restaurant, you can try delicious fish, grilled shrimps and fresh mussels. You can also enjoy fresh seafood while enjoying the unique view of the island.

2. Italian Flavors

Staten Island is famous for its many restaurants that are a rich example of Italian cuisine. One of these restaurants is ‘Angelina’s Ristorante’. This place is famous for its carefully prepared pasta, fresh bread and delicious pizza. You can also try authentic Italian pasta. For lovers of Italian cuisine, this restaurant is an experience not to be missed.

Also, if you want a more elegant and luxurious Italian dining experience, you can choose the ‘Basilio Inn’ restaurant. This restaurant has several options to taste creative interpretations of Italian dishes. The wine list is also quite extensive, offering wines that pair perfectly with the food.

3. American Flavors

Staten Island also offers a variety of American cuisine. The island is home to restaurants famous for their delicious burgers and juicy steaks. One of these restaurants is ‘Smokin’ Toad BBQ. In this restaurant, you can enjoy meats covered with delicious barbecue sauces. You can also try specialty burgers like the Big Tuxedo Burger.

4. Asian Cuisine

Staten Island is also home to some restaurants serving the best of Asian cuisine. At the ‘Fuji Sushi’ restaurant, you can enjoy fresh sashimi, sushi and maki rolls. You can also taste Vietnamese soups at the restaurant ‘Pho Mac’. The island is quite diverse, with many options to offer for Asian cuisine lovers.

5. Desserts and Cafes

Staten Island is also rich in delicious desserts and cafes. The patisserie ‘Piece A Cake’ offers warm fresh cakes, scones and cookies. The cafe ‘Beans and Leaves’ has a great selection of coffees and fresh cakes. The island offers many options for dessert and coffee lovers.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Type The Lobster House Seafood Angelina’s Ristorante Italian Basilio Inn Italian Smokin’ Toad BBQ American Fuji Sushi Asian Pho Mac Asian Piece A Cake Desserts Beans and Leaves Cafe

Staten Island offers the ultimate dining experience, with restaurants, patisseries and cafes serving a variety of traditional cuisines. The island appeals to everyone’s taste with its rich gastronomic options and unique scenery.

Staten Island is one of New York City’s most beautiful hidden treasures and is waiting for visitors to discover. Staten Island is located on the East Coast and offers many attractions, from natural beauty to historical attractions. Here are the top must-visit places on Staten Island:

1. Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is an excellent starting point for visitors to Staten Island, starting in Manhattan. It is free to use the ferry and offers a unique view during the ferry journey. You can watch the magnificent silhouette of Manhattan by taking a ferry ride especially in the evening. Once the ferry arrives at Staten Island Harbor, it provides easy access to many attractions.

2. Snug Harbor Cultural Center

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center is one of Staten Island’s oldest and most important historic sites. Established in the 19th century as a sanctuary for sailors, it is now a popular venue for summer concerts and events, along with art galleries, museums, gardens and theatres. You can take a walk in its gardens, visit art exhibitions and explore historic homes.

3. Liberty State Park

Located between Staten Island and New Jersey, Liberty State Park is home to the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom. The park offers picnic areas, bike paths, hiking trails, and outdoor exhibits. You can also get beautiful views of Manhattan from the park’s observation deck and take a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty up close.

4. Tottenville History Center

The Tottenville History Center is located on Staten Island’s south coast and is a museum showcasing the history of the area. Here you can learn about local history and better understand the past of the area. The museum features artwork, photographs, and historical objects. You can also visit historic homes as you explore the Tottenville Neighborhood.

5. Staten Island Zoo

The Staten Island Zoo is a popular tourist attraction, especially for families. The garden contains many exotic animal species and visitors can observe the animals up close. The children’s playgrounds and walking tracks inside are also a great option for those who want to visit the park.

Table: Other Attractions to Visit in Staten Island

Attraction Description Staten Island Museum A museum that showcases Staten Island’s history. st. George Theater is a theater where you can watch Broadway-style performances. Wolfe’s Pond Park is a great park for picnic areas, beaches and nature walks. Postcards Monument is a monument erected in memory of those who lost their lives after the September 11 attacks.

Staten Island is home to a variety of tourist attractions just waiting to be explored. There are parks and gardens for nature lovers, historical sites for history buffs, and galleries and museums for art lovers. You must visit Staten Island on your trip to New York City!

Visiting Point for Shopping Fans: Staten Island Shopping Centers

For shopaholics, Staten Island is a popular area in New York with many options for shopping. The shopping centers located in various parts of the island appeal to all tastes with a rich variety of brands and stores. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details and attractions of Staten Island malls.

Staten Island Mall

Staten Island Mall is one of the largest and best-known shopping centers on the island. This center offers visitors an extensive shopping experience with more than 200 shops and restaurants. Staten Island Mall, where you can find stores of national and international brands, is an ideal spot for those who want to shop for famous brands.

  • apple
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Hamp;M
  • Zara
  • Forever 21

These are just a few of the popular brands available at Staten Island Mall. There are also many luxury brands in the center. When you want to take a break from shopping, you can choose from a variety of restaurants and cafes, or watch a new movie in the movie theater.

Bricktown Center

Another popular mall on Staten Island, Bricktown Center stands out for its modern and stylish design. This center is home to Staten Island’s major shops and restaurants.

Coming to Bricktown Centre, you can find some of the following shops:

  • target
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Barnes amp; Noble
  • Carter’s
  • Bath amp; Body Works

The center also has many popular restaurants. There are different cuisines such as American Cut Steakhouse, Zio Toto’s Pizzeria and Shine’s Sushi. Bricktown Center is the ideal place to shop and have a delicious meal.

Empire Outlets

Empire Outlets, Staten Island’s newest mall, is still gaining in popularity. This center is the first outlet shopping center on the island and attracts attention with its sea view location.

Empire Outlets is home to many luxury brands as well as outlet stores. Brands such as Adidas, Levi’s, Nike, Puma and Gap offer the opportunity to shop at discounted prices. In addition, the restaurants in the center offer a wide range of options from quick snacks to local delicacies.

Greenridge Plaza

Located in the Greenridge area of ​​Staten Island, Greenridge Plaza is a rapidly growing and thriving mall. This center meets the daily needs of the local people of the island with its shops and services in different sectors.

In addition to shopping, Greenridge Plaza also offers a variety of services. Hair salons, gyms, pharmacies and supermarkets are services that facilitate the daily life of the inhabitants of the island. At the same time, there are restaurants serving different cuisines in the Plaza.


Staten Island malls have become a popular destination for shopaholics with their strong brand diversity, variety of shops and restaurants. Staten Island Mall, Bricktown Centre, Empire Outlets and Greenridge Plaza offer great shopping experiences on the island. These centers, each with their own charm, are ideal for those seeking a pleasant shopping experience on Staten Island.

Trendy Neighborhoods for Shopping in Staten Island

In addition to being New York’s fifth most populated area, Staten Island is home to many trendy neighborhoods that offer unique shopping experiences. There’s definitely something for those who want to shop in these trendy neighborhoods. Here are a few trendy neighborhoods to shop in Staten Island:

1. St. George

st. George is one of Staten Island’s most popular shopping areas. Known for its location close to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, this neighborhood offers visitors a variety of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. st. George’s Staten Island Mall is a shopper’s paradise where fashion and brand stores come together. Also, in the neighborhood of St. Historical buildings such as the George Theater are also interesting in terms of architecture and culture.

2. Great Kills

Great Kills is a hugely popular mall for Staten Island’s size. Various retail stores, supermarkets and boutiques are located here. Great Kills Plaza is one of the most popular places to shop in the neighborhood. Also, the parks in the Great Kills area are ideal places to relax after shopping.

3. New Dorp

New Dorp is one of Staten Island’s oldest and most modern shopping districts. This neighborhood has a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants along the wide streets. New Dorp Plaza on New Dorp Lane is home to fashion, electronics and supermarkets, as well as many beauty salons. The shopping centers and boutiques in the neighborhood offer trendy and stylish products, as well as advantageous prices for the locals.

4. Richmond Valley

Richmond Valley is a known shopping district of Staten Island. This area is usually famous for the outlet stores of big brands. Richmond Valley Shopping Center on Jersey Street is home to outlet stores offering discounted items from many brands. You can also enjoy delicious restaurants and cafes in this district.

Table 1: Trendy Neighborhoods in Staten Island

Neighborhood Highlights _ George Staten Island Mall, a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and historic buildings Great Kills Great Kills Plaza, supermarkets, boutiques and recreation areas New Dorp New Dorp Plaza, fashion stores, electronics, beauty salons and great deals Richmond Valley Richmond Valley Shopping Center, outlet shops, restaurants and cafes

These are the trendy neighborhoods to consider when navigating and shopping on Statet Island. While all these neighborhoods offer different shopping experiences, they are admired for their stores where you can find products from popular brands as well as local products unique to Staten Island. Be sure to visit these trendy neighborhoods for an unforgettable shopping experience in Staten Island.

Explore Staten Island with Delicious Street Food

Staten Island is one of New York City’s five boroughs and is known for its stunning scenery, historic sites, and delicious street food. If you are a foodie and would like to try the cuisines of different cultures, Staten Island is the place for you. Here are some delicious street foods you can taste in Staten Island:

1. Pizza

Staten Island is home to New York’s best pizzerias. You can even find the famous pizza slices while walking. You should not miss these pizzas with their fresh mozzarella cheese, delicious sauce and crispy base.

2. Hot Dogs

You can also find hot dogs, which are indispensable for street foods, in Staten Island. Hot dogs made with different sauces at many different street stalls will satisfy your stomach while at the same time appealing to your taste buds.

3. Seafood

Staten Island is famous for its fresh seafood. You can find fresh crabs, mussels and shrimps at various street stalls. To sample fresh and deliciously cooked seafood, we recommend stopping by Staten Island’s harbor areas.

4. Gyro

Inspired by Greek cuisine, the Gyro is also very popular on Staten Island. If you try this street flavor prepared with delicious doner meat, fresh vegetables and yoghurt sauce once, you may become addicted. Gyro stalls are often found in parks or central areas.

5. Empanadas

Staten Island is also famous for its delicious Empanadas inspired by Latin American cuisine. This pastry delicacy is made with various fillings such as vegetables, meat and cheese. After you taste it, you won’t be able to pass by another Empanadas counter.

6. Bagels

The indispensable flavor of Turkish cuisine, simit, can easily be found in Staten Island. It is possible to see bagel stalls in parks or on the streets. A warm bagel can be preferred for breakfast or as a snack.

Where to Find Food Pizza Available everywhere Hot Dogs at street stalls Seafood in port areas Gyro in parks or central areas Empanadas Various street stalls Bagels in parks or on the streets

Staten Island is a place noted for its street food. You can try many different flavors such as pizza, hot dogs, seafood, gyro, empanadas and bagels and travel to the cuisines of different cultures. For an unforgettable food experience in Staten Island, plan a trip now!

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