New Discoveries: Places to Visit near Newcastle

By | September 17, 2023

New Discoveries: Places to Visit near Newcastle

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Newcastle to explore the destination full of history, nature and fun. However, there are many wonderful places to visit near Newcastle. If you want to experience unmissable experiences on your trip to Newcastle, don’t come back without stopping by the places listed below!

1. Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is a magnificent work included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. But not only see Hadrian’s Wall, but also discover the natural beauty around it. Walking trails, cycling routes and picnic areas with beautiful views near the wall offer visitors a unique experience.

2. Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park, close to Newcastle, is one of the traveler’s favorite stops. It is famous for its historic castles, famous beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes. You can also explore points of interest such as the Simonside Hills, a mysterious valley filled with exotic animals such as kangaroos, and the star observatory in Kielder Forest. In addition, the long walking and cycling trails in the park create a great attraction for nature lovers.

3. Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, one of England’s largest Norman cathedrals, is located just a short journey from Newcastle. This fascinating building, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, draws attention with its gothic and romanesque architectural styles. Durham Cathedral, which is famous for its historical and religious importance, was also used in the shooting of the Harry Potter films. You can feel the historical texture and enjoy the view by visiting the beautiful gardens of the cathedral.

4. Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is a must-visit for those who love historical buildings. This unique castle, which is one of the popular shooting locations of movies and TV series, has witnessed many wars throughout its history. You can visit Alnwick Castle, which was used as Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter movies, wander through its charming gardens and participate in outdoor games. You can also follow various events held in the castle.

5. Beamish Open Air Museum

The Beamish Open Air Museum is a unique museum that reconstructs a historic village near Newcastle. Buildings, streets and events reflecting England’s recent history offer visitors a real time traveller. While wandering around the village, you can explore the streets of old times and take a stroll with nostalgic vehicles such as horses and trams. You can also enjoy traditional British cuisine at the restaurants and cafes inside the museum.

6. Tynemouth Bay

Tynemouth Bay is a beautiful seaside town just a short distance from Newcastle. Be sure to visit this beautiful area to enjoy the view from Plummer Point by the sea, take a romantic stroll along the beach, or savor local delicacies at the seaside cafes and restaurants. You can also explore Tynemouth Priory, a former convent, and the independent shops on Tynemouth Street.

Location Transportation Highlights Hadrian’s Wall By public transport or by car Historic buildings, scenic attractions and hiking trails Northumberland National Park By public transport or by car Castles, beaches and scenic attractions Durham Cathedral By public transport or by car Gothic and romanesque architecture, historic significance Alnwick Castle By public transport or By car Film and TV venue, stunning gardens Beamish Open Air Museum By public transport or car Historic English village, buildings, streets and events Tynemouth Bay By public transport or by car Seaside town, scenery, beach and restaurants

If you want to make new discoveries on your trip to Newcastle, be sure to visit the places mentioned above. Each of them will fascinate you with their own characteristics and will help you to collect unforgettable memories. To spend your vacation full of nature, history and fun, be sure to check out these places to explore near Newcastle!

Top Things to Do While Exploring Newcastle

Located in the northeast of England, Newcastle is a city that draws attention with its historical and cultural richness. We have compiled for you the best activities you can do in this city, which offers its visitors many exploration opportunities.

Discover The Castle With Its Historical Charm

Newcastle Castle, which is among the symbols of Newcastle, is an important building that reflects the historical charm of the city. The castle is situated on a majestic hill north of the River Tyne. During your tour here, you can examine the castle closely and watch the magnificent view that dominates the city.

Take a Pleasant Walk Along the Promenade

Newcastle has a pleasant walking trail along the River Tyne. Especially starting from the Quayside area, the walk continues past the Millennium Bridge and the Millennium Arts Center in Gateshead. During this walk, it will be a very pleasant experience to explore the city with the unique view of the River Tyne.

Visit Historical Museums

Newcastle is a city noted for its interest in history and art, and is home to many historical museums. Especially the Great North Museum, the Laing Art Gallery and the Newcastle Discovery Museum are among the museums worth visiting. In these museums, you can find the opportunity to get to know historical artifacts, works of art and local culture closely.

Experience Pleasant Moments on the Live Music Stage

Newcastle is famous for its live music scene and offers many different venues for music lovers. O2 Academy and Sage Gateshead in particular are popular spots where local and international artists perform. You can experience unforgettable moments by participating in concerts held in these areas.

Discover Your Taste With Your Eating and Drinking Experiences

Newcastle is also a city rich in gastronomy and it is possible to experience many different tastes. In particular, the city’s various restaurants and pubs offer a variety of options, from traditional British to international cuisine. We highly recommend trying Newcastle’s famous Fish and Chips and local beers.

Be Intertwined with Nature in Green Areas

Newcastle is a city with many green spaces and is an ideal destination for those who want to spend time with nature. Jesmond Dene Park, Exhibition Park, and Leazes Park are beautiful parks that stand out for their proximity to the city centre. You can take a walk in these parks, enjoy a picnic or just enjoy nature.

Activity Location Newcastle Castle north of the River Tyne Quayside Trail Along the River Tyne Great North Museum Barras Bridge Laing Art Gallery New Bridge Street Newcastle Discovery Museum Blandford Square O2 Academy Westgate Road Sage Gateshead St Mary’s Square Jesmond Dene Park Jesmond Dene Road Exhibition Park Claremont Leazes Park Park Terrace

With these activities you can do while exploring Newcastle, you can enjoy the history, culture and nature to the fullest. You can have an unforgettable experience by choosing the most suitable ones among the rich options in the city. Happy discoveries!

Holiday Guide to Unique Tastes in Newcastle

If you are traveling to Newcastle, you will have a great opportunity to taste the unique flavors of British cuisine. This city has a rich gastronomic scene with a variety of restaurants and cafes. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the must-try flavors in Newcastle and show you which places you should visit.

1. Newcastle Brown Ale

One of England’s most famous beers, Newcastle Brown Ale, is produced and served in this city. It has a unique place among beers with its unique brown color and full taste. Pour yourself a Newcastle Brown Ale at a Newcastle pub and experience the stunning taste of beer.

2. Stop by Greggs

Greggs is one of the UK’s most famous fast food chains and originated in Newcastle. Famous for its hot cakes, scones and sandwiches, Greggs is a great place to sample many local delicacies. You should especially try the “Greggs hot dog”. Made between delicious sausage and fresh bread, this sandwich has become a Newcastle classic. When it has a branch, you can buy the delicacies here and enjoy it.

3. Pan Haggerty

A local dish, Pan Haggerty is a staple of Newcastle cuisine. This dish consists of potatoes, onions and cheese and is baked in the oven. Coarsely chopped ingredients come together to create a delicious and satisfying meal. Visit one of the local restaurants in Newcastle to try the taste of Pan Haggerty.

4. Newcastle Brown Ale Pie

The perfect accompaniment to your meal, the Newcastle Brown Ale Pie is one of the city’s tastiest dishes. This yummy meat pie is flavored with Newcastle Brown Ale and tastes incredible. You can find this pie in many traditional English pubs in Newcastle.

5. Grainger Market

If you want to buy local products during your trip to Newcastle, you should visit Grainger Market. This historic covered market place is filled with fresh local produce such as cheeses, meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. In particular, you should visit the cheese stand and try the cheeses unique to Newcastle.

6. Turkish Cuisine

Newcastle has many options for you to taste the cuisines of different cultures. Turkish cuisine is one of them. During your trip, stop by Turkish restaurants and experience delicacies such as Turkish kebab, pita or baklava. These delicacies can be found in places such as Istanbul Bey Kebab, Meze Lounge or Yaadgar.

7. Cake Stories

If you’re a dessert lover, you can indulge in Cake Stories in Newcastle. This cute boutique patisserie offers homemade cakes, cookies and desserts. Especially the chocolate cakes and red velvet cakes are one of the favorites here.

Place Recommended Taste Wylam Brewery Newcastle Brown Ale Greggs Greggs Hot Dog Local restaurants Pan Haggerty Traditional English pubs Newcastle Brown Ale Pie Grainger Market Local cheeses Turkish restaurants Turkish kebab, pita, baklava Cake Stories Homemade cakes

There are several venues to try the aforementioned delicacies in Newcastle. Don’t forget to visit the restaurants and cafes in Newcastle to make your holiday unique and discover these delicacies!

Museum and Art Galleries Tour in Newcastle

As well as being a cosmopolitan city in England, Newcastle is also famous for its impressive museums and art galleries. In this article, we’ll go into detail about the most popular museums and art galleries you can visit in Newcastle.

General Information About Museums and Art Galleries

Newcastle is a city with a rich history and is therefore packed with many museums and art galleries. From historical ruins to modern art, these places offer visitors a unique experience where you can discover works of all kinds. Below you can find some of the important museums and art galleries we have selected for you.

Museum 1: Laing Art Gallery

Laing Art Gallery is Newcastle’s best-known art gallery and is visited by thousands of visitors each year. This gallery displays important works of European art from the 18th and 20th centuries. It also offers a lot of information about the development of British art. Artifacts in the gallery include paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Definitely a place not to be missed for art lovers!

Museum 2: Museum of Discovery

The Discovery Museum is a place where history and science come together. This museum offers a fun and educational visit, especially for children. In the museum, you can discover the stories of fearless pirates, get on a submarine and examine the fossils of living dinosaurs. You can also learn a lot of interesting information about the maritime history of the Tyneside region.

Museum 3: Great North Museum

The Great North Museum is part of Newcastle University and displays important archaeological artifacts. This museum contains sculptures, mosaics, and antiques from the Roman and Egyptian periods. It also offers a section on the history and construction of Hadrian’s Wall. A great option for those interested in archeology!

Museum 4: BALTIC Center

BALTIC is an art gallery that focuses on contemporary art. This gallery hosts impressive exhibitions that attract modern art lovers. Since most of its exhibits are temporary, you can have a different experience with each visit. There is also a cafe on the top floor of the gallery where you can have a pleasant coffee while watching the magnificent view of the city.

Museum 5: Victoria Tunnel

The Victoria Tunnel is a unique museum that allows you to take a journey into Newcastle’s past. The tunnel was a passage used to carry coal in the 19th century and now offers interesting information about history in this underground area. By joining a guided tour, you can explore the mysterious corridors of the tunnel and take an unforgettable journey into the past.

Museum Name Location Description Laing Art Gallery Northumberland Street 18th and 20th century European and British art gallery Discovery Museum Blandford Square Museum where you can explore history and science in a fun way Great North Museum Barras Bridge Archeology with works from Rome, Egypt and Hadrian’s Wall museum BALTIC Center South Shore Street Contemporary art gallery and a scenic cafe Victoria Tunnel Ouseburn Valley historical museum of the 19th century coal transport tunnel

Newcastle is a unique destination for museum and art gallery enthusiasts. There are many impressive venues where history, art and science come together. If you happen to be in Newcastle, we strongly recommend that you visit these museums and art galleries. Your time in these places will take you on a cultural journey and you will return with unforgettable memories.

The Best Route to Discover the Natural Beauty of Newcastle

Newcastle is a city in the northeast of England, famous for its diverse natural beauty. This city, which draws attention with its historical buildings, green parks and river views, has many spots waiting to be discovered for nature lovers. Here is the best route to explore the natural wonders of Newcastle:

1. Jesmond Dene Park

Jesmond Dene Park is one of Newcastle’s most popular natural parks. This park is an ideal getaway for visitors with its location close to the city center. Offering a peaceful atmosphere with its lush trees, flowers and river, this park is a great option for those who want to take a walk and have a picnic. You can also have a delicious lunch at the eatery and cafes in the park.

2. River Tyne Shore

Newcastle is a city built on both banks of the River Tyne. Therefore, walking along the river banks is ideal for discovering the natural beauties of the city. Bridges over the River Tyne, especially the Millennium Bridge, make for a fascinating sight. You can also join boat tours on the river and see the city from a different perspective. At night, you can enjoy the illuminated city view by walking along the river bank.

3. Hadrian’s Wall

Another natural beauty to explore around Newcastle is Hadrian’s Wall. Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to mark England’s border, this ancient wall is an important spot for archeology and nature lovers. Walking and trekking tours along the wall are a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this region. At the same time, you can enjoy stunning views from the Peaks on the wall.

4. WWT Washington Wetland Center

Just a short distance from Newcastle, the WWT Washington Wetland Center is an ideal place for nature lovers to explore the birds and wetland ecosystem. In this center, educational activities and tours are available, as well as rare species at bird watching spots. You can also have a picnic in the green areas or relax at the picnic tables.

5. Northumberland Islands

A short journey from Newcastle, the Northumberland Islands are known for their natural beauty. The Farne Islands are known for multiple bird species as well as marine mammals such as phocas and dolphins. The largest marine mammal colony in northern England is located here, and you can see these creatures on boat tours. You can also explore historical buildings and monasteries on other islands such as Holy Island.

Location Description Jesmond Dene Park A park where you can picnic in the greenery River Tyne Bank A place where you can find peace with a river view Hadrian’s Wall An ancient wall and natural beauty WWT Washington Wetland Center Bird watching spots and wetlands Northumberland Islands Marine mammals and historical structures

Newcastle offers its visitors an unforgettable experience with the natural beauties it provides. You can hike in Jesmond Dene Park, cruise the banks of the River Tyne, trek along Hadrian’s Wall, bird-watch at the WWT Washington Wetland Center, and marine mammal-watching in the Northumberland Islands. Discover Newcastle’s natural riches by exploring this beautiful route!

Historic Castles and Castles to Visit in Newcastle

Located in the northeast of England, Newcastle is famous for its historic castles and chateaus. This city is visited by thousands of tourists every year. We’ve compiled some of the many historic castles and chateaus you can visit in Newcastle. Now, let’s start exploring the historic castles and chateaus to visit in Newcastle.

Newcastle Castle

Newcastle Castle is one of the symbols of the city and attracts attention with its magnificent structure. The castle was built in 1172 during the Norman period and has witnessed many battles throughout its history. Visitors can learn more about the castle and enjoy the magnificent view by taking tours of the castle.

Tynemouth Castle

Tynemouth Castle is located in the village of Tynemouth, on the coast of Newcastle. The castle was built on ruins from the Saxon period. Tynemouth Castle offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its extraordinary scenery and historical atmosphere. In addition, in the museum in the castle, many important works about the history of the region are exhibited.

Warkworth Castle

About 30 kilometers south of Newcastle, Warkworth Castle is noted for its stunning countryside scenery. Built in the 12th century, the castle was built on an Anglo-Saxon settlement. Visitors can explore the castle, take tours of the castle and enjoy the historical atmosphere.

Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle is located in a small village about 25 kilometers from Newcastle. Built in the 13th century, the castle is known as the best preserved castle in England. While visiting Aydon Castle, visitors can feel its historical texture and enjoy magnificent views from the castle.

Prudhoe Castle

Prudhoe Castle is one of the most impressive castles to visit in Newcastle. Built in the 11th century, the castle is located on the banks of the River Tyne. While exploring the castle, visitors can travel through the historical atmosphere and visit the exhibits in the castle.

Chillingham Castle

Among the historic castles to visit around Newcastle is Chillingham Castle. The castle was built in the 12th century and is one of the oldest and most intimidating castles in England. Visitors can learn about the castle’s dark past and ghost stories by taking tours inside the castle.

Bamburgh Castle

Located about 60 kilometers from Newcastle, Bamburgh Castle draws attention with its magnificent sea view. Built in the 6th century, the castle was used to protect the region against Viking attacks. Visitors can explore Bamburgh Castle and learn more about the history of the area by visiting the museums in the castle.


Newcastle is one of England’s most important tourist areas with its historic castles and chateaus. There are many historic castles and chateaus to visit in Newcastle. These castles and castles offer visitors an unforgettable experience with their historical atmosphere and unique landscapes. If you happen to be in Newcastle, you should definitely explore these historical castles and castles.

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