Shakespeare’s House: Globe Theater

By | September 17, 2023

Shakespeare’s House: Globe Theater

William Shakespeare is considered one of the most important figures in English literature. His poems and plays have been making a huge impact around the world for centuries. Therefore, the Globe Theater, home of Shakespeare, is also of great historical and cultural importance.

History and Reconstruction

The Globe Theater was built in London in 1599. Theaters at that time were usually wooden structures built in the open air. The Globe Theater was also built in this traditional style. Because the stage was outdoors, plays were often played during the daytime because there was no artificial lighting system as in indoor theatres.

The original structure of the Globe Theater was unique in many ways. It was a circular structure with 20 side walls and an open top. The stage had a structure with earth at the bottom and a slightly sloping structure at the top. The audience would sit or stand in the galleries around the stage and watch the show.

Unfortunately, in 1613, the Globe Theater, which was quite large with a capacity of about 1000 people, was completely burned as a result of a fire. However, in the 1990s it was rebuilt by the Shakespearean Globe Trust. Today, the Globe Theater is a cultural center that houses a reconstructed version of the original structure.

Shows and Experience

The Globe Theater is still used as an active theatre. A selection of shows from Shakespeare’s plays and other period plays are staged each year. These shows are presented in purely traditional ways. Actors try to create an atmosphere of that period with costumes, props and music.

With a total capacity of 1400 people, the Globe Theater offers a unique environment of interaction between the audience and the actors. Spectators can closely experience the energy and performance of the actors. Also, factors such as severe weather conditions can affect performance, which adds realism to the show.

General Features Details Construction Date 1599 (original), 1997 (reconstructed) Building Style Open air wooden theater Seating Capacity 1400 people Number of Side Walls 20

Research and Education

The Globe Theater not only serves as a venue for performances, but also serves as a research and education center. Many school and university students attend the workshops and seminars held here. In addition, the Globe Theater offers tours for visitors interested in the Shakespearean era and its plays.

The Glob Theater’s library contains many original texts, including works by Shakespeare and other writers of the period. These texts constitute an important resource for researchers and literature students.

Cultural Facilities

The Globe Theater is seen as an important symbol of British culture. The events and performances held here inspire thousands of people every year. Shakespeare’s plays meet the audience as they are staged at the Globe Theatre, offering a valuable historical and cultural experience.

The Globe Theater is also a popular attraction for tourists interested in the Shakespearean era. Tourists have the opportunity to learn more about Shakespeare and his period, while experiencing the beauty and atmosphere of the historical building.


The Globe Theater, Shakespeare’s House, is one of the most important symbols of English literature. With the reconstruction of its original structure, this historic theater building offers its visitors a unique experience. With its performances, research opportunities and cultural significance, the Globe Theater has become an indispensable stop for Shakespeare fans and literature enthusiasts.

  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is an important part of England’s cultural heritage.
  • The Globe Theater is of great historical value as its original structure was rebuilt.
  • Shakespeare’s plays and period plays are staged in this historical theater every year.
  • The Globe Theater also hosts research, educational and cultural events.
  • It is a major attraction for UK tourists and literature lovers.

Shakespeare’s Works at the Globe Theater: Unforgettable Plays

Globe Theater is one of the most special and famous theaters that hosts the plays of the world famous English writer William Shakespeare. The original Globe Theater was located in the Bankside district of south London in the 16th century and served as a venue for the famous playwright’s most prominent works.

Shakespeare’s works revolutionized the theater industry and still have a huge fan base all over the world today. With the language he uses in his plays, the depth of the characters, his dramatic themes and impressive dialogues, Shakespeare has a unique place in the history of literature.

Shakespeare’s Memorable Works Performed at the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater is a venue where many of Shakespeare’s memorable works are staged. The most famous of these works are:

  • Romeo and Juliet: Set in the Renaissance period and depicting the struggle between love and death, this tragic play is one of Shakespeare’s best-known works. The Globe Theater puts on the extraordinary love story of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Hamlet: Based on the tragic story of a prince, Hamlet creates one of Shakespeare’s most complex and profound characters. The Globe Theater offers the audience an unforgettable experience in this fascinating play.
  • Macbeth: Macbeth, which deals with the theme of the desire to seize power and to cope with greed, is one of Shakespeare’s plays full of dark and psychological elements. Globe Theater realistically conveys this classic play to the audience.

The Globe Theater also stages many of Shakespeare’s other famous works, such as Othello, The Crying Woman, and The Storm. These works, each of which is unique in itself, fascinate the audience when they come to life at the Globe Theatre.

The Importance and History of the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater is one of the first venues where Shakespeare wrote his plays for staging. This theater has an important place not only in Shakespeare’s but also in the history of all English theatre.

The original Globe Theater had a circular structure built in the 16th century and was noted for its open-air stage. Audiences could watch plays as an equal part of the theater, regardless of their wealth or modest position.

Characteristic Value Year of Construction 1599 Capacity 3000 (2000 seated, 1000 standing) Architectural Style Tudor

The original Globe Theater was completely destroyed by fire in 1613. In 1997, a new Globe Theater was built and opened. The new theater was designed in keeping with the original theater from the 16th century and still hosts plays by Shakespeare.

The Globe Theater continues its mission to revive the important works of William Shakespeare and preserve his cultural heritage. This theater offers visitors a glimpse into the era in which Shakespeare wrote and allows them to experience these unforgettable plays.

Shakespeare’s works at the Globe Theater continue to hold their value over the years. These plays are considered masterpieces of the stage world and enchant the audience when they come to life at the Globe Theatre.

In Search of Cultural Heritage: Restoration and Conservation of the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater is a famous theater building located in London, the capital of England. This historical building has a great importance due to its historical heritage and cultural value. The Globe Theatre, first built in 1599, was one of the venues where William Shakespeare’s plays were staged at that time. Unfortunately, the original building was completely destroyed by a fire in 1613. However, in 1997 it was decided to reconstruct the Globe Theater by starting a modern restoration project.

Restoration Project

The restoration project of the Globe Theater was carried out by a team of architectural, historical and cultural experts. Considering the design and construction stages of the original building, it was aimed to offer an original experience. During the restoration work, the building techniques and materials of the period were used and were constantly inspected by experts from all over England.

During the restoration process, the elements that make up both the interior and exterior of the Globe Theater were carefully examined. Traditional materials such as handmade brick and wood were used in the restoration. These materials helped to preserve the original appearance of the building and created an atmosphere in harmony with its historical texture.

However, one of the most important aims of the restoration was to ensure that the Globe Theater could host faithfully staged plays. As in the original theater, a special arrangement was made to maintain the closeness between the stage and the audience. The audience seats are arranged in accordance with Shakespearean designs and are built using wooden materials.

Protection and Maintenance

After the restoration of the Globe Theater, the preservation and maintenance of the building continues with great care. The theater is open not only for the use of actors and spectators, but also for visitors to tour and explore. For this reason, the safety and maintenance of the building is constantly monitored.

Education and awareness are also of great importance in the protection of cultural heritage. Guided tours are offered at the Globe Theater that teach visitors about the history of English theater and the works of Shakespeare. In addition, it is aimed to transfer the cultural heritage to future generations by organizing various workshops, seminars and game shows.


The Globe Theater is of great importance as part of our historical heritage. Thanks to the restoration project, this important building has been revived and continues to remind the history of British theatre. Conservation and maintenance of the Globe Theater is of vital importance for us to pass on our cultural heritage to future generations. The plays shown in this venue keep the interest in Shakespeare’s works alive and help us to keep his legacy alive. For this reason, we must continue the restoration and conservation work of the Globe Theater and make every effort to carry this important cultural heritage into the future.

Globe Theater is a unique type of theater that offers an exciting atmosphere that combines theatrical experience with visual feast.

What is Globe Theater?

The Globe Theater is a famous theater venue located in London, the capital of England, operating between 1599 and 1642. Built to stage the works of the English playwright William Shakespeare, this theater performed by the greatest actors and directors of its age.

The Unique Design of the Globe Theater

One of the remarkable features of the Globe Theater is that it was inspired by the circus structures popular in England of the period. Therefore, the exterior of the theater building is colorfully and ornately decorated.

The theater is designed to accommodate performances played mostly in the open air. The stage has a large opening, about 14 meters in front of the audience. The audience is seated on three sides of the stage.

Unforgettable Visual Feast of the Globe Theater

Performances at the Globe Theater turn into an unforgettable visual feast for the audience. The actors’ period clothes, carefully designed decors and impressive lighting invite the audience to feel the period of the play.

In addition, the understanding of “intertwined with the public”, which is the technique of the theater, offers an experience that impresses the audience even more. The audience establishes an emotional bond with the actor without a physical distance. This makes the theatrical experience more realistic and intimate.

Shakespeare Plays at the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater is a venue where the works of the leading playwrights of the period, especially William Shakespeare, are staged. Shakespeare’s most famous plays such as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” have been successfully performed at the Globe Theatre.

The staging of these plays offers a real experience to the audience, thanks to both preserving the language of the play in its original form and showing them with the costumes and decorations of the period. It ensures that Shakespeare’s plays live on as a living legacy.

The Globe Theater’s Unique Theatrical Experience

The plays staged at the Globe Theater offer a unique theatrical experience to the audience. The audience has the opportunity to watch the unique works of Shakespeare live on stage in a place decorated with handicrafts of the period in a historical atmosphere.

In addition, the plays at the Globe Theater provide audiences with interactive experiences. Spectators can interact with the players by being included in the game. This makes the theater experience even more fun and memorable.

Overall, the Globe Theater is a not-to-be-missed venue for those who love the theater experience. This theater, which both fascinates with its visual feast and offers an unforgettable theatrical experience, offers the opportunity to experience Shakespeare’s works with live performances on the stage.

Globe Theatre: Shakespeare’s House and Art Home

William Shakespeare is one of the most important figures in world literature and his works are read with great admiration even today. However, to fully experience his plays, it is necessary to visit the Globe Theatre. The Globe Theater is considered the home of Shakespeare and is at the heart of English theatre.


The Globe Theater was built in 1599 to stage Shakespeare’s plays. The first theater building was built in 1597, but it was badly damaged as a result of a fire in 1613. In 1997, today’s Globe Theater was reconstructed by staying true to its original structure.

The Globe Theater has an audience capacity of 1,500 and was designed to reflect the Shakespeare plays of that period. The theater has an open-air stage and a three-story audience section. This layout makes the games a real experience and creates a great atmosphere for the audience.

Globe Theater Building

The Globe Theater was faithfully rebuilt in 1997. Although modern building techniques have been used, an architecturally reflective view of the original theater has been achieved. The roof of the theater building is specially designed and protects guests from both sun and rain. Colors and details in the theater building help revive the original structure.

Inside, the stage setting prepared by a special production team creates the same atmosphere as in Shakespeare’s time. The audience can watch the performances of the actors much more closely thanks to the seating arrangement close to the stage. They can also watch the game by sitting in the huts on each floor.

Globe Theater Experience

The Globe Theater offers a unique experience, especially for those with an interest in the works of Shakespeare. Admire the details of Shakespeare’s time as you wander inside the theater building. Also, while watching the performances, you will better understand the atmosphere of that period.

Shakespeare plays are staged by successful and talented actors every year during the Globe Theatre’s summer season. The plays are brought to life with costumes and props that match the original period and offer audiences an unforgettable experience. The Globe Theater also hosts other events such as musical and dance performances.

Location and Visit Information

The Globe Theater is located on Bankside on London’s south coast and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Near the theater is the Shakespeare Museum, where you can learn more about the life and works of Shakespeare.

Globe Theater Visiting Information Address 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT Hours of Operation 09:00-17:00 daily (Different opening hours on Game days) Ticket Fees Dewasa: £17.50, Student: £10.00, Children (5- 15 years): £7.50

Visiting the Globe Theater is a great opportunity to step into Shakespeare’s world and experience his plays for real. If you are in town to experience the historical atmosphere of the theater and witness fascinating performances, you must visit this unique place!

Masters Stage: Famous Actors of the Globe Theater

The Globe Theater is considered one of the most famous theaters in the world. This theater, where the works of William Shakespeare are staged, is a center of attention not only for the actors of that period, but also for today’s art lovers. Famous actors who took the stage at the Globe Theater were both great masters of that period and names that shed light on the history of theater.

Famous Players and Their Achievements

Name Date of Birth Featured Works Richard Burbage 1567 Hamlet, Othello, King Lear Edward Alleyn 1566 Timon of Athens, Tamburlaine Will Kempe 1560 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet John Lowin 1576 Macbeth, The Tempest

  • Richard Burbage: One of the Globe Theatre’s most famous actors, Richard Burbage has portrayed William Shakespeare’s best-known characters. He captivated audiences with successful performances such as Hamlet, Othello and King Lear. Burbage, who took the stage at the opening of the Original Globe Theatre, is considered one of the most important actors of his era.
  • Edward Alleyn: Founder of the Globe Theatre, Edward Alleyn is also known as a famous actor. Alleyn, who performed successfully in important works such as Timon of Athens and Tamburlaine, made great contributions to the stage world.
  • Will Kempe: Will Kempe is known for lively and energetic performances of characters in Shakespeare’s comedies. He managed to make the audience laugh with his roles in works such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet.
  • John Lowin: John Lowin, who has performed successfully in important works such as Macbeth and The Tempest, is one of the indispensable actors of the Globe Theatre. It has an important place in the history of theater with the innovations it brought to the art of staging.

Globe Theater became the most successful and impressive stage of its time thanks to these famous actors. These actors performed with great passion and talent while performing the works of Shakespeare. In addition to the magic of the stage, the performances of the actors also deeply affected the audience.

Famous actors of the Globe Theater had a huge impact not only on the stage, but also outside. At that time, actors had the ability to communicate with people from the upper class of society and the commoners. People would recognize them on the streets and be able to chat freely. This created a unique bond between the theater and the audience.

The famous actors of the Globe Theater have made great contributions not only to the staging of Shakespeare’s works, but also to the history of the theatre. These names, who skillfully display the magic of the stage and the subtleties of acting, have a great influence in the theater world even today.

Known as the stage for the masters, the Globe Theater is the perfect place to remember and commemorate them. This theater continues to attract the attention of famous actors and art lovers even today. The stage of the Globe Theater will continue to bear the traces of great masters.

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