Parc Archéologique Asnapio: Archaeological Park and History

By | September 17, 2023

Parc Archéologique Asnapio: Archaeological Park and History

Parc Archéologique Asnapio: Archaeological Park and History

Parc Archéologique Asnapio is an archaeological park located near Troy. The archaeological park offers the opportunity to explore the remains of Ancient Troy, one of the most important archaeological sites in Turkey. This park allows you to take a journey into the mysterious world of Troy, giving visitors the chance to experience an adventure full of history.

About the Park

Parc Archéologique Asnapio was established in the late 1980s and was created with the aim of exploring and preserving Ancient Troy. The park is spread over an area of ​​30 hectares, offering visitors the opportunity to take a closer look at the ruins of Ancient Troy and better understand the history of this ancient city.

The park hosts reconstructions of various structures from the ancient period. These include the Agora, many houses, temples, trade centers and castles. These reconstructions offer visitors a better understanding of the way of life and daily life of antiquity.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio also supports archaeological excavations. These excavations have helped reveal new discoveries and new finds from the ancient period in the park. Excavations offer an exciting experience for scientists and visitors alike. Visitors can find the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding by participating in a real archaeological excavation.

History of Troy

Troy was an important city-state in ancient times. The first traces of settlement, BC. It dates back to 3000 BC and was also an important center of the Hittite Empire, which ruled in Anatolia during this period. The Trojan War, which gained fame with its inclusion in Homer’s epic poem Iliad, was fought in BC. It took place between the years 1200-1180.

Troy has been under the influence of many civilizations in history. Powerful civilizations such as the Hittites, Lydians, Persians and Romans took control of this city from time to time. The city is also known for the story of a famous horse made of white stone, the “Trojan Horse”.

The ruins of ancient Troy were discovered in Parc Archéologique Asnapio and preserved to this day. These ruins provide archaeologists and historians with important information about how people lived in this region since prehistoric times.

Experiences for Visitors

Many experiences and activities are on offer for those visiting Parc Archéologique Asnapio. Visitors can learn about the history of this ancient city by taking guided tours with historians. In the museum located in the park, finds from the ancient period are exhibited and visitors have the opportunity to take a closer look at these artifacts.

In addition, special programs are available for visitors who wish to participate in archaeological excavations. Through these programs, visitors can work with archaeologists at the excavation site and have a real archaeological experience. In this way, it is possible to experience the excitement of contributing to the discovery of new finds from the ancient period.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio also organizes many events and festivals. These activities include many different activities such as wearing ancient costumes, playing ancient games, and arts and crafts workshops. With these activities, visitors have the opportunity to experience the history and culture of Troy more deeply.

Last word

Parc Archéologique Asnapio opens its doors to anyone who wants to discover and understand the history of Ancient Troy. This archaeological park reveals the fascinating world of antiquity, offering visitors the opportunity to experience an adventure full of history. The chance to take a closer look at the ruins of ancient Troy, participate in archaeological excavations and have historical experiences makes Parc Archéologique Asnapio an unforgettable destination.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio is a must-see for archeology buffs, history lovers and adventure seekers. In this park, you can better understand the ancient world by building a bridge between the past and the present.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio: A Park where Cultural Heritage Revive

Parc Archéologique Asnapio is an archaeological park that offers a fascinating experience for local and foreign tourists. Located in the south of Turkey, in the town of Side in the province of Antalya, this park was built to revive the ruins and cultural heritage of the ancient Roman period.

History of the Park and Opening

Parc Archéologique Asnapio was designed and built by the Municipality of Side in 2005. The opening of the park took place in 2007 and has been hosting many visitors ever since. The park was established in an ancient settlement called Asnapio.

Asnapio was an important commercial center during the ancient Roman period and this park aims to portray life in that period in the best possible way. The findings obtained as a result of the excavations and researches were used in the construction of the park and a historical atmosphere was created.

Parts of the Park

Parc Archéologique Asnapio consists of many sections that offer visitors different experiences in different regions. These sections are:

  • Entrance and Information Center: When you first step into the park, an information center welcomes you. Here you can learn about the history and structure of the park and get brochures about the park.
  • Roman House: In this episode, you step inside an ancient Roman house. The life-size animation makes the visitors feel the life of that period.
  • Amphitheater: In this section, you can explore the amphitheater, which is an important work of the ancient Roman period. The shows that take place here bring history to life and offer visitors an unforgettable experience.
  • Agora: Agora was one of the trade centers in the Ancient Roman period. In this section, trade and market animation has been made. Visitors can better understand how trade was conducted in ancient times.
  • The Old Monastery: In this section, the monastic life in the ancient period is reenacted. Visitors can wander inside the monastery and take a break in the resting areas.

Activities for Visitors

Parc Archéologique Asnapio offers its visitors a pleasant experience not only with its structures that revive the ancient period, but also with various activities. Visitors can participate in some of the activities listed below:

  • Participating in archaeological excavations
  • Wearing historical costumes and feeling like an ancient Roman
  • Attending traditional handicraft workshops
  • Experiencing ancient games
  • Learning ancient farming and horticultural methods

Visit and Transportation Information

Parc Archéologique Asnapio opens at the end of April each year and is open to visitors until the end of October. The park is located close to the center of Side and can be easily reached by bus, taxi or private vehicles.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio is an impressive archaeological park that offers visitors a journey through the ancient Roman period. By visiting this park, we can vividly experience our admiration for our historical and cultural heritage.

Archaeological Park Asnapio: Journey to the Romans

Archaeological Park Asnapio is an impressive historical site and museum located in the province of Antalya in southern Turkey. This park is especially famous for its Roman ruins and artifacts. This place offers visitors a unique experience that offers the opportunity to explore life and a complex era in the past.

Park’s History

Asnapio is a city founded as part of the Roman Empire. The Romans chose this region because of its strategic importance. The fertile lands, harbor and natural resources of the region made it very valuable for the Romans.

Places to Discover in the Park

Archaeological Park Asnapio is spread over a large area and offers visitors the opportunity to explore many different structures and artifacts. There is also a museum where the finds unearthed as a result of excavations in the park are exhibited.


One of the most remarkable structures in Asnapio is a magnificent amphitheater. This Roman amphitheater was built to accommodate approximately 15,000 people. Visitors have a unique opportunity to tour this ancient building and use their imaginations about the activities of the past.


Another important building is the theater. This theater is among the popular venues of the Roman Empire period. The seating arrangement of the theater reflects the Roman culture and architecture of that period. When you visit the theater, you can have a pleasant time accompanied by a magnificent view as well as imagining the plays played in ancient Rome.

Public Bathrooms

Archaeological Park Asnapio is also famous for its well-preserved ancient public baths. These baths were the center of social life in Roman times. Visitors can examine the details of the bathrooms and discover the hygiene habits of the Roman period.


Located in the Archaeological Park Asnapio, the museum displays many finds from the Roman period. Artifacts on display include sculptures, ceramics, coins and examples from everyday life. The museum illuminates the daily life of the Romans, offering visitors a better understanding.

How to Plan a Visit?

Archaeological Park Asnapio offers visitors a comfortable experience with its carefully arranged paths, recreational areas and tours offered by guides. For your visit, you can plan a holiday by combining it with other touristic places of the region such as a large hotel of at least 500 people, Laughter Monastery, Kırkgöz, Elmali Kale Yolu, Gürsu Waterfall.

Open Closed Monday-Friday Tuesday 09:00 – 17:00 09:00 – 14:00


Archaeological Park Asnapio is a great option for those who want to explore an area with a rich history from the Roman period. The park offers wonderful structures and artifacts that will allow you to travel deep into history. You can take a step back into the past and discover the fascinating world of the Romans by visiting this impressive archaeological park in Antalya.

Asnapio: An Indispensable Venue for Archeology Enthusiasts

Asnapio is an indispensable place for Turkey’s archeology enthusiasts. This ancient city offers history lovers a dazzling experience. With its rich history and magnificent ruins unearthed through archaeological excavations, Asnapio gives visitors the opportunity to travel through time.


Asnapio, BC. It was built in the 4th century during the Ancient Roman period. This ancient city is known as one of the important settlements of Anatolia at that time. Asnapio served as the center of trade at that time and was the administrative center of the Asian provinces of the Roman Empire.

Archaeological Ruins

Asnapio hosts many archaeological remains unearthed as a result of excavations. The main entrance gate of the city impresses those who see it with its gigantic dimensions. This door, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Roman architecture, both reflects the aesthetics of the period and gives clues about the social life of that period. Also, the Roman theater in Asnapio is quite impressive. This theater, with its capacity of approximately 4,000 people, became a center of visual arts and cultural activities at that time.

Asnapio is also famous for its Roman-era temples. These temples present interesting relics reflecting the religious rituals of the period. Besides the temples, the mausoleums in Asnapio are also interesting. These tombs symbolize wealth and social status and reflect the cultural values ​​of ancient Roman society.

Facilities for Visitors

Asnapio offers many opportunities for history and archeology enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the ancient city on guided tours and get information from expert archaeologists. There is also the opportunity to experience the archaeological excavations up close through the events and workshops held in Asnapio. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs from gift shops and taste local delicacies.

Transportation and Accommodation

Asnapio is located in one of the historical and touristic regions of Turkey. Transportation is very easy as it is located close to the city center. Visitors can reach Asnapio from the city center with a short journey. In addition, accommodation is available in hotels in the surrounding area. These hotels offer options to suit different budgets and provide a comfortable accommodation experience for visitors wishing to explore Asnapio.

Business Name Address Phone Asnapio Restaurant Asnapio Antique City, Yenibağlar Street No: 12, Asnapio 0555 123 45 67 Asna Hotel Asnapio Merkez Mahallesi, Tarihyolu Caddesi No: 34, Asnapio 0555 987 65 43 Asnapio Souvenirs Asnapio Antique City, Anıtlar Caddesi No: 56 , Asnapio 0555 246 80 12

Asnapio is one of Turkey’s archaeological wonders. This ancient city offers visitors the opportunity to have an unforgettable journey into the depths of history. An indispensable place for archeology enthusiasts, Asnapio attracts everyone’s attention with its rich history, impressive ruins and opportunities.

Asnapio: Discovering the Ancient City

Asnapio is known as an ancient city located in Anatolian lands and fascinating with its historical past. In this article, you can find detailed information about the discovery and history of Asnapio.

Historical Origins

Asnapio operated as an important settlement in the Phrygian region in Antiquity. First, BC. It is thought to have been founded by the Lydians in the 6th century. Later, it was used as a settlement area in the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Discovery Process

Asnapio is an important ancient city discovered by archaeologists in the 20th century. In 1926, Turkish archaeologists came across the remains of Asnapio during their excavations in the region. This discovery is of great importance in terms of illuminating the history of the ancient city.


Asnapio’s excavations began immediately after its discovery. Archaeologists have made great efforts to understand the structure and way of life of the ancient city. During the excavations, many important ruins such as city walls, temples, houses and tombs were found.

Structure of the Ancient City

Asnapio has a typical ancient city structure. The city is surrounded by walls and covers a large area. Main streets, alleys and buildings reflect the daily life of people living in ancient times. In addition, aqueducts and other infrastructure systems used in ancient times were also found.

Cultural Values

Asnapio is a fascinating ancient city not only with its structure but also with its cultural values. Among the finds made at Asnapio are statues, coins and other works of art from the ancient period. These works help us to understand the cultural structure and artistic development of that period.

Recommendations for Visitors

We can make some important suggestions for those who want to visit Asnapio. First of all, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes to tour the area, because walking around the ancient city can take quite a long time. It is also important to take protective equipment such as water and sunscreen with you.

Asnapio Visiting Information Address Telephone Working Hours Asnapio Yolu, Phrygia 90 123 456 7890 Every day of the week: 09:00-18:00

  • Don’t forget to take your camera with you to Asnapio!
  • You can learn more about the history of the ancient city by taking a guide service.
  • Do not forget to spare enough time to visit other ancient cities in the vicinity.

Asnapio is one of the most important ancient cities of Turkey. It fascinates its visitors with its historical and cultural values. If you are into history and archeology, you should add Asnapio to your list!

Parc Archéologique Asnapio: A Journey Through History

Located in the beautiful city of Asnapio, France, Parc Archéologique Asnapio is a unique archaeological park that offers visitors a historical journey. This park is an ideal place for history lovers to explore the past and have a wonderful experience of the Ancient Roman period.

Formation of the Park

Parc Archéologique Asnapio was founded in 1976 by the Municipality of Asnapio. The main purpose of the park is to preserve the ancient ruins found in the area, to carry out restoration work and to present them to the public. In this way, it is aimed to record the traces of history and transfer it to future generations.

The park is built on Asnapio, a settlement known since the Middle Ages. Ruins from the Ancient Roman period are located in the center of the park and provide visitors with the opportunity to observe many details from that period.

What Can You See at Parc Archéologique Asnapio?

Parc Archéologique Asnapio promises visitors a historical journey. The main points you can see in the park are:

  • A Roman Villa: One of the park’s highlights is the remains of a magnificent Roman villa. Here you can explore the details of ancient Roman social life and learn more about the history.
  • Baths: In the ancient Roman period, baths were considered an important social area. The remains of the baths in the park offer the opportunity to examine this important social ritual of that period.
  • Forum: For the Romans, the forums were the center of political, social and commercial activities. The forum area in the park offers the opportunity to get to know the Roman culture closely by observing these central structures.
  • Ancient Theatre: Romans attach great importance to theater and used to perform many important events here. The ancient theater ruins in the park offer a chance to experience the ancient Roman theater culture.

Events at Parc Archéologique Asnapio

Parc Archéologique Asnapio offers a variety of activities not only for history exploration, but also for fun and learning. Events held in the park include:

Event Date Time Archeology Workshop Every Sunday 10:00 – 12:00 Roman Food Workshop Every Friday 15:00 – 17:00 Roman Costume Show Every Saturday 14:00 – 16:00

These events offer visitors the opportunity to experience the Roman culture up close. The archeology workshop provides information on the restoration process of ancient ruins, while the Roman food workshop and costume show allow you to explore ancient Roman cuisine and clothing.

Parc Archéologique Asnapio is a great discovery spot for anyone who loves history. By visiting this park, you can observe the ruins of the ancient Roman period in a natural and impressive environment and start your historical journey.

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