Parc et Jardins de La Bourbansais: La Bourbansais Park and Gardens

By | September 17, 2023

Parc et Jardins de La Bourbansais: La Bourbansais Park and Gardens

La Bourbansais Park and Gardens is located in Cornwall, England, and offers the finest examples of English landscape architecture. These magnificent parks and gardens have a striking combination of natural beauty and historical buildings. La Bourbansais opens the doors of a natural paradise to its visitors and offers an unforgettable experience.

Why Visit La Bourbansais Park and Gardens?

  • Natural Wealth: La Bourbansais Park and Gardens is famous for its magnificent natural wealth. Various plant species and colorful flowers in the region offer a visual feast to the visitors.
  • A Historic Atmosphere: The park and gardens are home to a number of historic buildings that offer a historic atmosphere. Guests have the opportunity to travel to the past while exploring these architectural works.
  • Educational Experiences: La Bourbansais Park and Gardens offers educational experiences to visitors. You can join the boards and activities in the park to learn detailed information about many plant species.
  • Peace and Relaxation: Parks and gardens offer the opportunity to be in touch with nature. You can take a walk on the green grass, relax by the ponds and have a picnic. This is the perfect place to get away from the stress of city life.
  • Impressive Fauna: La Bourbansais Park and Gardens is home to a rich wildlife. You can discover many kinds of birds and animals in the park. Especially for those who are interested in bird watching, this place is a paradise.

Attractions and Activities

While exploring La Bourbansais Park and Gardens, you can experience the following places and activities:

Event Description Botanical Gardens Equipped with rich vegetation, botanical gardens are a fascinating discovery for nature lovers. Here you can discover many endemic plant species and exotic plants. Zoo La Bourbansais is home to a zoo. Visitors can observe various animals and have interactive experiences here. You can join guided tours to get a closer look at the animals. Cultural Buildings There are many historical buildings in the parks and gardens for history and architecture buffs. You can visit these structures and be fascinated by the past. Cafes and Restaurants The cafes and restaurants in La Bourbansais offer fresh and delicious food. Here you will have the chance to taste local food. Playground for Children La Bourbansais offers a special playground for children. Here, your children can have fun and throw their energy away.

Visiting Information

La Bourbansais Park and Gardens is open to visitors in all seasons. You can plan your visit by paying attention to the following information:

  • Address: La Bourbansais, 35720 PLESDER, FRANCE
  • Opening and Closing Hours: The park opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm every day of the week.
  • Getting there: La Bourbansais is easily accessible by public transport or private vehicle. There is also a parking area in the park.
  • Entry Fees: The ticket price for adults is 15 Euros. Tickets for children are 10 Euros. There are also family discounts and group discounts available.

La Bourbansais Park and Gardens is a great place for nature lovers, history buffs and visitors of all ages. You can have an unforgettable experience by exploring this unique park and gardens. Visiting La Bourbansais offers the opportunity to experience extraordinary natural beauty as well as take a journey filled with history and culture.

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