Parc Pastré: Nature Walks and Picnic Areas

By | September 17, 2023

Parc Pastré: Nature Walks and Picnic Areas


Parc Pastré is a natural park located in Marseille, France. This park has a large area that offers visitors the opportunity to take nature walks and relax. There are also specially arranged areas for those who want to have a picnic. In this article, we will share detailed information about the features of Parc Pastré and the activities that can be done in the park.

Features of the Park

Parc Pastré is famous for its natural beauty and rich vegetation. The park is surrounded by extensive pine forests, shady walkways and green meadows. While walking around here, you can observe various bird species and enjoy impressive views. In addition, a pond in the park offers visitors the opportunity to relax and have a picnic.

Parc Pastré is an ideal place for nature lovers and hikers. The walking paths in the park offer the visitors routes of different lengths and difficulty levels. These paths are a perfect option for those who want to walk in the silence and peace of nature. In addition, four different thematic nature walking routes in the park offer various experiences to nature lovers.

Picnic Areas

Parc Pastré has ample grounds for picnicking. You can have a picnic in the green meadows of the park, under the shady trees or by the pond. These areas are ideal for you to have a pleasant time with your family and friends.

There are also specially arranged areas in the park for those who want to have a picnic. These areas have picnic tables, barbecue areas and trash cans. In this way, you can prepare your food and preserve the beauty of the park by keeping the environment clean.


Parc Pastré organizes various events and offers pleasant moments to its visitors. Along with nature walks, you also have the opportunity to participate in activities such as yoga and meditation in the park. These activities allow you to have a peaceful experience intertwined with nature.

Event Date Time Hiking Every Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 – 12:00 Yoga Session Every Wednesday 16:00 – 17:30 Meditation Every Friday 14:00 – 15:00

Parc Pastré also has playgrounds specially designed for children. These playgrounds allow children to have a pleasant time and to relieve their energy. Also, other activities that can be done at the park include cycling, skating and jogging.

Visiting Information

Parc Pastré is open to visitors all year round. Entry to the park is free and visitors are expected to abide by the park rules. It is important to keep the environment clean, not to harm the nature and not to disturb the peace of other visitors while having a picnic.

When going to the park, do not forget to bring water, snacks and suitable materials for a picnic with you. It is also recommended to bring items such as comfortable walking shoes and protective sunscreen.


Parc Pastré is the perfect getaway for Marseille residents and visitors alike, with nature walks and picnic areas. The natural beauties of the park, walking routes and picnic opportunities will attract everyone who wants to experience peaceful moments in touch with nature. By visiting Parc Pastré, you can enjoy the forest, have a picnic and collect unforgettable memories by participating in different activities.

Connect with Nature at Parc Pastré: Hikes and Picnic Islands

Parc Pastré is a charming park located in the Les Calanques region, an attractive natural area in the south of Marseille. It is a popular spot among locals and tourists for its natural beauty and activities. The park has excellent routes for walks and ideal areas for picnics. In this article, I will share detailed information about how you can connect with nature at Parc Pastré.


Parc Pastré is home to a wide network of beautiful hiking routes for hiking lovers. The park is covered with pine forests and maquis vegetation, so you can enjoy nature while hiking. Here are some popular hiking routes you can explore in Parc Pastré:

  • Route 1: Hike to Calanque de Morgiou
  • Route 2: Hike to Calanque de Sormiou
  • Route 3: Rolling Road Around Parc Pastré
  • Route 4: Calanque de Sugiton hiking trail

Walking routes have different levels of difficulty, so there is a route for everyone’s interest and fitness level. You can enjoy nature with unique views and fresh air.

Picnic Islands

In Parc Pastré there are many areas specially reserved for picnics. These areas are ideal places where families and groups of friends can spend time in a comfortable and enjoyable way. It has an extensive infrastructure that includes sun loungers, outdoor tables and barbecue areas. You can sit on the lush green lawns and enjoy the surroundings.

In addition, there are playgrounds for children to have fun in Parc Pastré. Many playgrounds, such as swinging bridges, slides and climbing walls, ensure that children spend time while being safe and having fun. Therefore, it is an ideal place for a family picnic.


Parc Pastré is a great place to picture the beauties of nature. Many photography and painting enthusiasts come here to capture the views the park has to offer. The rocks, pine trees and turquoise sea along the coast are an inspiring subject for artists.

Nature-themed paintings made in Parc Pastré are exhibited and offered for sale by local artists. These paintings bring the beauty of nature into your home, connecting you more to the park.


Route Difficulty Level Hiking to Calanque de Morgiou Difficult Hiking to Calanque de Sormiou Medium Rolling Path Around Parc Pastré Easy Calanque de Sugiton hiking trail Difficult

Parc Pastré is the perfect place to connect with nature in Marseille. It offers a unique experience to visitors with its walking routes, picnic islands and artistic elements. Take time to come and explore these natural beauties and enjoy nature!

Parc Pastré for Picnic Fans: Perfect Views and Relaxing Atmosphere

Parc Pastré is a natural park located in the heart of the French Riviera. This 112-hectare green space is the perfect spot for picnic lovers. Both locals and tourists can enjoy unique views in this beautiful park. Parc Pastré offers its visitors the opportunity to get away from stress by offering a relaxing atmosphere.

Perfect Views

Parc Pastré is the ideal place for those who want to explore the magnificent landscapes of the Mediterranean. The park is surrounded by lush green hills, beautiful flowers and breathtaking sea views. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the French Riviera while picnicking or hiking. You can also explore the coastline at Villefranche Bay, located within the park. These views are one of the most impressive features of Parc Pastré.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The relaxing atmosphere of Parc Pastré makes it an ideal place for picnic lovers. The park offers a quiet and calm environment. Here you can get away from the stress of daily life and enjoy nature. You can take a walk in the park, read a book while sunbathing on the grass or have a pleasant picnic with your loved ones. You can renew your soul by breathing fresh air.

Activities and Facilities

Parc Pastré offers many activities for picnic lovers. You can spend time in touch with nature on the various hiking trails in the park. It is also possible to explore the park by renting a bicycle. The playgrounds in the park offer a fun place for children. You can also participate in yoga and fitness activities in the park. Parc Pastré also has facilities such as restrooms, seating areas and picnic tables. These facilities offer visitors a comfortable experience.

Transportation and Entry Fee

Parc Pastré is located just a few kilometers outside of Marseille city centre. Therefore, access to the park is quite easy. You can easily go to the park by public transport or private vehicles.

Another good news is that Parc Pastré is free. You do not have to pay any fees to enter the park. This makes it easy for picnic lovers to visit this beautiful natural place.


For picnic lovers, Parc Pastré is a natural park that stands out with its excellent views, relaxing atmosphere and various activities. While having a picnic here, you can enjoy the beauties of the French Riviera, get away from stress and enjoy nature. You can spend a peaceful day in nature by planning a trip to Parc Pastré in the near future.

Connect With Nature at Parc Pastré: Walks and Picknick Islands,Picnics Parc Pastré: Brilliant Views and Relaxing Atmosphere

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