Southampton Kids Entertainment Venues

By | September 17, 2023

Southampton Kids Entertainment Venues

Southampton is a city in the south-east of England. It is known for its rich history and various tourist attractions. However, there are also entertainment venues for children in this city. There are many options for both local people and tourist children where they can have a pleasant and fun time.

Game Centers

Southampton has many play centers where you can keep your children entertained. These play centers are great places for kids to unwind and make new friends. It offers a variety of activities such as indoor playgrounds, climbing walls, trampoline parks and mini golf courses.

In addition, some game centers organize creative activities such as workshops and art events. These activities, where your children can develop their skills such as painting, crafting or dancing, offer a fun and educational experience.

Name Address Phone Super Fun World 12 High St, Southampton SO14 2DF 023 8023 5880 Kidz Play 4A amp; 4B Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton SO14 0SP 023 8023 0058 Jungle Jeans W Oriental Rd, Shirley, Southampton SO15 5WX 023 8038 2225

Museums and Galleries

Southampton is also famous for its historical and cultural heritage. There are many museums and galleries options to teach your kids about local history and art. These museums allow your children to learn while having fun with interactive exhibits and learning centers.

The Titanic Museum offers an immersive experience that takes children on a prehistoric ocean voyage. You can offer your children an unforgettable trip with its exhibits on maritime history and the story of the Titanic.

In addition, the Southampton City Art Gallery is packed with special events and exhibitions that get your kids into the world of art. Workshops and art events are organized where your children can improve their painting skills.

Sports and Activity Centers

Southampton has many sports and activity centers that can keep your kids active. Various options are available, such as swimming pools, ice rinks, football fields and equestrian centers. In these centers, lessons and courses where your children can develop their skills can also be organized.

Some sports centers in Southampton also offer exciting activities such as climbing walls or adventure trails. These activities can boost your children’s self-confidence by allowing them to test their courage and face new challenges.

Parks and Gardens

Southampton has many parks and gardens where you can spend a pleasant day with your children. These parks have large green areas, children’s playgrounds and picnic areas. Your children can play with nature and throw their energy away here.

Holly Hill Woodland Park is a beautiful park that connects children with nature. Itchen Valley Park is also a great option for activities like cycling and hiking. You can allow your children to spend time outdoors and do sports.

Southampton Kids Entertainment Venues

Southampton is a city full of entertainment venues for kids. It offers many options from game centers to museums, from sports centers to parks. Both locals and tourist children can have fun and enjoyable moments in Southampton.

  • Play centers offer great places for children to release their energy.
  • Museums and galleries provide children with enjoyable experiences about history and art.
  • Sports centers offer activities where children can develop their abilities.
  • Parks and gardens allow your children to spend time outdoors.

When you travel to Southampton, you can take your kids to some of these entertainment venues and make great memories with them. For an unforgettable family vacation, you can choose Southampton.

Southampton is a beautiful city in England and home to great playgrounds with lots of fun and educational activities for kids. These parks have been carefully designed to allow children to learn new things and spend time actively while having fun.

Southampton Common Park

Southampton Common Park is a popular park located in the heart of the city and offers a range of fun activities for children. In the large playgrounds in this park, children can swing on the swings, slide down the slides and explore the mazes. They can also cool off in the open-air pool inside the park and have fun with various water activities in summer. Southampton Common Park is also a place where children and families can have fun with its outdoor picnic areas and bike paths.

Mayflower Park

Mayflower Park is another beautiful children’s park located next to Southampton Harbour. This park offers many activities that stimulate children’s interest in ships and teach them maritime history. At the playgrounds at Mayflower Park, kids can play with ship-themed toys, build sand castles in the sandbox, and experience sailing by boarding real ships. Also, at the local festivals held in the park, children can learn more about maritime and make nautical crafts.

Millestones Museum and Park

Millestones Museum and Park is a great option for history buffs. This park is a combination of a museum with interactive exhibits and an open-air park. Children can have a fun time in an environment where they can experience and learn about events throughout history. At the Millestones Museum and Park, children can dress in clothes from the past, cook with old recipes, and experiment with the industrial revolution. In addition, the historical buildings and streets in the park allow children to wander in a real historical atmosphere.

st. James Park

st. James Park is located close to downtown Southampton and offers a great playground for kids. In this park, children can run in the large green areas, play sports such as football or cricket, and energize in the climbing areas. In addition, the skating rink and bicycle paths in the park allow children to spend time in an active way. st. James Park offers a beautiful setting for families to picnic and relax.


Playground Features Southampton Common Park Swings, slides, mazes, outdoor pool, picnic areas, bike paths Mayflower Park Ship-themed playgrounds, sandbox, real ships, maritime festivals Millestones Museum and Park Interactive history exhibits, historical experiments, dress-up, cooking with old recipes James Park Large green spaces, climbing areas, skating rink, bike paths

  • Southampton is full of fun and educational parks for kids.
  • Southampton Common Park is a popular option for children, with extensive playgrounds and an outdoor pool.
  • Mayflower Park offers activities that stimulate their interest in ships.
  • Millestones Museum and Park offers historical experience and learning.
  • st. James Park is an ideal place for children, with lively activities and green spaces.

Southampton playgrounds provide unforgettable moments by helping children learn while having fun. These parks offer the perfect environment for children to explore, experiment and move. Southampton’s kid-friendly parks allow families to have fun too. In these parks, children can learn about subjects such as history, maritime and nature, and also have the opportunity to unwind. If you are in Southampton you must visit these wonderful children’s parks!

Children’s Museums and Exhibitions in Southampton

Southampton is a great place to spend an unforgettable family vacation in England. The city offers many activities full of history, culture and fun. Museums and exhibitions, especially designed for children, provide them with both fun and educational experiences. Here is a detailed review of children’s museums and exhibits in Southampton:

SeaCity Museum

The SeaCity Museum is a great museum dedicated to Maritime and Titanic History. The museum is home to fascinating exhibits that tell the history of the city, the life of ancient sailors and the story of the Titanic. Children will have the opportunity to learn in an interactive way and will feel like a part of the maritime world. The museum also provides information on Southampton’s connection to the Titanic’s final voyage. Children will have a fun and educational experience in this museum.

Tudor House and Garden

Tudor House and Garden is a museum dedicated to the Tudor period, one of the most important periods in British history. Children will have fun exploring British history at this museum. The museum offers a variety of activities such as guided tours, craft workshops, and costume dressing events. There are also playgrounds for children in the garden of the museum. Tudor House and Garden is a great place for kids to experience history immersed in it.

Southampton Children’s Museum

Southampton Children’s Museum is an interactive museum designed to develop children’s imagination and creativity. The museum offers children the opportunity to learn in a fun way. Here, children can participate in interactive exhibits on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition, arts, drama and crafts events are also organized. Southampton Children’s Museum has an atmosphere that allows children to both have fun and learn.

Mayflower Theater and Museum

The Mayflower Theater and Museum is a great option for kids with an interest in theatrical art. While the museum provides information about the history of theater, it enables children to experience the theater. Theatrical costumes, stage decorations, old plays and theater collections are exhibited in the museum. In addition, children’s plays are staged in the theater inside the museum. The Mayflower Theater and Museum offers an exciting opportunity for children to explore the art of theatre.

ACTIVITIES ABOUT THE MUSEUM The SeaCity Museum is dedicated to Maritime and Titanic History. It tells the history of Southampton and the story of the Titanic. The interactive learning, Titanic exhibition Tudor House and Garden is dedicated to the Tudor period, an important period in British history. It offers guided tours, craft workshops, and costume dressing events. Tours, craft workshops, dress-up events The Children’s Museum of Southampton is an interactive museum designed to develop children’s imagination and creativity. Science events, art workshops, craft events The Mayflower Theater and Museum is a great option for kids interested in theatrical art. Theatrical costumes, decorations and theater plays are exhibited.

Southampton is home to many great museums and exhibits where your kids can learn while having fun. The SeaCity Museum, Tudor House and Garden, Southampton Children’s Museum, and the Mayflower Theater and Museum provide an unforgettable experience for children. By visiting these museums and exhibitions, you can increase your children’s interest in history, science, culture and art. Make an unforgettable family vacation with these kid-friendly places from Southampton.

Activities and Festivals to Entertain Your Kids in Southampton in the Summer

Southampton is a wonderful city located in a beautiful part of England. Especially in summer, you can give your children an unforgettable holiday experience in this city. The many events and festivals held in Southampton allow your children to learn while having fun. Here are some great options to entertain your kids in Southampton:

1. Southampton Marathon

The annual Southampton Marathon is a great event for your kids. This activity not only allows them to do physical activity but also tests their endurance. Children can choose different running distances according to their age and experience. During the event, your children both have fun and contribute to their health by running in a motivating atmosphere.

2. Outdoor Concerts in Bevois Mount Park

Bevois Mount Park is famous for the open-air concerts held during the summer months. At the concerts held here, your children can discover different types of music and dance. You can also find the opportunity to have a picnic while sitting on the grass and listening to music. In addition, these concerts, where your children will have the opportunity to develop their social skills, will spice up the summer evenings.

3. Southampton Maritime Festival

The Southampton Maritime Festival is the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to the world of the sea. During this festival they can explore various ships, yachts and marina. They can also attend maritime workshops and learn new skills. It is also possible to wear sailor clothes and play nautical-themed games during the festival. Your children will learn about maritime while having fun with nautical activities.

4. Mayflower Theater

Southampton is home to the Mayflower Theatre, which offers great options for theater-loving kids. During the summer months, various theater plays and performances allow your children to have fun. In these theaters, you can see both famous children’s stories being played and musicals. Your children will be haunted by the magical atmosphere of the Mayflower Theatre.

5. Solent Sky Aviation Museum

Solent Sky Aviation Museum is the best way to introduce your kids to the world of aviation. Many planes and helicopters are exhibited in the museum. Your kids can explore this fascinating collection of aviation and learn about flying. In addition, the museum also has the opportunity to make flight simulations in the interactive experience rooms. Thanks to this museum about aviation, your children will have the opportunity to learn while having fun.

Event/Festival Date Venue Southampton Marathon June Streets of Southampton Outdoor Concerts at Bevois Mount Park July-August Bevois Mount Park Southampton Maritime Festival July Southampton Harbor Mayflower Theater July-August Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Solent Sky Aviation Museum Open all year Southampton Airport

Southampton is a great city with fun and educational activities for your kids. The above-mentioned events and festivals will help your children gain new experiences while entertaining them in the summer. Make sure not to miss these events for an unforgettable summer vacation in Southampton!

A Special and Fun Destination for Kids: Southampton Game Centers

Play centers are always popular with families, where children can throw off their energies, have fun and make new friends. Southampton, on the south coast of England, also has many options for a great play center experience for kids. The play centers in Southampton host a variety of activities and playgrounds designed to maximize the excitement and fun of children.

1. XX Game Center:

Located in Southampton, the XX Game Center is the perfect place for fun and adventure for kids. It activates the imagination of children with its wide playgrounds and different activities. It includes many activities such as giant slides, climbing walls, trampolines and ziplines. Children can develop their balance and coordination skills while throwing all their energy away. The XX Game Center is a great place where children can have healthy fun and develop their social skills.

2nd Century Playground:

YY Playground is another family favorite playground in Southampton. Children can have fun and make new friends here. The playground has different playgrounds according to the ages and interests of the children. With both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, it allows children to spend a day full of fun and adventure in all weather conditions. YY Playground also includes a cafe and resting areas, so families can watch their children play safely and have a snack.

3. ZZ Adventure Center:

Another center full of fun activities for kids in Southampton is the ZZ Adventure Centre. This center offers an environment where children can be in touch with nature and have an adventurous day. It is ideal for children who are especially fond of nature sports. It helps children develop both their physical and mental skills with different activities such as rock climbing, forest walks and archery. For children who want to spend a day full of excitement and adrenaline, ZZ Adventure Center is an experience not to be missed.

4. KK Playhouse:

Located in Southampton, KK Playhouse is a play center specially designed for younger children. In this center, suitable for children aged 2-6, children can play in a safe and fun environment. With soft and colorful playgrounds, mini mazes, inflatable playgrounds and more, kids can explore their games and develop their imaginations. KK Playhouse is a great place to stimulate children’s creativity and develop their social skills.

5. WW Game Village:

Located in Southampton, the WW Game Village is a paradise for kids. In this village, children can enjoy outdoor games and spend time with different activities. Many activities are available here, such as mini golf, go-karts, cycling and football. Children enjoy a healthy activity while having a fun day with their family or friends. The WW Play Village is a great option where kids can unwind and have endless fun.

Play centers in Southampton offer a day of fun and adventure for kids. These centers, each hosting different activities, help children develop both their physical and mental skills. Families can safely leave their children in these centers and let them get rid of their energies. Southampton playgrounds are great places for children to create unforgettable memories that will maximize their excitement and happiness.

The Best Ways to Have a Fun Day in Southampton for Kids

Southampton, as a port city on the south coast of England, is famous for its variety of activities and attractions. Offering many options for everyone to have a pleasant day, Southampton is also a very nice place for children. Here are the best ways to spend a fun day with your kids in Southampton:

1. SeaCity Museum

If you want to explore Southampton’s history and maritime past, a visit to the SeaCity Museum is a great option. The museum is particularly famous for its Titanic story and has interactive exhibits to keep your kids entertained while learning about the maritime world. You can also enjoy a pleasant break with your children at the Oasis Café located inside the museum.

2. Manor Adventure

A fun adventure park where your kids can energize, Manor Adventure is one of the most popular activity centers in Southampton. This adventure park offers mountain climbing, rope course, climbing wall, zip-line and many more exciting activities. Your kids can learn new skills here and have fun at the same time.

3. Mayflower Park

If you want to have a nice picnic and spend some time outdoors in Southampton, Mayflower Park is the ideal option for you. This park offers a large lawn area where your children can run and play. In addition, children’s playgrounds, slides and swings in the park will keep your children entertained. You can also watch the ships and marine life at Southampton Harbour, near the park.

4. Southampton Ship Museum

Your nautical kids will love the Southampton Ship Museum. In the museum, there are various ship models, naval objects and exhibits on naval warfare. There are also interactive sections in the museum where your children can participate in activities and explore the maritime world more closely.

5. Peppa Big World of Play

Peppa Big World of Play, a fun indoor playground, allows your kids to explore the world of Peppa Pig character. While this playground develops the imagination of children, it also enables them to do physical activity. Peppa Big World of Play is a great option for a fun day out with your kids in Southampton.

6. Leisure World

If you want to spend a pleasant day with your children in Southampton, Leisure World is a center that offers a wide variety of entertainment options. Hosting event areas such as Buzz Bingo Southampton, Playzone Southampton and Odeon cinema, Leisure World provides unforgettable moments for your children.

7. Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo near Southampton offers your children an unforgettable experience with its adorable animals. At Marwell Zoo you can see many different animal species such as elephants, giraffes, penguins and tigers. There are also children’s playgrounds, swimming pool and picnic areas here.

8. Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum

If you want to have a different experience around Southampton with your children, you can visit Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum. This museum offers workshops for children to learn about the history and industrial heritage, as well as develop their manual skills. Here you can let your children learn while having fun.

Activity Address Phone SeaCity Museum Havelock Rd, Southampton SO14 7FY 44 23 8083 4536 Manor Adventure Botley Rd, Southampton SO30 2HE 44 23 8073 2326 Mayflower Park 11 Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2AQ – Southampton Ship Museum Maritime Museum, Southampton SO14 2FY 44 23 8083 4536 Peppa Big World of Play West Quay Rd, Southampton SO15 1RE 44 23 8214 5210 Leisure World West Quay Rd, Southampton SO15 1RE – Marwell Zoo Thompson’s Ln, Colden Common, Winchester SO21 1JY 44 1962 777407 Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum Swanwick Ln, Lower Swanwick, Southampton SO31 7HB 44 1489 576248

Southampton offers many options to spend an enjoyable day with your children. The activities and places given above are the best choices for you to have a nice family time. Try these activities that will keep your kids happy and entertained when you visit Southampton.

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