International Festivals and Events in Mamoudzou

By | September 17, 2023

International Festivals and Events in Mamoudzou

Mamoudzou is a charming town on the French island of Mayotte. Mayotte is located in the Indian Ocean, northwest of the Comoros. Mamoudzou is the capital and largest city of this island. One of the busiest and most vibrant areas of the island, Mamoudzou hosts many international festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals are held to celebrate the island’s rich cultural heritage and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Juin Mahora Festival

One of the most important events held in Mamoudzou from the beginning of the year is the Juin Mahora Festival. This festival takes place with the participation of locals and tourists. Various concerts, dance performances, theater performances, exhibitions and sports events are organized within the scope of the festival. There is also a food fair where you can taste the traditional dishes of the island. The Juin Mahora Festival is the perfect opportunity to discover the colorful culture of the island of Mayotte.

Walking Festivals

Mamoudzou is famous for its natural beauty and exploratory areas. Therefore, various festivals organized for hiking lovers are also very popular. These festivals are ideal for nature lovers who want to explore the tropical forests, mountains and coasts around them. Participants can participate in nature walks organized by guides and discover natural beauties on special routes. There are also picnic areas and local restaurants that offer various activities during this festival.

Traditional Dance Performances

Mayotte has a rich cultural history that reflects a unique blend of African and Arab cultures. For this reason, traditional dance performances are often featured at international festivals held in Mamoudzou. These dance performances mesmerize the audience with their rhythmic and energetic performances by the locals in traditional clothes. You can also find the opportunity to learn local dance moves by attending dance workshops held throughout the festival. Traditional dance performances are an important component that reflects the spirit of Mayotte culture.

Art Exhibitions

Because of its artistic and creative atmosphere, Mamoudzou is a city where art festivals are frequently held. At these festivals, local and international artists showcase different works of art such as painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Exhibitions take place in various galleries and open-air spaces. Interviews and workshops with artists are also part of the festival program. Art exhibitions held at Mamoudzou provide an inspiring experience for art lovers.

World Music Day Concerts

Mamoudzou also offers many opportunities for music lovers. Concerts held every year on World Music Day are filled with performances by local and international musicians. In these concerts, various musical genres combine with African and Indian cultural influences. You can dance and enjoy the music at concerts that take place by the beach or in open air venues. World Music Day concerts in Mamoudzou are an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Date Event June 25 Juin Mahora Festival – Concerts, dance performances, theater performances September-October Walking Festivals – Nature walks, picnic areas July Traditional Dance Performances – Exhibition of local dance movements August Art Exhibitions – Painting, sculpture, photography exhibitions 21 June World Music Day Concerts – Performances by local and international musicians

These festivals and events allow locals living in Mamoudzou to share their cultural wealth and provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. Held in Mamoudzou, these events offer ideal opportunities to explore the cultural heritage of the island of Mayotte and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the island. When planning a trip to Mamoudzou next year, make sure not to miss these festivals and events!

Colors of Art Meet at Mamoudzou: International Art Biennale

Art is one of humanity’s oldest and most profound forms of expression. Art, an area where human beings can reflect their feelings, thoughts and imagination, enables different cultures and societies to communicate with each other. At this point, international art biennials play an important role. In this article, we will talk about the International Art Biennale held in Mamoudzou, the capital city of Mayotte.

History of the Biennale

Mayotte is an island located in the Indian Ocean and is a French overseas territory. Mamoudzou is the capital of this island and also the largest city of Mayotte. In the 1990s, the Municipality of Mamoudzou decided to organize a biennial event to promote the arts and revive cultural activities in the city. The Mamoudzou International Art Biennale, first held in 1996, has been held every two years since then.

Concept of the Biennial

Mamoudzou International Art Biennial aims to bring together artists, art lovers and culture enthusiasts from different countries. Contemporary artworks by local and international artists are exhibited at the biennial. Exhibitions take place in art galleries and open spaces in the city of Mamoudzou and other parts of the island. In addition, events such as panels, conferences, workshops and artist talks are organized during the biennial.

Colors of the Biennial

A theme is determined for each edition of the Mamoudzou International Art Biennial. Each theme represents a concept that combines the spirit of the biennial and the ideas of the artists. For example, the theme of the 2018 biennial was “Sustainability”, and the artists produced works that address issues such as nature conservation, environmental sustainability and the importance of cultural heritage. While the theme of the biennial inspires the artists, it also provides the audience with the opportunity to think and raise awareness.

Art Culture in Mamoudzou

Mamoudzou is a city with a young and dynamic art scene. Besides the International Art Biennale, Mamoudzou has many art galleries, museums and cultural centers. Art events and festivals held in the city bring local and international artists together and offer artistic experiences to the local people. In this way, the colors of art in Mamoudzou come alive every year and the cultural richness of the city increases.

An International Meeting

Mamoudzou International Art Biennial brings different cultures together. Artists from many different continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania participate in the Biennale. This creates a platform where different cultural perspectives intersect. Artists showcase their work based on their own heritage and experiences, while audiences explore different cultures and systems of thought.

Year Theme 1996 Originality 1998 Change 2000 Community 2002 Love 2004 Dream

The Mamoudzou International Art Biennial is an important event that showcases the power and unifying effect of art. Thanks to this biennial, the island of Mamoudzou and Mayotte opens its doors to the colorful world of art and contributes to the emergence of a new dialogue between cultures.

Journey to the Magical World of Dance: Mamoudzou Dance Festival

Dance is a magnificent art in which people express their thoughts and feelings through body language. Dances of different cultures have had an enchanting effect throughout history. If you want to take a trip to this magical world, the Mamoudzou Dance Festival is for you!

What is the Mamoudzou Dance Festival?

The Mamoudzou Dance Festival is a meaningful event where dance groups from all over the world come together and celebrate the magical world of dance. Mamoudzou, as the capital of the communes, hosts this event. The festival includes many dance genres, from Zulu dance to Balkan folk dances.

History and Origin of the Festival

The Mamoudzou Dance Festival was held for the first time in 1990. The festival aims to highlight the universality of dance by bringing together talented dancers from all over the world. The festival, attended by both local and international dance groups, is held every year with great interest and participation.

Festival Events

The Mamoudzou Dance Festival offers a rich program that hosts different types of dance. During the day, dance workshops, seminars and panels are organized to provide experience sharing among dancers. In the evenings, stage performances, dance shows and competitions fascinate the participants.

Dance Shows and Performances

Mamoudzou Dance Festival hosts magnificent shows to reflect the magical world of dance in the best possible way. During the festival, local and international dance groups present dances specific to their own cultures and give fascinating performances to the audience. Many different types of dance, such as the flexibility of tennis and the fire of Flamenco, provide an unforgettable experience to the audience with their stage performances.


The Mamoudzou Dance Festival organizes dance competitions to discover young talents and encourage dancers. Dance groups participating in the competitions have the chance to win big prizes by exhibiting their performances in front of the jury. These competitions aim to bring together talented dancers and reward those who best interpret the universal language of dance.

Contribution of the Festival to Culture

The Mamoudzou Dance Festival is an event that highlights the impact of dance on cultural diversity. The festival shows that dances of different cultures come together and unite people. This event encourages understanding and tolerance between cultures, enabling us to see diversity as richness.


For those who want to take a journey in the magical world of dance, the Mamoudzou Dance Festival offers a unique experience. I recommend you not to miss this event to see the dances of different cultures together, to watch the performances of the dancers, and to discover the universal language of dance. Take your place at the Mamoudzou Dance Festival for an unforgettable experience!

Capital of Tastes Mamoudzou: Gastronomy Festival

Mamoudzou is the capital of the island of Mayotte and is also a city of this island famous for its gastronomy. The annual Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival brings together those who want to enjoy this delicious and diverse cuisine. Participants of this festival have the opportunity to experience the local culinary culture, while spending a weekend full of colorful events and delicious food.

Tastes and Dishes Served at the Festival

The Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the unique culinary heritage of the island of Mayotte. During the festival, visitors can try a number of local dishes and taste special dishes prepared by chefs from different parts of the island. There are many stands serving local delicacies in the festival area and visitors can choose the restaurants participating in the festival to experience these delicacies.

However, the Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival not only offers local dishes, but also hosts international cuisine. The festival offers dishes from different cuisines such as French, Indian, African and Chinese. Visitors have the opportunity to taste these delicacies from different parts of the world and feel like they are on a gastronomic world tour.

Events and Shows

The Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival is not only limited to food presentation, but also hosts different events and shows. During the festival, visitors can attend events such as local dance performances, musical performances, and art exhibitions. In addition, culinary competitions, lectures and seminars are also held. These events show visitors the island of Mayotte’s dedication to gastronomy as well as a cultural wealth.

Gastronomy Heritage of Mayotte Island

The island of Mayotte is a beautiful part of the Indian Ocean and therefore the island’s cuisine is also rich with local fish, seafood and exotic fruits. The Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival is a way to share this unique culinary heritage with the world.

Flavors Description Poisson Cru One of the best-known dishes on the island of Mayotte, Poisson Cru is a salad made with slices of raw fish, lemon juice and coconut milk. Mkatra Foutra This delicious dish is served with marinated shrimp and mushrooms cooked in tomato sauce. The freshness of the shrimp and the flavor of the tomato sauce make this dish unique. Mduvis Mduvis is made from the local fish “bourse” and cooked with coconut milk. This dish, which emphasizes the flavor of the fish, is one of the most preferred dishes of the island of Mayotte. Mkatra Pila Mkatra Pila, also known as the Rice Rice of the island of Mayotte, is a delicious and satisfying rice dish cooked with shrimp, chicken and vegetables.

  • The unique herbs and spices of the island of Mayotte add an extra flavor to the dishes.
  • A local herb called Makanzali is used to make various dishes and teas.
  • The spice called Masalajehy adds a pleasant smell and taste to dishes.

The Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival provides a great platform to celebrate the flavors and gastronomic riches of the island of Mayotte. Participants of this festival enjoy the unique culinary culture of the island of Mayotte, while also having a pleasant experience with local dance shows and musical performances. The Mamoudzou Gastronomy Festival once again highlights Mamoudzou, the capital of flavors, and strengthens the bonds that residents and visitors have with food.

Music Wind in Mamoudzou: International Music Events

Mamoudzou is the capital of the Comoros and the largest city on the island of Mayotte. The city, which has this historical and cultural richness, also draws attention with its various music events. International music events held in Mamoudzou attract everyone interested in local and foreign music. These events both offer the opportunity to introduce music to the local people and increase the attractiveness of the city in terms of tourism.

International Music Festivals

International music festivals held in Mamoudzou provide a great platform for different cultures to come together. These festivals celebrate the universality of music by bringing together local and foreign artists. It hosts a variety of events, including stage performances, dance performances, and instrumental concerts.

As an example, the “Mamoudzou International Music Festival” is held annually. This festival consists of a series of concerts, workshops and panels with the participation of local and foreign musicians. Local people find the opportunity to get to know and discover different cultures thanks to this festival. In addition, the festival has a great economic impact in terms of tourism. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to the city flock to Mamoudzou to discover the attraction of the festival.

Music Concerts and Shows

Music concerts and performances held in Mamoudzou enliven the city’s music scene with performances by local and foreign artists. World-renowned musicians come to Mamoudzou to give unforgettable performances. These concerts host a variety of musical styles and genres. Various genres such as jazz, rock, pop, local Comoros music are represented at the concerts that take place in Mamoudzou. Music lovers are fascinated by music and have a unique experience with these concerts.

Music concerts and performances are often held at various venues in the city. The calendar of concerts and performances is announced in local newspapers, social media and local music events websites. In this way, music lovers can easily access the concerts they want and find the opportunity to participate in events.

Music Workshops and Trainings

Music events held in Mamoudzou offer the opportunity not only to listen but also to develop your musical talents. Music workshops and trainings are managed by local and foreign music professionals. These workshops cover various topics such as learning to play musical instruments, vocal techniques and songwriting. There are both beginner-level workshops for amateur musicians and advanced-level workshops for professionals.

These workshops allow you to develop your passion for music as well as gain different musical skills. Music workshops and trainings held at Mamoudzou celebrate the universality of music and help people discover the power of music.


Mamoudzou has become a city that has made a name for itself with its international music events. Offering unforgettable experiences to music lovers through festivals, concerts, workshops and trainings, Mamoudzou offers its visitors a unique cultural experience. By hosting local and foreign artists, the city celebrates the universality of music and encourages intercultural interaction. These events held in Mamoudzou increase the tourism potential of the city and emphasize the cultural diversity.

Cultural Feast in Mamoudzou: International Festival Program

Mamoudzou, the capital of Comoros and the largest city on the island of Mayotte, celebrates its cultural richness with the annual International Festival. Hundreds of local and foreign artists participate in this festival and provide an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists.

Festival Program

The festival usually takes place in May with events that last for a week. With various activities in the program, there is an opportunity to taste different cultures in Mamoudzou.


Taking place in Mamoudzou, the International Festival welcomes world-renowned musicians. Performers impress the audience with their rich musical repertoire and offer them an unforgettable experience. Festival concerts are varied to please all kinds of music lovers.

Date Artist Music Style May 10 Femi Kuti Afrobeat May 12 Goran Bregović Balkan May 14 Angélique Kidjo Afro-pop

Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions organized as part of the Cultural Festival are held by local and international artists. In these exhibitions, works from painting, sculpture, photography, handicrafts and other visual arts are exhibited. Artists participating in the exhibitions share their works reflecting Mamoudzou’s cultural heritage and beauty.

Traditional Dance Performances

Traditional dance groups taking part in the festivities of Mamoudzou offer locals and visitors the opportunity to get to know the island’s culture up close. Performances with colorful costumes and rhythmic dances reflect the lifestyle and traditions of the local people. Dancers tell stories in their performances, allowing the audience to have a pleasant time in a fun atmosphere.

  • Mavouna – This dance tells the history of the island. The dancers tell stories about the ancestors of the local people and the history of the island.
  • Vyindzra – This dance celebrates the harvest time and abundance of agricultural produce grown on the island.
  • Mzadza – Performed for Mzadza, the mother goddess of Mamoudzou, this dance reflects the prayers offered to the goddess.

Gastronomy Events

During the festival, gastronomic events are also organized, offering samples of Mamoudzou’s rich and varied cuisine. Visitors, who have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies of the island, discover the taste of Comoros culture. Night markets, street food and restaurants take tourists on a gastronomic journey by offering delicious dishes of the island.

The International Festival held in Mamoudzou provides an important platform to celebrate the spirit of local unity and solidarity and to share the island’s cultural heritage with the world. Filled with music, art, dance and food, this festival welcomes thousands of people each year, making Mamoudzou a hotspot for cultural tourism.

Colors of Art Meet at Mamoudzou: International Art Biennial, Journey to the Magical World of Dance: Mamoudzou Dance Festival, Capital of Tastes Mamoudzou: Gastronomy Festival, Music Wind in Mamoudzou: International Music Events, Cultural Feast in Mamoudzou: International Festival Program

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