st. John the Divine: The World’s Largest Cathedral

By | September 17, 2023

st. John the Divine: The World’s Largest Cathedral

st. John the Divine is an episcopal cathedral in Manhattan, New York, one of the largest constitutional buildings in the world. Notable for its beautiful Gothic and Romanesque architecture, this magnificent building offers its visitors a historical, religious and cultural experience.


st. John the Divine’s Cathedral began to be built in 1888 and is still unfinished. The construction process stopped and restarted many times due to insufficient funding. Although the cathedral is not officially completed, it constantly welcomes its visitors.

The construction of this cathedral was inspired by 9th century Romanesque architecture. When construction is complete, its length will exceed 183 meters, making it the longest cathedral in the world. Even the parts that have been built to date are dazzling.


st. John the Divine draws attention by bringing together the best examples of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Details on the exterior of the cathedral are adorned with elaborate sculptures and carvings. In the interior, huge pillars and arches present a fascinating show.

A large rosette window lets sunlight in, while the cathedral’s high dome captivates the eyes. The stained glass windows inside are decorated with colored glass depicting divine scenes and religious figures.

Visitor Experience

st. John the Divine is not only a religious site, but also a cultural and artistic center. In addition to daily prayer services and services, various concerts, exhibitions and events are held regularly.

Visitor programs at the cathedral provide visitors with a historically and artistically informative experience. Guided tours tell visitors about the history of the cathedral, its architecture, and the artworks displayed inside.

In addition, workshops and activities for children give them the chance to explore their creativity. The cathedral is also home to the history of music and hosts concerts by world-renowned musicians.

Impressive Artworks

st. John the Divine Cathedral is famous for the many impressive works of art it contains. These works are by famous artists and add a fascinating aesthetic to the cathedral.

A large organ of the cathedral was designed to reflect the essence of sacred music. Other notable works of art include sculptures, paintings, and mosaics. These works belonging to the cathedral make visitors feel the power of art.

Elegant Gardens

The gardens around the cathedral offer visitors a tranquil setting. You can take a walk in the gardens or sit and relax. To complement the beauty of the cathedral, there are various statues and flowers in the gardens.

Visiting Information

st. John the Divine Cathedral is located on 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, New York. You can reach the cathedral by public transport or by taxi. When visiting the cathedral, remember to dress appropriately and we recommend bringing a camera to take photos.

Address 112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, New York Phone 1 212-316-7464 Hours of Operation Weekdays: 07:30 – 18:00 Saturday
: 07:30 – 18:00
Sunday: 07:30 – 19:00

st. John the Divine Cathedral fascinates its visitors as one of the largest cathedrals in the world. This building, which is important both religiously and artistically, offers an unforgettable experience. If you are traveling to New York, you should definitely consider visiting this magnificent cathedral.

st. Ceremonies and Events at John the Divine Cathedral

st. John the Divine Cathedral is the largest Anglican cathedral in the Manhattan area of ​​New York City. This magnificent structure hosts important religious ceremonies, events and concerts. The cathedral is a place frequently visited by history and culture buffs, art lovers and religious people.


st. John the Divine’s Cathedral hosts various religious ceremonies throughout the year. These ceremonies are held to celebrate important days and holidays according to the Christian calendar. The cathedral celebrates ceremonies such as Easter, Christmas, and Baptism with great enthusiasm. Participating in these ceremonies encourages people to have a religious experience.

Other ceremonies performed at the cathedral include weddings, funerals, and services in the cathedral. Couples who want to get married can have an unforgettable wedding ceremony in the magnificent atmosphere of this magnificent building. Likewise, people who have lost their loved ones have the opportunity to say their last goodbyes with the funeral ceremonies held in the cathedral.


st. John the Divine Cathedral hosts various events as well as religious ceremonies. These events include concerts, exhibitions, conferences and festivals. Music events held in the cathedral are presented by well-known orchestras and choirs.

Events such as the “Cathedral Christmas Concert” held every year attract attention especially during the Christmas season. In these concerts, local and international artists provide the audience with an unforgettable musical experience.

Tips for Visitors

st. There are some important tips for those who want to visit the Cathedral of John the Divine. The cathedral can be visited free of charge, but some special events and tours may require payment.

Visitors can take a guided tour to discover the cathedral’s magnificent architecture and stained glass windows. These tours are accompanied by guides who explain the history and important details of the cathedral. Also, the statues and priest tombs in the garden of the cathedral are worth exploring.

Those who want to attend religious ceremonies in the cathedral should check the ceremonial times and the calendar in advance. It’s important to arrive early as there are many people in the cathedral, especially during major religious holidays. You are also expected to abide by the appropriate dress code.


st. John the Divine Cathedral is a center of historical and cultural significance in New York City. Ceremonies and events offer a variety of opportunities for religious experience seekers and art lovers alike. The impressive structure of the cathedral gives visitors an unforgettable experience, while religious ceremonies offer people the opportunity to establish a spiritual bond.

Ceremonies Events Visitor Tips Religious holidays Concerts Guide tours Weddings Exhibitions Checking ceremony times Funerals Conferences Observing proper dress code

st. Artistic and Cultural Values ​​of John the Divine Cathedral

st. John the Divine Cathedral is one of the iconic buildings of New York City. This cathedral is located in the Morningside Heights area of ​​Manhattan and is the largest cathedral in the United States. st. John the Divine is noted for its architecture, works of art and cultural values.

Architectural Structure:

The architectural style of the cathedral is Gothic Revival style. This style reflects the style of the cathedrals of medieval Europe. st. John the Divine is an impressive building in its size and grandeur. Although its construction began in 1892, it is still not completed and is referred to by many as the “endless construction”.

The cathedral has various architectural features. It bears characteristic elements of Gothic architecture, such as high vaulted ceilings, elegant window arches and detailed ornamentation. In addition to a large bell tower, there is also a stairway entrance in front of the cathedral. Above this entrance is an inscription bearing the name of the cathedral.


st. John the Divine is home to many works of art. The interior features murals and stained glass windows that captivate visitors. The common theme of all of them is to tell stories from the history of Christianity.

The cathedral’s best-known artwork today is the AIDS Memorial mosaic designed by Keith Haring. Haring created this work dedicated to the victims of the AIDS epidemic in the 20th century. This colorful and impressive mosaic is located on the inner wall of the cathedral and creates a limitless impression on visitors.

Also, another important piece of art in the cathedral is the “Golden Health”, a golden altar decorated with Christian iconography. This altar is located in the main choir of the cathedral and is in an area reserved for worship.

Cultural Values:

st. John the Divine is not only a cathedral, but also a venue for cultural events and artistic performances. The cathedral hosts many concerts, exhibitions and social events. It even hosted important music events such as the Blue Note Jazz Festival.

In addition, spiritual events held in the cathedral are also of great interest. Religious ceremonies, rites and prayer meetings offer visitors a spiritual experience.

Cultural Events History Music Blue Note Jazz Festival June 2019 Jazz NoiseGate Festival October 2018 st. John the Divine Cathedral is a major New York City attraction with its architecture, artwork, and cultural events. Locals and tourists alike visit this cathedral to experience its grandeur, beauty, and spiritual aura. st. John the Divine is a building of great importance in terms of its artistic and cultural values.

History of Saint John the Divine Cathedral

Holy John’s Cathedral is a gothic style cathedral located in New York, United States. Full name St. John the Divine Cathedral, this magnificent structure is America’s largest cathedral. It is affiliated with The Episcopal Church and is referred to as the Cathedral of the Full Recognition of Jesus Christ.

Establishment and Construction Process

Construction of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine began in 1892. It was designed by chief architect George Lewis Heins and his successor, Christopher Grant Lafarge. Lebanese workers were also involved in the process to speed up construction.

The construction process officially began on December 31, 1892, but was stalled due to various financial difficulties. In 1907, construction was completed and the cathedral was opened. However, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is actually still unfinished and the construction work continues even today.

Structure and Features

Saint John the Divine Cathedral was built in the neo-gothic style. The length of the cathedral reaches 183 meters (601 feet) and its width is 73 meters (239 feet). The ceiling height of the cathedral exceeds 70 meters (232 feet). In these dimensions, Saint John the Divine Cathedral is one of the tallest cathedrals in the world.

The interior of the cathedral is also quite impressive. The huge stained glass windows inside are decorated with images of holy figures and Christian themes. The cathedral also has a magnificent organ. The building also houses the breathtaking collection of bells and chapels admired by its visitors.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance

Saint John the Divine Cathedral is not only an architecturally impressive structure, but also a cultural and spiritual center. The cathedral hosts many concerts, events and exhibitions annually.

The structure also played an important role after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The cathedral congregation provided shelter and assistance to the suffering people. This event further strengthened the symbolic meaning of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

Information for Visitors

Saint John the Divine Cathedral welcomes its visitors every day. Visitors can tour the structure and watch the events held inside. Also, the cathedral’s gardens are open to the public and are a great place to relax or have a picnic.

Visiting Information Opening Hours Entry Fee Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00 Free Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 Free Sunday 14:00 – 18:00 Free

Saint John the Divine Cathedral is a must-visit place in New York with its architecture and spiritual atmosphere. We invite everyone who wants to witness history and have extraordinary artistic and religious experiences to visit this place.

st. Architectural Features of John the Divine Cathedral

st. John the Divine Cathedral is the largest Gothic-style cathedral in the United States and is located in Manhattan, New York. This magnificent structure began to be built in 1892 and although it is still not completed, it attracts visitors with its remarkable architectural features.


st. John the Divine Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the United States as well as the fourth largest in the world. The cathedral, whose construction began in 1892, was planned in the Gothic style and is an architecturally important work.

The construction of the cathedral was originally planned at the beginning of the 19th century but did not progress consistently. Due to many design changes and financial difficulties, construction took longer than agreed.

Architectural Details

st. The architectural details of the Cathedral of John the Divine are quite impressive. The exterior of the cathedral bears important features of the Gothic style. High arches, tension arches and carved decorations attract the eyes of visitors.

The great entrance door, one of the most striking parts of the cathedral, has a gigantic structure decorated with holy figures. The rose window above the main entrance is one of the most beautiful examples of stained glass art.

Features of the Cathedral Architectural Details Length 183.2 meters Width 70.7 meters Height 70 meters Number of towers 7

The interior of the cathedral is also eye-catching. High ceilings, beautifully carved pillars and stained glass windows with mosaics offer visitors a fascinating experience. The worship area is quite large and can accommodate thousands of people. Masses, concerts and other events are often held here.

Expected Completion Date

st. John the Divine, although still unfinished, is regularly updated with ongoing restoration work. The exact completion date of the cathedral has not been determined, but it is thought that the project may still take years to complete.

The construction and completion of the cathedral took a long time due to financial problems and changing designs. However, St. John the Divine’s Cathedral, with its unique architectural style and gothic details, is sure to continue to attract locals and tourists alike.

  • Planned in the Gothic style, St. John the Divine Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the United States.
  • The exterior of the cathedral draws attention with its high arches and carved decorations.
  • The large entrance door and the rose window are among the most visually striking elements of the cathedral.
  • The interior of the cathedral is mesmerizing with its high ceilings, columns and stained glass windows.
  • The cathedral is still unfinished and restoration work continues.

st. John the Divine’s Services for Visitors

st. John the Divine Cathedral is a magnificent building located in New York City, United States, and known as the largest Anglican cathedral. This cathedral, which has been opening its doors to its visitors for years, draws attention with its various services.

Tour and Guidance Services

st. John the Divine offers regular tours every day to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. Thanks to these tours, it is possible to better explore the cathedral and learn about its historical, architectural and artistic significance. In addition, special guidance service is offered to the visitors who want it. These guides not only tell the rich history of the cathedral, but also help visitors take a detailed tour by taking them to various points.

Religious Services

st. John the Divine Cathedral holds regular worship and religious events. Weekly divine services and Sunday services take place with the participation of local and foreign tourists as well as members of the congregation. The cathedral also allows reservations for special religious rituals such as weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Music and Art Events

st. John the Divine Cathedral organizes various events for music and art lovers. Music performances are performed by different concerts, choirs and orchestras throughout the year. The cathedral also has exhibition halls and regularly hosts exhibitions of painting, photography and sculpture.

Cafeteria and Gift Shop

For visitors to relax and recharge, St. John the Divine Cathedral has a cafeteria on site. Delicious snacks, hot and cold drinks are served here. In addition, the gift shop located outside the cathedral allows visitors to purchase souvenirs. Symbolic items of the cathedral, books, paintings and more can be found in these shops.

Activities for Children

st. John the Divine Cathedral offers activities for children to enjoy as well. There are workshops, games and interactive entertainment areas specially organized for children. Through these activities, children can explore the history and architecture of the cathedral in a fun way.

Visitor Facilities

st. John the Divine Cathedral offers a variety of facilities for the comfort of the visitors. There is Wi-Fi service in the cathedral and it is ensured that visitors can share and stay in touch on social media. There are also amenities that visitors may need, such as toilets, disabled-friendly facilities and parking at the cathedral.

Service Description Tours and Guidance Regular tours and guides are offered to explore the Cathedral and learn about its history. Religious Events The cathedral provides reservations for weekly worship services and special religious rituals. Music and Art Events Music and art lovers are served through concerts, choirs and exhibition halls. Cafeteria and Souvenirs The Cathedral has a cafeteria and a gift shop in the surrounding area. Activities for Children Workshops, games and entertainment areas are organized for children. Visitor Facilities Facilities that meet visitor needs such as Wi-Fi service, restrooms, disabled-friendly facilities and parking are provided.

st. John the Divine Cathedral hosts thousands of visitors every year with its historical and mystical atmosphere. The wide range of services it provides allows visitors to explore the cathedral in all its details and have special experiences.

st. Ceremonies and Events at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Artistic and Cultural Heritage of John the Divine Cathedral,St. History of John the Divine Cathedral,St. Architectural Features of John the Divine Cathedral,St. John the Divine’s Services for Visitors

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