Local Cultural Activities to Experience in Yasothon

By | September 17, 2023

Local Cultural Activities to Experience in Yasothon

Yasothon is a city in northeast Thailand and is famous for its local cultural events. There are many opportunities to explore the traditional lifestyle and culture of the locals in this beautiful city. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the local cultural events you can experience in Yasothon.

Bun Bung Fai Festival (Menstrual Festival)

Bun Bung Fai Festival is one of Yasothon’s most famous local events. This festival is usually held in May and is one of Thailand’s biggest rocket competitions. During the festival, the people throw large rockets made by them into the sky, wishing them abundance and a good agricultural season. The rockets placed on the land are carefully prepared for the race by the teams. This colorful event offers an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore Thailand’s mystical and traditional culture.

Temples in Yasothon

The various temples located in Yasothon are part of the local cultural events in the city. These temples are places where Thailand’s Buddhist beliefs are deeply practiced. Temples such as Wat Song Khon, Wat Mahathat, and Wat Tai are noted for their elegant architecture and beautiful decorations. In these temples, you can watch the traditional rites of Buddhism and meditate. Festivals and ceremonies held in temples will further enrich your local cultural experience.

Khao Piak Festival

Khao Piak Festival is a traditional food festival celebrated in Yasothon in April. In this festival, the people prepare and share the traditional Thai dish “Khao Piak”. Khao Piak is a soup made with rice flour and water. During the festival, you can try different variations of this soup at different street stands and interact with the locals. The festival also organizes events such as local dance and music performances.

Bun Bang Fai Art Fair

Held annually in November, the Bun Bang Fai Art Fair is an event in Yasothon where local artists showcase their work. This fair is a platform where traditional and contemporary art come together. The works featured in the exhibitions deal with the themes of local culture and reflect the beauty of traditional handicrafts. At the same time, you can experience local art with workshops and art events held throughout the fair.

Yasothon Folk Dance

Local folk dances in Yasothon are an important part of the cultural life of the city. These dances are performed in the accompaniment of Thailand’s traditional music and present a visual feast with colorful costumes. Folk dances are most often performed during local festivals and celebrations. By watching these dances, you can discover Thailand’s rich dance and music culture and have a fun experience with the locals.

Night Markets in Yasothon

Night markets are also among the places to visit in Yasothon. These markets are the places in the city that best reflect the local culture. Here, locals sell handmade goods, textiles, handicrafts and traditional foods. Yasothon’s night markets, with their colorful and lively atmospheres, are ideal places to shop and experience local life. You can visit these markets to taste the delicious foods offered by the markets and to find unique gifts about handicrafts.


Yasothon is the perfect destination for those who want to explore Thailand’s rich cultural heritage. Local events in the city provide an experience filled with traditional music, dance, art and food. Take a journey into Yasothon’s rich culture through the Bun Bung Fai Festival, Khao Piak Festival, temples, night markets and other cultural events. These events give you a better understanding of the local people’s lifestyle and customs and help you create unforgettable memories.

The Yasothon Thai Roof festival is a traditional event held in the city of Yasothon in northeastern Thailand every year in the last week of April. This festival represents one of the most colorful and exciting aspects of Thai culture. The Thai Dam festival, which dates back hundreds of years, is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the local people.

The Origins of the Thai Dam Festival

The Thai Dam festival is part of the Buddhist faith and is one of the most important festivals of Buddhist temples in Thailand. The festival aims to celebrate the start of the farming season for the locals. The people living in the city of Yasothon understand the importance of agriculture and harvesting and wish a fruitful harvest season to begin with this festival.

What is Rattiya Semanya?

One of the most important elements of the Thai Roof festival is Rattiya Semanya. Rattiya Semanya means “Giant Hair” in Thai and refers to the big and majestic hairstyles made during the festival. Locals make these giant hairstyles using straw and then display them in the temple area.

Straw is an agricultural product widely available in Thailand, and its use in this festival carries both economic and cultural significance. Hairstyles often represent Thailand’s mythological creatures, animals, and natural symbols. For example, dragon, fish and various plant figures are often used in these giant hairstyles.

Traditions and Events of the Festival

The Thai Roof festival is not limited to the display of Rattiya Semanya. Many traditional events are also organized during the festival. These include dance performances, musical performances and craft exhibitions.

Also, dancers wearing colorful costumes parade through the streets and dance to local music. These dances are a ritual in which local people pray to the gods of agriculture. Buddhist monks in temples also bless the festival with prayers and rituals.

The festival also provides an opportunity for locals to showcase their artistic skills. Handicrafts, paintings, sculptures and other traditional handicrafts are displayed in the festival area. Visitors can purchase these handicrafts and have the opportunity to meet local artists.

Interesting Facts About Yasothon’s Thai Dam Festival

The Yasothon Thai Dam festival reflects the spirit of cooperation and solidarity of the local people. The process of making hairstyles for the festival requires villagers to come together and work together. At the same time, this event attracts tourists to the city of Yasothon and makes a huge contribution to the local economy.

During the festival, a large market is set up in Yasothon, selling agricultural products, clothing, souvenirs and other products produced by the local people. This increases the income of local artisans and artisans, and also gives visitors the opportunity to share their memories and experiences of the Thai Dam festival.

Titles Description Date Last week of April Location Yasothon, Thailand Events Rattiya Semanya exhibitions, dance performances, music performances, crafts exhibitions Importance An important part of Thai culture, celebrating the start of the farming season

The Yasothon Thai Dam festival is one of Thailand’s cultural treasures and is welcomed by locals and tourists alike every year. The festival offers an experience full of colorful hairstyles, dances, music and crafts. This event offers an in-depth look at Thai culture while also giving tourists unique and unforgettable memories.

Muay Thai Boxing Tournaments Held in Yasothon

Yasothon is a city located south of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This city is one of the important centers of Muay Thai sport and is famous for organized tournaments. In this article, we will cover the Muay Thai boxing tournaments held in Yasothon in detail.

Muay Thai: Traditional Martial Art of Thailand

Muay Thai is the traditional martial art of Thailand and is an integral part of Thai culture. This sport is a type of boxing performed with a combination of hand and foot techniques. Fighters can also use their knees, elbows and feet during combat. Muay Thai is not only a physically demanding sport, but also a martial art that requires strategy and tactical skills.

Tournaments Held at Yasothon

Since Yasothon is a city where Muay Thai boxing is popular, the tournaments are quite remarkable. These tournaments bring together both local fighters and international fighters. Tournaments held at Yasothon are generally greeted with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. A huge audience flocks to these tournaments to observe the excellent skills of the fighters.

These tournaments usually last for a certain period of time and fights are organized in different categories. Fighters participating in tournaments do their best to showcase their technical skills. Fights reflect all the hardships and beauties of Muay Thai.

Organization of Tournaments and Participants

Muay Thai boxing tournaments held in Yasothon are organized very meticulously. Tournaments are sponsored by the local government and financed by various sponsors. Local Muay Thai clubs contribute to these organizations to train fighters and enable them to participate in tournaments.

Most of the fighters who participate in the tournaments are people who have developed their Muay Thai skills by training at local sports clubs. At the same time, it is seen that international fighters participate in the tournaments. The tournaments held at Yasothon have a great reputation outside of Thailand and attract participants from other countries.

Economic Effects of Tournaments

Muay Thai boxing tournaments held in Yasothon have a positive impact on the economy of the region. The tourism sector is revived thanks to these tournaments and attracts the attention of tourists. Many sectors such as hotels, restaurants, local tradesmen and tour guides take advantage of this event and grow.

In addition, tournaments create employment opportunities for local people. The organization provides additional employment to workers in the security, cleaning and other service sectors. This makes a positive contribution to Yasothon’s economy and social structure.


Yasothon is one of Thailand’s major Muay Thai centers and has become known for its tournaments. These tournaments offer both local fighters and international fighters the opportunity to participate. Muay Thai boxing tournaments held in Yasothon add value to the region by making a positive impact on the tourism sector and economy. These tournaments provide an amazing experience for fans of the sport of Muay Thai and highlight the importance of the sport in Thai culture.

Mor Lam Music and Dance Performances at Yasothon

Mor Lam is a type of music and dance traditionally performed in the Yasothon region of northeastern Thailand. These unique performances are recognized as an important part of the cultural heritage of the Thai people. Mor Lam performs at events organized to both entertain the audience and promote Thai culture.

Purple Lam Music

Mor Lam music has a distinctive style and rhythm. In this style, in which a series of instruments is usually used, a reed wind instrument called “Khaen” is the leading role. Other instruments include various percussion instruments such as drums, cymbals and millstones.

Mor Lam songs carry the most characteristic elements of Thai folk music. He usually covers topics such as love, nature and Thai culture. The lyrics of the songs are often lyrical and emotional and expressed in Thai. These songs are used to create an atmosphere that is both sad and exuberant.

Purple Lam Dance

Mor Lam dance is a show performed in accordance with the rhythm of the music. This type of dance comes to the fore with the energetic movements and the body moving in harmony with the rhythm. Dancers dance by stamping their feet, waving their hands in the air, and using their bodies to rhythm.

Mor Lam dance is one of the most important representatives of Thai folk dance. During the dance, it is common for dancers to wear traditional Thai clothing. While men usually wear traditional clothing called Sala Krajiao, women prefer traditional clothing called Sabai that covers the body.

Purple Lam Festival in Yasothon

Every year in April, Yasothon district becomes the center of Mor Lam music and dance performances. Held during this period, the Mor Lam Festival brings together people from all over Thailand. The festival introduces locals and tourists alike to the fascinating world of dance and music.

Events held during the festival include various events such as Mor Lam competitions, concerts, dance performances and horseback riding competitions. There are also stalls displaying the traditional foods and crafts of the local people in the festival area.

Date Events April 1 Mor Lam competitions, dance performances April 2 Local crafts exhibition April 3 Mor Lam concerts April 4 Mor Lam dance shows, horse riding competitions

The Mor Lam Festival in Yasothon is a unique opportunity to understand and experience Thai culture. This event allows both locals and tourists to come together and enjoy Thai music and dance. In addition, the festival attracts tourists to the Yasothon region and contributes to the economic development of the region.

Mor Lam music and dance performances are part of Thailand’s traditional cultural heritage. These events are an important tool for Thai people to express their identity and self. The Mor Lam Festival, held in Yasothon, opens its doors to anyone who wants to experience this unique cultural experience.

Traditional Phaya Thaen Park Festival in Yasothon

Traditional Phaya Thaen Park Festival in Yasothon

Yasothon is a city in northeastern Thailand and is home to one of the country’s biggest festivals, the Traditional Phaya Thaen Park Festival. This festival, which takes place in April every year, is held to celebrate the beliefs and culture of the Thai people.

Origin and History

Phaya Thaen Park Festival is inspired by Old Thai folklore and animist traditions. Thai people believe in a god named Phaya Thaen, who is considered the lord of thunder and brings abundant rain. This festival is a celebration in honor of this god and is filled with rain prayers, temple visits, dances and traditional music performances.

The origins of the festival are supported by numerous legends and stories by Thai society, especially the Yasothon people. One of these legends says that Phaya Thaen was a genie who lived in a censer and brought rain and fertility to people. Therefore, during the festival, people pray to Phaya Thaen, hoping that the rain will bring a fruitful season.

Structure of the Festival

The Phaya Thaen Park Festival lasts for three days, usually from April 13 to 15. Besides the people of Yasothon, visitors from other regions also participate in the festival. During the festival, many events and exhibitions are organized and participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with Thai traditions.

On the first day of the festival, temple visits take place and participants pray. Then, dancers and musicians in colorful costumes organize a traditional parade. Reflecting the lifestyle and culture of the Thai people, this parade takes place with colorful clothing and live music.

On the second day of the festival, various activities are organized in Phaya Thaen Park. These include traditional dance performances, musical performances and street competitions. In the competitions, people from Thai villages perform folkloric dances and play their own regional instruments. There are also food and beverage stands during the festival, where you can taste local delicacies.

The last day of the festival ends with a big fire show. This show mimics a ritual performed in the past and ends with a dance that is believed to bring rain. Participants complete this ritual by wishing rain from the sky as they dance around the ring of fire.


The Traditional Phaya Thaen Park Festival in Yasothon provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the beliefs and culture of the Thai community. Held in April every year, this festival provides an unforgettable experience to Thai people and other visitors. Rain prayers, dances, music and traditional competitions make the festival colorful and fun. If you are thinking of exploring Thailand, attending this festival can be a great option.

Yasothon Traditional Handicraft Fair and Exhibitions

Yasothon is a city in Thailand famous for its diverse culture and traditions. One of the best places to explore this rich cultural heritage is the annual Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibitions. This event brings together local people who value the handicrafts and traditions of the region.

Fairground and Exhibition Stands

Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibitions take place on a large fairground. There are many different craft stands in this area. Each booth showcases handicrafts unique to that region. Guests can explore the handmade products of different regions while browsing the fairground. These products are generally produced in different fields such as ceramics, wood carving, textile products, woodworking and painting. Visitors can closely examine and purchase many different products and crafts at these stands.

Craft Competitions

In parallel with the fair, Yasothon Traditional Handicrafts Fair and Exhibitions also hosts various handicraft competitions. In these competitions, the craftsmen of the region showcase their talents and skills. There are many different categories in handicraft competitions, such as the best ceramic work, the best wood carving, the best textile design. Participants evaluate the products made by handicraft masters and choose the product they deem worthy of the first prize. These competitions are a great opportunity to show visitors mastery of the region’s handicrafts.

Traditional Performances

Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibitions is not just an event that focuses on handicrafts. It also brings together the traditional shows of the region. As part of the fair, dance, music and theater performances by local people take place on special stages. These shows are the perfect opportunity for visitors who want to take a deep journey into Thai culture. Visitors accompany dancers in traditional costumes to live Thai dances and live music.

Children’s Activities

Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibits provide entertainment and activities for all family members. Many activities are organized especially for children. Children can develop their own handicrafts and make handmade items at the craft stands. There are also many activities for children such as painting competitions, storytelling activities and children’s games. These activities encourage children to explore their creativity and artistic talents.

Holiday of Traditional Tastes

As a complement to an event visit, Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibitions offers many food stalls for visitors to explore traditional Thai cuisine. Visitors can taste regional dishes and experience the flavors of Thai cuisine. In particular, fresh fruit and tropical drinks purchased from street vendors in the market area indulge the visitors’ tastes.


Yasothon Traditional Crafts Fair and Exhibitions is the perfect event for those who want to explore Thai culture and immerse themselves in local crafts. Visitors can view the many different crafts and products on display at the fairground, attend traditional performances, and taste the flavors of Thai cuisine. While this event aims to protect and promote Yasothon’s cultural heritage, it also makes an important contribution to tourism.

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