Places to Visit in Cha Am with Kids

By | September 17, 2023

Places to Visit in Cha Am with Kids

Cha Am is one of Thailand’s beautiful resorts and is also an ideal place to spend time with children. If you want to think about your children while planning your vacation, Cha Am has many fun activities and places to visit. Here are the best places to visit with your kids:

1. Santorini Park

Santorini Park is a must-visit amusement park in Cha Am. You can do many exciting activities in this park with your children. Especially the giant water slide named “Ultimate Slide” will give your children an unforgettable experience. You can also take a walk in the thematic village inside the park, ride carousels and enjoy delicious food.

2. Camel Republic

Camel Republic is one of the places to visit with children in Cha Am and is ideal for having fun with the farm animals. Here, your children can ride camels, feed goats and play with rabbits. You can also take a pleasant stroll along the meandering walking paths in the park.

3. Swiss Sheep Farm

Swiss Sheep Farm is a great place where children can interact with animals and experience a natural farm atmosphere. Here your children can pet the sheep, feed the ducks and spend time with their horses. There are also many photo spots where you can take selfies with your children.

4. Mrigadayavan Palace

Mrigadayavan Palace is a historic building in Cha Am and a great place to show your kids about Thailand’s cultural heritage. In this palace, your children can learn Thai history and take a leisurely walk in its beautiful garden. In addition, many historical artifacts that may interest your children are exhibited in the museum inside the palace.

5. Cha Am Beach

Cha Am Beach is the perfect place to spend a fun day with your kids. With its long and wide coastline, your children can play comfortably and enjoy the sea here. There is also the possibility to rent umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach. You can also buy delicious food for your children from the restaurants in the surrounding area.

6. Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace is one of Thailand’s best-preserved wooden palaces and is one of the places to visit with children in Cha Am. You can explore the historical architecture of the palace and have a nice walk with your children. You can also have a picnic in the green areas around the palace and be in touch with nature with your children.

Amusement Park Opening Hours Fees Santorini Park 10:00 – 19:00 Adults: 200 THB
Children: 120 THB Camel Republic 09:00 – 18:00 Adults: 150 THB
Children: 100 THB Swiss Sheep Farm 09:00 – 18:00 Adults : 100 THB
Children: 50 THB

Cha Am is a holiday destination where you can collect pleasant and unforgettable memories with your children. There are many places your kids can enjoy, such as Santorini Park, Camel Republic, Swiss Sheep Farm, Mrigadayavan Palace, Cha Am Beach and Maruekhathaiyawan Palace. With its family activities and beautiful beach, Cha Am will offer you a wonderful experience on your holiday with your children.

A Historical and Cultural Discovery: Cha Am Harbor Museum

Cha Am is best known as a coastal city in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. This beautiful region is famous for its white sand beaches, deep blue sea and calm atmosphere. However, Cha Am also has many historical and cultural riches. The Cha Am Harbor Museum is one of these riches and attracts tourists as well as locals.

History of the Museum

The Cha Am Harbor Museum was established in 1982 to showcase Thailand’s maritime past. Originally built in 1868, this building was used to coordinate activities at Cha Am Port, which was an important commercial center in Thailand at the time. However, the commercial importance of the port declined over time and the building became idle.

In 1982, the building was restored and turned into the Cha Am Harbor Museum. In addition to displaying important artifacts from maritime history, the museum also teaches visitors about Thailand’s maritime culture and traditions.

Museum Rooms and Exhibits

The Cha Am Harbor Museum tells visitors about its maritime past through different rooms and sections. The museum offers its visitors 5 main exhibition areas:

History and Traditions Exhibition

This exhibition space tells the history and traditions of Cha Am Port. Visitors can learn about the changes and developments from the establishment of the port to the present. They can also explore the customs and rituals of Thailand’s maritime culture.

Ship Models Exhibition

This exhibition area contains models of ships from different periods. Ship models represent different types of ships that play an important role in Thai maritime history. By examining these models, visitors can observe Thailand’s maritime development.

Textile and Handicrafts Exhibition

This exhibition space focuses on Thailand’s textiles and handicrafts. Visitors can explore crafts such as traditional clothing, lace work, weaving and wood carving. They can also see works produced by local masters in this exhibition area.

Exhibition About the Port

This exhibition focuses on the history and activities of Cha Am Port. Visitors can visit this area to understand the history of the port, the extent of trade and maritime activities in the port. They can also learn about the port’s notable personalities and their stories.

Fishing Equipment Exhibition

This exhibition area focuses on Thailand’s fishing industry and equipment used. Visitors can view fishing nets, fishing rods and other fishing gear used in this exhibit. They can also learn about the importance of fishing in the Thai economy and how the seafood trade is done.

Visiting Information

Cha Am Harbor Museum is open every day except Monday. The opening and closing hours of the museum are between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. The entrance fee to the museum is 50 Thai Baht for adults.

Days 09:00 – 17:00 Monday Closed Entry Fee 50 THB (Thai Baht)

The Cha Am Harbor Museum is located right next to the Cha Am Harbor and is easily accessible. The impressive collection and historical atmosphere of the museum provide an unforgettable experience for visitors. Travelers to Cha Am should stop by the Cha Am Harbor Museum and experience this historical and cultural discovery.

Nature Walks and Animal Watching: Cha Am Forest Park

Nature walks and animal watching are the perfect activities for those who love to love nature and explore the natural world. These types of activities offer an opportunity to de-stress, relax the mind and be a part of the wildlife. In this article, you will get to know Thailand’s Cha Am Forest Park and discover how exciting it is to go hiking and animal watching.

Information About Cha Am Forest Park

Cha Am Forest Park is located in the Muang Cha Am region, near Petchaburi province, Thailand. It is famous for its magnificent natural beauty and rich biodiversity. The park combines enchanting woodlands, waterfalls, lakes and ponds to offer visitors a majestic nature experience.

The park is not only an ideal place for nature walks and animal watching, but also offers great opportunities for those who want to camp. Camping among the sounds of nature after sunset will be an unforgettable experience.

Nature Walks

Cha Am Forest Park has many different routes for hikers. There are trails suitable for hikers of all levels. If you want, you can take a short and easy walk, or you can try longer and more challenging routes.

During the walk, you can discover the beauties of nature, enjoy the fresh air and encounter wildlife. Special walking routes in the park teach visitors about the vegetation and the surrounding ecosystem.

Animal Watching

Cha Am Forest Park is very rich in species diversity and is home to many different animal species. In the park you have the opportunity to observe exotic birds, snakes, otters and many more animals.

Animal observations in this natural habitat allow you to get to know nature, the natural habitats and lifestyles of animals more closely. By participating in tours organized by the park staff, you can experience an unforgettable animal observation experience in the company of expert guides.

Nature Tours and Activities

Besides nature walks and animal watching, Cha Am Forest Park has many more nature tours and activities. These include mountain biking, horseback riding, nature photography, swimming in natural waterfalls and picnicking. Each offers different and exciting ways to explore nature.


Cha Am Forest Park is the perfect spot for nature walks and animal watching. Thanks to the activities you will do in this park, you can establish a deeper connection with nature, observe different animal species and enjoy nature. For an unforgettable nature experience and relaxation, you should consider visiting Cha Am Forest Park.

A Fun Day for Kids in Cha Am: Water Park

There are many activities where children can make the most of their summer months. Cha Am is among Thailand’s beautiful resorts and is famous for its water parks for kids to spend a day of fun. These water parks stimulate the imaginations of children with water slides, pools and many different playgrounds.

Various Water Slides

Water parks in Cha Am have several water slides for children. These slides increase the excitement of children with their different sizes and shapes. There are both mini slides designed for younger children and more exciting slides for older children and teenagers. These slides are a great option for kids who want to land safely and fall into the water.

Pools and Playgrounds

The pools in the water parks offer the children the opportunity to cool off and have fun. There are pools filled with water, water polo playing areas and floating play sets in the playgrounds. These playgrounds allow children to interact with water and give them the opportunity to spend an active day. In addition, security measures are taken in these parks and there are lifeguards to ensure the safety of children.

Family Picnic Areas

The water parks in Cha Am also offer picnic areas for families. The gardens have lawns, trees and benches. Families can relax, have a picnic and enjoy the sun while their children have fun on the water slides. At the same time, you can buy various meals and snacks from the cafes and restaurants in the park.

Security and Facilities

The water parks in Cha Am offer safety and comfort oriented service for children. Parking areas are monitored by security cameras, swimming pools are cleaned regularly. In addition, there are facilities to meet the needs such as toilets, changing areas and shower service. This way, you can comfortably watch while the kids are having fun.

Features of Water Parks in Cha Am Feature Description Water Slides There are water slides available in various sizes and shapes. Pools There are water polo playgrounds and pools filled with floating play sets. Playgrounds There are playgrounds where children can interact with the water. Family Picnic Areas There are grass areas and benches that offer picnic opportunities.

If you want to spend a fun day with your kids in Cha Am, water parks can be a great option. While the children have fun playing outdoors, you can enjoy the day and collect good memories as a family. Equipped with water slides, pools, playgrounds and picnic areas, your child can spend time in safety in these parks. For an unforgettable summer vacation, you can choose the water parks in Cha Am.

The Cha Am Museum of Marine Biology is an educational and entertainment center located in Cha Am, Thailand. It is a great place for those who want to learn more about sea creatures. This museum offers visitors many interactive exhibits related to marine biology.

General Information About the Museum

The Cha Am Museum of Marine Biology is a project under the Thailand National Development Plan. The museum was opened in 2010 and aims to raise public awareness about marine biology. The museum provides an educational and entertaining experience, giving children and adults the opportunity to learn more about sea creatures.

Shows and Events

  • Aquarium Show: The museum offers visitors a large and impressive aquarium show. In this aquarium, you can see various fish species living in different wetlands of Thailand.
  • Interaction with Divers: The museum offers visitors the opportunity to interact with divers. Divers show visitors the beauties of the undersea world while at the same time giving information about sea creatures.
  • Feeding Marine Animals: Visitors can attend the museum during feeding times to see and experience how marine animals are fed. Thanks to this activity, we have the opportunity to learn more about the feeding habits of sea creatures.

Educational Exhibitions

The museum presents a series of educational exhibits to correct common misconceptions about marine biology and increase visitors’ knowledge. These exhibits tell visitors about different marine ecosystems, the anatomy and behavior of sea creatures. Various models and fossils of sea creatures are also found in the exhibits.

Education Programs

The museum offers various educational programs especially for schools. These programs provide students with the opportunity to experiment and observe while teaching students the basics of marine biology. Students have the opportunity to learn more about sea creatures in the company of museum guides.

An Educational and Fun Place for Children

The Cha Am Museum of Marine Biology provides an educational and entertaining space for children. The museum offers children the opportunity to get to know sea creatures better and learn more about them. Interactive exhibits and activities engage children in marine biology while also supporting the learning process.

Fun Activities for Children Educational Exhibitions for Children Sea creatures painting activity Sea creatures anatomy exhibition Underwater world puzzle Sea creatures habitats exhibition Sea creatures puppet theater Sea creatures reproduction behavior exhibition

The Cha Am Museum of Marine Biology provides an educational and entertaining experience about sea creatures. Visitors can learn more about marine biology by participating in interactive exhibits within the museum. The museum also offers activities and educational programs for children, allowing them to have the opportunity to learn more about sea creatures. For those traveling to the city of Cha Am, this museum is a must-see.

An Ideal Stop for Sea Enthusiasts: Play and Picnic on the Beach

With the arrival of hot summer days, an ideal stop for sea lovers is the beaches. The trio of sea, sand and sun is the perfect combination to relieve the stress of the year and have a pleasant time. Playing games and picnics on the beach are also favorite activities of sea lovers. Playing on the beach is an energetic activity that delights children and adults alike.


There are many different types of playing games on the beach. Here are a few games we recommend for sea lovers:

  • Sand Castle Building Competition: You can form teams with two or more people and try to build the most beautiful and biggest sand castles in a certain time. Requiring creativity and endurance, this game is both fun and competitive.
  • Volleyball: Volleyball nets set up on the beach are indispensable for sea lovers. You can spend energy and have a pleasant time by playing a fun volleyball match with your friends.
  • Beach Football: The large areas of the beach are also the perfect environment to play football. You can both enjoy the sea view and enjoy doing sports by holding the ball in the air or doing team matches.


Having a picnic on the beach after the games is also a great activity. There are many advantages to having a picnic on the beach. Here are some of them:

  • A Natural and Cool Environment: You can spend time in a spacious environment while having a picnic on the beach. You can cool off with the sea breeze and relax in a natural atmosphere.
  • View: You will have a magnificent view while having a picnic on the beach. The trilogy of sea, sun and sand becomes an unforgettable experience when you combine it with a pleasant lunch or snack.
  • Areas Suitable for Games and Activities: While picnicking on the beach, you can find areas suitable for games and activities such as grass areas or special picnic tables. Your children can play games safely or you can do activities such as table tennis or darts with your friends.

Suggestions for a Picnic Basket

It is important to have a picnic basket with you for a picnic on the beach. Here are some must-have items in your cart:

Items Quantity Meals (sandwiches, salad, fruit) Enough for 2 people Drinks (water, juice) 2 bottles/tetra pak Picnic cover 1 piece Glasses and plates enough for 2 people Barbecue or grill as needed Picnic chairs or cushions 2 pieces Picnic insect repellent when needed

Playing games and picnics on the beach are both fun and relaxing activity options for sea lovers. The beach, where people of all ages can have a pleasant time, positively affects both our physical and mental health. You can go to the beach, play games and have a picnic to enjoy the sea on hot summer days. You can have a pleasant day by taking sunscreen products such as sunscreen and hats with you.

A Historical and Cultural Discovery: Cha Am Harbor Museum,Nature Walks and Animal Watching: Cha Am Forest Park,Fun Day for Kids in Cha Am: Water Park,Educational and Entertaining Experience: Cha Am Marine Biology Museum,For Marine Enthusiasts An Ideal Stop: Play and Picnic on the Beach

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