Orduña: A Hidden Paradise Between Mountains and Valleys

By | September 17, 2023

Orduña: A Hidden Paradise Between Mountains and Valleys

Orduña is a wonderful nature paradise located in the province of Biscay in the Basque Country. Hidden among mountains, valleys and rivers, this region is a dream destination for nature lovers. With its unique landscapes, natural riches and historical heritage, Orduña is like a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Natural beauties

One of the most attractive aspects of Orduña is its magnificent natural beauty. While the mountains in the region seem to rest their backs on the sky, the valleys merge with the cool and calm rivers. These magnificent views offer a breathtaking experience to the visitors.

One of the most iconic natural beauties in the region is Açık Kaya Bay. This is a coastline with sharp cliffs and a stunning waterfall. With the light blue color of the sea, the whiteness of the beaches and the presence of green pine trees, this bay has a view like a postcard.

For nature lovers visiting Orduña, Göyna Nature Park is also a stop not to be missed. It is home to stunning natural ponds, lush forests and various plant species. You can take nature walks in the park, have a picnic or swim in the natural pools.

Historical heritage

Orduña is a region that impresses with its historical heritage. Prehistoric caves and ancient ruins in the area offer visitors valuable clues about Orduña’s past. Scientists, BC in these caves. They found traces dating back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Orduña Castle is one of the symbolic structures of Orduña. This historic fort is fascinating with its architecture reflecting the influence of Arab and Christian cultures. Climbing to the castle, you can watch the panoramic view and discover the historical streets of Orduña.

Other important historical buildings in the area include the Santa María Church and the San Juan Bridge. These structures have beauties that reflect Orduña’s religious and cultural past.

Events and Festivals

Orduña is also famous for its events and festivals. If you come to the region for a holiday, you will have the opportunity to enjoy various activities. For example, nature walks and bike tours can be organized in nature parks in the area.

Orduña also hosts many cultural and historical festivals. The most famous of these is the San Antolín Festival. This festival, which takes place in September, is one of Orduña’s biggest celebrations and is celebrated with colorful parades where locals dance in traditional clothes.

Event History Hiking All Seasons Cycling All Seasons San Antolín Festival September


Orduña is a destination worth exploring for nature lovers and history buffs. With its magnificent natural beauties, historical heritage and activities, Orduña is an ideal place to collect unforgettable memories. To discover this hidden paradise, head to Orduña and enjoy this exquisite natural and cultural heritage!

Orduña Valley: A Tranquilite-Packed Escape Route

Orduña Valley is an escape route located in the Autonomous Region of Biscay, famous for its natural beauties and calm atmosphere. Attracting both nature lovers and history buffs, Orduña Valley is one of the most popular destinations in the Basque country.

Natural beauties

  • Orduña Valley is famous for its impressive landscapes and diverse vegetation. The forests, lush meadows and mountains in the valley offer a fascinating nature experience to its visitors in all seasons.
  • One of the most remarkable points of the valley is Delika Valley. This valley is famous for its giant canyons that the water has carved over the years. The hiking trails and landscapes in Delika Valley are a paradise for nature lovers.
  • In addition, Orduña Valley hosts many species of natural life. Among these species, wild horses, wild goats and rare birds stand out. While exploring Orduña Valley, you can see this richness of natural life up close.

Villages That Smell History

  • There are many beautiful and historical villages around the valley. These villages are indispensable stops for those who want to explore the history and cultural texture of Orduña Valley.
  • Orduña is the largest town in the valley and has a historical place. Castles, churches and ancient structures from the Middle Ages are worth seeing in Orduña.
  • Amurrio is another important village in the Orduña Valley. Its quaint streets are famous for their traditional Basque architecture. Also located in Amurrio, the Euskal Herria Museum is ideal for those who want to explore the history and culture of the region in greater depth.


Orduña Valley offers many activities as well as being intertwined with nature. Here are some popular activities you can do:

Activity Description Hiking The hiking trails of the valley offer nature lovers breathtaking views and the opportunity to explore. Cycling Around the Orduña Valley there are many routes that you can cycle through. These routes allow you to reach historical places as well as natural beauties. Mountaineering The mountains in the valley offer a great place for mountaineering enthusiasts. Challenging climbs and scenic trails attract the attention of mountaineering lovers.

Orduña Valley is a must-see route with its friendly people, natural beauties and historical villages. When you come here, you can get away from the noise of the city and relax in a peaceful atmosphere and leave yourself in the arms of nature.

Orduña: A Point Fascinating With Its Unique Natural Beauties

Orduña is a small town located in the Basque Country of Spain. This charming spot, which fascinates its visitors with its fascinating natural beauties, historical structures and cultural heritage, is like a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Natural beauties

Orduña is home to magnificent natural beauties protected by a sustainable tourism approach. The dense forests around it offer ideal areas for nature walks and trekking. Walks with magnificent views are an unmissable opportunity for those who want to enjoy nature.

Besides its forests, Orduña is also home to many rivers and streams. These springs provide an excellent option for picnic areas and extreme sports. You can have a pleasant time by the rivers, go fishing or enjoy water sports such as canoeing.

Historical places

Orduña is also fascinating with its historical buildings. Located in the city center, Orduña Cathedral is one of Orduña’s most important landmarks. Built in the Gothic style, the cathedral draws attention with its magnificent architecture. The artworks inside are also quite impressive.

In addition, Orduña Castle is a building that reflects the historical texture of the town. The castle is located on the hills of Orduña and offers magnificent views. While strolling between the castle walls, you can find the opportunity to travel deep in history.

Orduña is also home to a famous historic train station. Known as the Estación de Orduña, this station was built in the early 19th century and reflects the architectural style of that period. It is a very interesting place for train enthusiasts.

Cultural heritage

Orduña is an important part of Basque culture and hosts many cultural events. Museums and art galleries in the city offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy local art and culture. In addition, the annual festivals aim to celebrate and promote the traditions of the Basque people.

Rich Gastronomy

Local products grown by utilizing the region’s unique natural resources make up Orduña’s gastronomic richness. Delicious cheeses, organic vegetables and fresh seafood form the basis of the regional cuisine. Visitors to Orduña have the chance to experience these unique flavors at local restaurants.

Location Area Population Spain 45 km² 10,000 Basque Country 1,000 km² 2,000,000

  • Orduña is a town in the Basque Country famous for its magnificent natural beauty.
  • The forests in the region offer ideal areas for nature walks and trekking.
  • Historic buildings in Orduña include the cathedral, castle, and train station.
  • The region is an important part of Basque culture and hosts many cultural events.
  • In the field of gastronomy, Orduña draws attention with the richness of its local products and unique tastes.

Orduña’s natural beauties, historical buildings, cultural heritage and unique gastronomy offer an unmissable opportunity for those who want to explore this town. By visiting Orduña, you can get acquainted with the charming atmosphere of this charming town and have an unforgettable experience.

Historic Villages and Traditional Houses: Orduña’s Cultural Heritage

Orduña is a town in the Basque Country of Spain, famous for its magnificent natural beauty and historical heritage. This area stretches along the Orduña Valley and is filled with various historic villages and traditional houses. These unique structures are an important part of Orduña’s cultural heritage and create a great tourist attraction for the region.

Majestic Historical Villages

There are many magnificent historical villages around Orduña. These villages are famous for their architectural structures that reflect Orduña’s rich history and cultural background. Some important villages are:

  • San Miguel de Arretxinaga: The historic village of San Miguel de Arretxinaga is located close to the center of Orduña. The village has a magnificent gothic-style church and several historic houses.
  • San Juan de Orduña: One of Orduña’s oldest villages, San Juan de Orduña is located next to the Orduña River. This village attracts attention with its historical structures such as Orduña Castle and the famous San Juan Church.
  • Murueta: Famous for its magnificent scenery, Murueta is located in Orduña Valley. The narrow streets of the village and its historical houses with traditional Basque architecture fascinate visitors.

The Elegance of Traditional Houses

Traditional houses in Orduña stand out as elegant structures bearing the traces of the region’s past. These houses reflect the traditional Basque architecture of the region and attract attention with their original details. These houses, in which natural materials such as wood and stone are used, were built in the traditional style and have survived to the present day by defying time.

Many of these traditional houses are located in the historical centers of the villages. They offer a fascinating view with their exterior decorations, elaborate wood carvings and large courtyards. Interiors can feature large rooms, high ceilings and historic furniture.

Cultural Heritage Conservation Studies

Orduña has a great cultural heritage with its historical villages and traditional houses. Various conservation studies are carried out to protect this heritage and pass it on to future generations. The town’s municipal administration plays an important role in the restoration and preservation of historical buildings. In addition, cultural events and festivals are organized to increase the touristic attractiveness of the region.

Year Event May Orduña Tourism Festival September Historical Villages Festival November Market Place and Handicraft Fair

These events highlight the importance of Orduña’s cultural heritage and allow visitors to better understand the history and traditions of the region.

Orduña’s historic villages and traditional houses offer visitors the opportunity to take a historical journey. These structures are important symbols that reflect the past and cultural heritage of the region. These historical villages and houses, which are a source of great interest for both locals and tourists, are of great importance in terms of showing Orduña’s cultural richness.

Special for Mountaineering Fans: Climbing to the Top of Orduña

For those with a passion for mountaineering, Orduña, located in the Basque Country of Spain, draws attention with its unique nature and magnificent scenery. Orduña attracts adventure seekers with a challenging summit route that offers an exhilarating mountaineering experience. In this article, you’ll find every detail from what it takes to get to the top of Orduña, to the challenges.

Route and Challenges

The most common route to reach the summit starts from the village of Belauntza, north of Orduña. There are many natural obstacles on the route starting from here, so you must be an experienced mountaineer. Along the way, steep and rocky slopes, dense forest areas and rope-requiring climbs await you.

The difficulty level of the route is rated as medium-high. This route, which requires strong conditioning and mountaineering experience, requires careful and technical skills. Very steep slopes and dangerous passes present a challenge for climbers.

The duration of the route varies from about 6 to 8 hours. However, factors such as weather conditions, personal speed and experience can affect this time. That’s why it’s important to check the weather report and take enough food and water with you before embarking on the route. In addition, it is important for your safety to use safety equipment, wear appropriate clothes, and go with a mountaineering trained guide.

Landscape and Awards

Once you reach the top of Orduña, you will be presented with a breathtaking view and an unforgettable reward. From the summit, you can see the entire environment from a bird’s eye view. A landscape awaits you among green hills, pine forests and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Also, climbing the summit offers an experience that will help you improve your mountaineering skills and push your limits. You will feel like you have achieved success and increase your self-confidence. The taste of reaching the top of Orduña is truly priceless.

Facilities and Climate

Orduña has some facilities for mountaineering. There are several accommodation options available in the village of Belauntza. Before starting the mountaineering route, you can take advantage of these facilities to relax and recuperate. There are also restaurants and cafes in the area.

The climate in Orduña is generally mild. The average temperature in summer is around 20°C. While the temperature drops a little more in the spring and autumn months, it varies between 5-10°C in the winter months. However, the weather can be cooler in high altitude areas, so it’s important to choose your clothes accordingly.

Recommendations for Reaching the Top Mountaineering Equipment Ropes, climbing belts, helmets, etc. Appropriate Clothing Hiking boots, layers of clothing, raincoat Safety Equipment Flashlight, compass, map Food and Water Energy bars, snacks, adequate water Guide Go with a professional mountaineering guide

Climbing to the top of Orduña offers an unforgettable experience for mountaineering enthusiasts. With its challenging route and magnificent scenery, Orduña brings a whole new perspective to mountaineering. For those seeking adventure, trying this route is an opportunity not to be missed. By going prepared and following the safety precautions, you can reach the summit of Orduña and immerse yourself in the arms of nature.

Wildlife Center: Wildlife and Conservation Areas in Orduña

The issues of protecting natural life and creating a sustainable environment are gaining more and more importance day by day. In this context, the Orduña region in eastern Spain is one of the rare regions where wildlife is not commonplace. The wildlife and conservation areas in Orduña are home to thousands of plant and animal species and offer a wonderful view of nature.

Wildlife Found in Orduña

Orduña is located in the Basque Country of Spain and is famous for its lush forests, rivers and mountains. There are many open spaces, ponds, wetlands and woodlands in the region. These natural habitats offer life opportunities to countless plant and animal species.

Animal species commonly seen in the area include deer, wild boars, lynxes, wolves, foxes, rabbits, goats and ducks. These species are extremely important for the sustainability of natural life. It is also worth noting that there are also more than 200 bird species in the area.

Orduña is also home to many endemic plant species. Juniper trees growing in mountainous regions, extensive forests and various local plant species add to the natural beauty of the region. These plant species are important to the health of the ecosystem and are also protected by the local population.

Protected Areas and Initiatives

There are various initiatives for the protection and maintenance of natural life in the Orduña region. These initiatives play an important role for the future of wildlife in the region.

An important conservation area located in Orduña is the Urkiola Nature Park. This park was established in 1989 and carries out sustainable nature tourism and biodiversity conservation studies. The park offers a unique environment for nature lovers with its walking paths, bicycle tracks and nature observation areas.

Additionally, the Atxarte Valley, located in Urkiola, plays an important role in the conservation of wildlife and vegetation. In this region, there are a wide variety of animal species as well as rare plant species. Atxarte Valley offers nature lovers the opportunity to explore the natural life and dazzling scenery of the Orduña region.

Sustainability Studies in Orduña

In Orduña, many sustainability studies are carried out on the protection of natural life. These efforts aim to secure the future of the wildlife of the region.

Local farmers and ranchers in the region embrace sustainable farming practices. These practices focus on the preservation of natural diversity in agricultural areas and the use of organic pest control methods.

In addition, local authorities and nature conservation organizations in Orduña raise awareness of the protection of natural life, both local people and visitors, by launching educational programs and awareness campaigns. Such efforts highlight that anyone who contributes to the conservation of wildlife can be a part of it.


Wildlife and conservation areas in Orduña are home to a magnificent landscape and countless plant and animal species. Conservation areas and sustainability studies in the region aim to secure the future of natural life. Orduña maintains its importance as one of the centers of natural life in Spain and offers its visitors an unforgettable nature experience.

Orduña Valley: A Tranquilite-filled Escape Route,Orduña: A Point Fascinating With Its Unique Natural Beauties,Historical Villages and Traditional Houses: Orduña’s Cultural Heritage,Special for Mountaineering Enthusiasts: Climbing to the Top of Orduña,The Center of Natural Life: Wildlife and Wildlife in Orduña Protected Areas

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