Le Jardin des Plantes de Douai: Douai Herb Garden and Nature Trip

By | September 17, 2023

Le Jardin des Plantes de Douai: Douai Herb Garden and Nature Trip

Douai is a beautiful city located in the north of France. Famous for its natural beauties and historical texture, Douai is a perfect getaway for nature lovers. One of the most popular nature attractions in the city, Le Jardin des Plantes offers visitors a unique herb garden experience.

History of the Herb Garden

The herb garden was established in 1702 as a botanical garden for the University of Douai. Since then, the herb garden has been an important destination for nature lovers and scientists. The garden, which was used only for students at first, was opened to the public in a short time and became a common attraction.

One of the most distinctive features of the herb garden is its magnificent collection of plants. There are thousands of plant species in the garden and all are on regular display. This plant collection includes local flora as well as endemic plants from around the world. The purpose of the herb garden is to offer visitors the opportunity to discover the beauties of nature and understand the importance of plants.

Places to visit

Le Jardin des Plantes consists of many different areas such as nature walks and picnic areas. While taking a walk in the garden, you can discover various plant species and enjoy the silence of nature. You can also fish in the ponds in the park or have a wonderful view of nature in the bird watching areas.

One of the most famous parts of the garden is the flower garden, which is full of colorful flowers. In this episode, you can embrace the beauty of natural wonder flowers and plants. The flower garden is also an ideal spot for photographers, as you can hunt for amazing shots around every corner.

In addition, the herb garden has specially designed exploration areas for children. Children can learn about nature and participate in interactive activities. These regions, which were created to instill a love of nature and attract children to the world of plants, have become the favorites of families.

Food and Shopping

There are many picnic areas and resting points in the herb garden. Guests usually bring their own food and prefer to picnic in nature. However, you have the opportunity to taste local delicacies in the cafes and restaurants in the garden.

There is also a shopping mall located right next to the herb garden. This center has a visitor center where you can learn more about the herb garden. There is also a market where souvenirs and plants belonging to the herb garden are sold. This special shopping experience will be an unforgettable part of your visit.

Visiting Information

Address Hours of Operation Ticket Prices 12 Rue Saint-Jacques, 59500 Douai, France Weekdays: 09:00-18:00 Weekends
: 10:00-18:00 Dewasa: €5
Children (6-16 years): €3
Free (0-6 years old)

The Douai Herb Garden is a great place to visit for nature lovers and anyone with an interest in plants. The herb garden, which creates a perfect combination with its historical and natural beauties, offers an unforgettable experience. Explore the plant collection, have a picnic in nature and get to know the beautiful city of Douai better.

Hiking and Picnic Facilities at Douai Herb Garden

Douai Herb Garden is an ideal place for those who seek the opportunity to be in touch with nature and relax in a green environment. There are many activity options in this beautiful garden, where you can both have a pleasant walk and have a picnic.

Walking Routes

Douai Herb Garden impresses nature lovers with its wide hiking trails. Various walking routes in the garden allow you to enjoy the natural beauties. You can relieve your stress and feel the serenity of nature by walking in a quiet and peaceful environment.

The walking routes offered by the garden have different lengths and difficulty levels. It is possible to find a walking track suitable for everyone’s taste and condition. While walking on the routes, you can discover different plant species and witness the flow of colorful flowers.

Picnic Areas

Douai Herb Garden also offers a suitable option for those who want to have a picnic. The garden’s large and organized picnic areas are the perfect meeting point for families and groups of friends. You can have a pleasant lunch or dinner picnic with your loved ones, away from the crowds of the city.

Picnic areas have wooden tables and benches so you can sit comfortably and enjoy the fresh air. There are also special areas suitable for barbecue. Bringing your own barbecue, you can cook delicious meals and enjoy a picnic with the beauties of nature.

Game Activities

The Douai Herb Garden offers plenty of entertainment for children as well. In the playground in the garden, your children can play safely and release their energy. Various play equipment such as swings, slides and climbing areas provide children with a fun time.

In addition, thanks to the activities organized in the garden, children both have fun and learn. By participating in educational activities on nature, they can learn about plants and the environment and discover natural life.

Garden Shop and Café

The garden shop located in the Douai Herb Garden is an ideal shopping spot for plant lovers. You can buy various plant species and flowers and use them in your own garden. You can also find a variety of garden-related products, such as books, magazines, and decorative items.

The cafe in the garden is a perfect break point to relieve your tiredness. You can pamper yourself with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. The terrace of the cafe provides a pleasant relaxation area as it has a magnificent view of the garden.

Hiking and Picnic Facilities Activities Features Walking Routes – Nature walks – Different plant species Picnic Areas – Family picnics – Barbecue facilities Game Activities – Children’s playground – Educational activities

The Douai Herb Garden is a wonderful place for nature lovers to enjoy hiking and picnicking. You can both enjoy the view and discover the natural beauties. There are also activities where you can have fun with your children. The garden shop and cafe of the garden are great places where you can meet your needs and relax.

The Douai Herb Garden is a botanical garden located in Douai, France. This garden is famous for its rare plant species. In this article, I will cover the rare plant species in the Douai Herb Garden in detail.

Rare Plant Species Found in the Douai Herb Garden

Part One: Trees

Douai Herb Garden attracts attention with its rich tree collection. This collection includes rare tree species brought from different parts of the world. The most favorite tree in the garden is the ginkgo biloba tree. Over 200 years old, this tree is one of the oldest living things in the world. In addition, interesting and rare species such as cedrela tree, koa tree, catalpa tree decorate the beauties of the garden.

Part Two: Flowers

The Douai Herb Garden is also full of rare flower species of various colors and shapes. The most striking flower of the garden is Amorphophallus titanium, also known as “Titan Arum”. This flower is one of the largest flowers in the world and is also quite rare. In addition, interesting and eye-catching flowers such as pasqueflower, vuylstekeara, zanzibar lily are also found here.

Part Three: Medicinal Plants

The Douai Herb Garden is also home to rare medicinal plants. These plants are both interesting and economically valuable as they are used for medicinal purposes. In the garden’s medicinal plant collection, ginseng, aloe vera, St. John’s wort, valerian are popular plants. These plants have therapeutic effects against various diseases and are used in the production of natural medicines.

Chapter Four: Rare Fruits

Rare fruits are also grown in the Douai Herb Garden. These fruits are grown in different parts of the world and are very difficult to find in the markets. Among the rare fruits in the garden, there are interesting fruits such as dragon fruit, pomelo, durian, feijoa. These fruits attract the attention of visitors because they are both nutritious and rare.

Plant Species Regional Characteristics Ginkgo Biloba China One of the oldest tree species, individuals over 200 years old Titan Arum Indonesia World’s largest flower, rare Ginseng Asia Medicinal plant, energizing Dragon Fruit Asia Rare fruit, with sweet and juicy content draws attention

Douai Herb Garden offers visitors a unique experience with rare plant species. In this garden, it is possible to see rare plant species brought from all over the world. In addition, events and tours organized in the garden offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about the plants. The Douai Herb Garden is a must-see for nature lovers and botanical enthusiasts.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts of the Douai Herb Garden

Nature is recognized as a vital resource for humanity. However, with the increase of modern lifestyle and human activities, natural life has been greatly threatened. For this reason, natural life conservation studies are of great importance. Douai Herb Garden is an institution that has pioneered work in this regard.

Plant Diversity

Douai Herb Garden has a rich diversity of plants, home to different plant species. The plants featured here include rare and endangered species as well as endemic species. The plants in the garden are positioned considering the landscaping and natural growing conditions.

The diversity of plants in the garden not only provides a visual richness, but also has great importance in terms of biodiversity. Plants serve as the habitat of various animal species. Therefore, the protection of plants is essential for the continuity of natural life.

Protected Areas

Douai Herb Garden has created various conservation areas for the protection of natural life. These areas in the garden are of great importance for the protection of rare species and the balance of the ecosystem. Conservation areas consist of specially designed zones that mimic the natural habitats of plants and other creatures.

The water resources in the garden are of great importance especially for the protection of bird species. The garden management carries out regular maintenance work for the protection and cleaning of water resources. At the same time, conservation areas have been created considering the breeding periods of bird species.

Education and Awareness Studies

Douai Herb Garden organizes various training and awareness activities in order to raise awareness about natural life conservation and encourage knowledge sharing. The garden organizes events and seminars for visitors emphasizing the importance of natural life.

It also organizes nature education programs in cooperation with schools and other community organizations and instills a love of nature. In this way, future generations gain sensitivity towards the protection of natural life.

Contributions to the Local Ecosystem

The Douai Herb Garden not only protects the natural life within its borders, but also contributes to the local ecosystem. Plant species grown in the garden include those that are in danger of extinction in nature. The cultivation and reproduction of these plants is of great importance to ensure the sustainability of natural life.

In addition, the Douai Herb Garden supports biodiversity research in the region. It hosts scientific research for the identification and conservation of rare plant and animal species found in the local nature. In this way, basic data are provided for a better understanding and protection of natural life in the region.

Conservation Activities Description Maintenance works Regular care of plants and fight against diseases Ecosystem restoration Works to restore degraded ecosystems Collaboration with relevant community organizations Joint studies in nature conservation projects Scientific researches Local biodiversity studies

Douai Herb Garden contributes to the richness of the region in terms of biodiversity with its efforts to protect natural life. At the same time, it helps future generations to protect these values ​​by raising awareness about the protection of natural life.

The History and Significance of the Douai Herb Garden

The Douai Herb Garden is a garden located in Douai, France, dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and the study of plant diversity. Operating under the University of Douai, this garden was established in 1895 and today has become an important center for biological research.

Historical Origins

The founding of the Douai Herb Garden dates back to the late 19th century. In 1893 Professor Jean-Baptiste Lecointe, head of the botanical laboratory of the University of Douai, came up with the idea of ​​establishing an herb garden. The purpose of the garden was to conduct research on the diversity and adaptations of plants, to protect native plants, and to provide a resource for education.

In 1895, the Douai City Council and Douai University administrators supported the idea and approximately 4 hectares of land was allocated. Botanists, gardeners and students were assigned to organize the area. As a result of the work, the Douai Herb Garden was completed and opened to the public in 1897.

Importance and Activities

The Douai Herb Garden plays an important role in the conservation of wildlife and the study of plant diversity. The garden contains thousands of plant species and carries out various studies for the protection and sustainability of these species.

One of the most important activities of the garden is plant protection work. Necessary measures are taken to protect rare plant species and when these species are under threat, they are included in breeding programs. In addition, studies are carried out by the Research Center on the fight against plant diseases and pests.

The Douai Herb Garden is also an important resource for education and scientific research. University students and locals alike use the garden to study and conduct research in plant biology, ecology, and the environment. In addition, the events and exhibitions held in the garden allow the public to learn about nature and the plant world.

Affiliated Institutions

The Douai Herb Garden operates under the University of Douai. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as botany, biology and ecology. These programs allow students to use the herb garden to complete their theoretical education in a practical way.

The garden also houses a research center in the fields of environmental protection and plant biology. This center carries out scientific studies on the protection of plant diversity, the detection of endemic species and the fight against plant diseases by carrying out various projects.


The Douai Herb Garden is an important center for wildlife conservation, plant diversity research, and education. This garden, whose historical origins date back to the 19th century, carries out activities on the conservation and research of many plant species today. The Douai Herb Garden, as part of the University of Douai, also offers opportunities for students who wish to study botany and ecology.

Training and Events Held at Douai Herb Garden

Douai Herb Garden offers a unique experience to its visitors with its natural beauties, diverse plant species and unique atmosphere. The garden has become not only a natural wonder, but also a center of attraction for education and events.

Education Programs

Douai Herb Garden offers educational programs that appeal to a variety of age groups. These programs provide the opportunity to be in touch with nature, allowing visitors to learn more about plants.

  • Nature Discovery for Children: Designed for children aged 7-12, this program offers children the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of plants. Accompanied by expert guides, children get to know different plant species and learn about the natural habitats offered by the herb garden.
  • Research Internship for University Students: This internship program for biology, botany or environmental science students offers students the opportunity to gain field experience. Students conduct research by examining plant species in the garden and have the chance to collaborate with experts in the field of environmental sciences.
  • Hobby Gardening Courses: These courses are suitable for anyone who wants to learn about plant growing and gardening. Courses cover topics such as tillage, plant care, disease and pest control and provide participants with practical skills.


Douai Herb Garden offers fun and educational experiences to its visitors by organizing various events throughout the year.

Date Event May Flower Festival: Organized to celebrate the arrival of spring, this festival offers visitors an atmosphere full of colorful flowers. The festival includes flower exhibitions, workshops and concerts. August Nature Walks: Nature walks organized during the summer months offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the natural beauty of the garden and the flora. Walks with expert guides create an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. November Plant Care Workshop: It is a workshop where important information is shared on how to care for plants that are famous for their colorful flowers in spring. Participants learn the techniques used in plant care and can grow their plants healthier.

These educational programs and activities at the Douai Herb Garden allow visitors to connect more closely with nature and the plant world. The garden offers the perfect learning and discovery environment for anyone who wants to develop a love of nature and environmental awareness. As such, the Douai Herb Garden is an essential destination for everyone, from students to hobbyists.

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