Popular Concert Venues and Music Events in Surin

By | September 17, 2023

Popular Concert Venues and Music Events in Surin

Surin is a delightful city in the northeast of Thailand. It is famous for its woodlands, historical temples and colorful festivals. Besides that, Surin is also very popular with its live music scene. There are many concert venues and music events operating in the city. In this article, we will cover the popular concert venues and organized music events in Surin in detail.

Concert Centers

Surin has many concert venues that cater to all musical genres. While these venues host concerts by world-famous artists, they also stage local talents. Here are some of the popular concert venues frequently visited in Surin:

  • Surin Convention Center: It is one of the biggest concert venues in the city. It is famous for its large capacity and modern technical equipment. It hosts concerts in different genres such as pop, rock and jazz.
  • Surin Music Hall: It is an ideal place for classical music lovers. Concerts organized by talented orchestras and soloists take place here.
  • Surin Stage: Located in the city center, this venue hosts performances by local bands and musicians. It is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy live music.
  • Surin Amphitheater: It is one of the indispensable venues of open-air concerts. Especially during festival periods, concerts of famous artists are held in this amphitheater.

Music Festivals

Surin is also famous for its colorful and exuberant festivals. Music festivals are held to celebrate the local culture and traditions in the city. The most popular music festivals held every year are listed below:

  • Surin Music and Dance Festival: This festival is held to celebrate the music and dance culture of the indigenous people of Surin. It is an event full of dance performances accompanying traditional musical instruments.
  • Surin Jazz Festival: It is the perfect event for jazz lovers. Performances by famous jazz artists enliven the city’s jazz scene.
  • Surin Rock Festival: Local and international rock bands take the stage at this festival, which is organized for those who love rock music. Every year, thousands of music lovers flock to Surin not to miss this festival.
  • Surin International Music Festival: It is an event where musicians from different cultures come together. It hosts an ideal festival for those who want to discover different genres of world music.

Local Bands

Surin offers various opportunities to music lovers with its local music groups. These groups add color to the Surin music scene by making music in different styles. Here are some popular local bands operating in Surin:

Band Name Genre Description Surin Brass Band Brass Band Surin’s most famous brass band. He gives energetic performances using traditional instruments. Surin Rhythm Rascals Jazz A band that brings the unique timbre of jazz music to Surin. They are known for their improvisation abilities. Surin Rockers Rock are representatives of rock music in Surin. They gained a fan base with their high-energy performances. Surin Folk Ensemble Folk Music is a group that represents Surin’s local folk music. They perform dance performances as well as traditional musical instruments.

Surin has an important place in the live music scene with its concert venues, music festivals and local bands. It is possible to find events and performances of all kinds of music in this city, which offers many options for music lovers. Travelers to Surin can make unforgettable memories by joining the local music scene.

Surin Music Festival: Biggest Music Event in Town


Surin is a city in the northeast of Thailand and is famous for its cultural wealth. The Surin Music Festival, which is held every year in this city, is known as the biggest music event in the region. This festival offers both locals and tourists an unforgettable musical experience.


Surin Music Festival was held for the first time in 1998 and has been traditionally held every year since then. This event aims to draw attention to Surin’s rich musical history and cultural identity. The festival also promotes Thailand’s music and dance culture.


Surin Music Festival encompasses many different events. Concerts, dance performances, instrumental performances and musical competitions are held throughout the festival. In addition, the street dance parties with the participation of the local people are one of the most colorful moments of the festival.

Artists from different musical genres take the stage at the concerts within the scope of the music festival. Various styles of music are offered, including traditional Thai music, rock, pop, hip-hop and jazz. This ensures that the festival appeals to everyone’s musical taste.

In addition, a music competition is held during the festival. Local musicians and bands compete for first place by putting on their own performances. This competition makes an important contribution to discovering young talents and supporting local artists.

Protection of Cultural Values

Surin Music Festival is an important event to preserve Thailand’s music and dance culture. Thanks to the festival, traditional musical instruments and dances meet new generations. Thus, these cultural values ​​are passed on to future generations.

In addition, the traditional clothes and jewelry of the local people are exhibited during the festival. In this way, Thailand’s rich clothing and jewelry culture is also introduced. In this respect, the festival supports cultural tourism.

Contributions to Tourism and Economy

Surin Music Festival makes a great contribution to the tourism sector of the city. Tourists flock to Surin to experience the exciting atmosphere of the festival. This increases the income of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in the city.

In addition, employment opportunities are offered by the Ministry of Labor and Employment during the festival. Many people are provided with job opportunities for the establishment of the festival area, cleaning, food and beverage services and security. This gives vitality to the local economy.


Surin Music Festival is an unforgettable event organized to promote and preserve its unique music and dance culture. The festival brings together thousands of people every year, demonstrating the unifying power of music. It also makes significant contributions to Surin’s tourism and economy sectors. Experiencing this festival is an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to explore Thailand’s cultural riches.

Surin Music Festival: Biggest Music Event in Town

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