Historic St. Mary’s City: America’s First Colonies

By | September 17, 2023

Historic St. Mary’s City: America’s First Colonies

Historic St. Mary’s City is an important settlement of great significance in the history of the United States. Located in the state of Maryland, this historic city is considered one of the first colonies of America. Founded in the mid-1600s, this settlement today offers visitors a rich historical, cultural and archaeological experience.


st. Mary’s City was founded in 1634 as the capital of Maryland, which was an English Colony. Just as Istanbul was moved from Medina to Istanbul, this settlement, which was established by King Charles I of England to provide freedom for Catholics and to ensure religious freedom, also contributed significantly to America’s religious diversity.

st. Mary’s City grew rapidly as the capital of Maryland and became an important political, commercial and social center during the 17th century. With the relocation of the capital to Annapolis in 1694, St. Mary’s City declined in importance and was abandoned over time.

Restoration Works

In the middle of the 20th century, St. Mary’s City has been discovered by archaeologists and historians. This discovery led to the start of restoration work in order to protect historical riches.

Restoration work began with the rebuilding of the most important structures in the settlement. At the head of these structures is the Maryland Wildlife Museum. The museum offers visitors St. It features exhibits describing the history and life of Mary’s City.

Also, other important structures in the settlement, the Maryland State Capitol, St. John’s House and St. Mary’s Seminary Church has also been restored. These structures offer visitors the opportunity to observe the architecture of the period.

Visitor Experience

Historic St. Mary’s City offers visitors the opportunity to travel back to America’s first colonies by offering a historical atmosphere. Visitors can observe reconstructions and archaeological excavations from the revival of 17th century life.

Archaeological excavations in the settlement are an important source for the discovery of historical objects and building remains. The finds unearthed in these excavations are exhibited in the museum and offer a great privilege to history lovers.

Visitors also have the opportunity to attend events by dressing in period costumes in the settlement. In this settlement, which is one of the first colonies of America, there is also the opportunity to meet historical characters, attend handicraft workshops and play games from the period.


Historic St. Mary’s City is one of the United States’ historic primary areas. Preserving the historical and cultural heritage of America’s first colonies, this settlement offers visitors a unique experience. Giving visitors the opportunity to trace the life of the 17th century with archaeological excavations, restoration works and reenactments, St. Mary’s City has become an indispensable stop for history lovers.

st. Mary’s City: The First British Colony Founded in America

Although the United States is known today as one of the world’s greatest superpowers, European settlements on these lands have a fairly recent history. The British came to the east coast of America in the early 17th century and established the first settlements here. st. Mary’s City has an important place as the first British colony established in America.

Foundation and Early Years

st. Mary’s City was founded in 1634 as the capital of the enclave known as the Colony of Maryland. Maryland, II. It was a land gift given by Charles to Sir George Calvert, to his father, Lord Baltimore, the Earl of Maryland, after whom he was named. Calvert was noted for his policy of tolerance towards Catholics in these lands, thus establishing a place of Inquisitor power.

st. Mary’s City was planned as a place where Catholics could live comfortably in the region. Among the first settlers were Catholic aristocrats and English Protestants. This mixed society embraced freedom of religion and thus contributed to an atmosphere of tolerance in America.

In the early years of the colony, the settlers were engaged in agriculture and fishing. In addition to commerce, St. Education also played an important role with the founding of St. John’s College. During this period, the settlement grew rapidly and the town became an important port, thanks to its location on the nearby Neharmony River.

Development and Milestones

st. Mary’s City was the capital of the Colony of Maryland, but was renamed in 1695 to be the capital city of Annapolis. After this point, St. Mary’s City lost its importance and gradually became a place abandoned by settlers.

However, having great importance in terms of architecture, history and archeology, St. Mary’s City was rediscovered and protected in the 19th century. The Maryland Archaeological Center has conducted a series of excavations and restored the settlement in this area. Today, St. Mary’s City offers visitors the opportunity to follow the traces of a place that lived through history.

Visiting Points

st. Mary’s City offers many points of interest for history buffs and archeology lovers. Visitors can visit the Maryland Presidential Palace, Maryland State History Museum, St. Mary’s University and the Colonial Experience Village. Colonial Experience Village, St. It is filled with reenactments that bring back the 17th century atmosphere of St. Mary’s City.

Location Description Maryland Presidential Palace Built in 1634, the Maryland Presidential Palace served as the colony’s headquarters. Maryland State History Museum Displaying the historical and cultural heritage of the region, the museum offers visitors St. It describes the development of Mary’s City. st. Mary’s University Residential, the university played an important role in education and history. Colonial Experience Village Reviving the 17th century life, the village offers visitors the atmosphere of that period.

st. Mary’s City has become a popular destination among tourists and researchers, as the first British colony to hold an important place in the history of the United States. Here you can gain an important insight into the colonial period by exploring the rich archaeological heritage and sites full of history.

British St. Reasons for Moving to Mary’s City

st. Mary’s City is a residential area located in the state of Maryland in the United States of America and has a very important place in terms of history. The reasons why the British settled in this region are due to various factors.

1. Administrative Colonization

The British came here at the beginning of the 17th century to expand to the Americas and establish new settlements. st. Mary’s City, on the other hand, was established in the Maryland region within the framework of the British Kingdom’s administrative colonization strategy. This settlement was applied to increase the British administration and control authority in the Americas.

2. The Quest for Religious Freedom

st. Mary’s City was also established to house the Catholic population seeking religious freedom. In the late 16th century, Protestantism in England experienced a period of oppression of Catholics. Catholics began immigrating to America in search of religious freedom, and the Maryland region became a haven for them. st. Mary’s City was chosen as a place where Catholics could freely practice their religious beliefs.

3. Agricultural Potential

st. Mary’s City area has rich farmland and fertile soil. The British saw this region as an ideal place for agricultural activities and began to live here. In particular, the cultivation of products such as tobacco, corn and grain was widespread. Agricultural activities contributed greatly to the region economically and supported the development of the settlement.

4. Stability

st. Mary’s City was a stable enclave in America at that time. There was peace and harmony between the local population and the Catholic settlers. Religious tolerance and a lifestyle free from religious conflicts was adopted in the colony. This made it an attractive option for British settlers.

5. Position

st. The location of Mary’s City was instrumental in the British choosing the area. Its location on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and close to the Potomac River meant it had an advantageous location for trade and transportation. This, in turn, helped the settlement grow and develop economically.

Reasons Explanation Administrative Colonization Settlement of the British Kingdom in order to increase its power of administration and control in America Seeking Religious Freedom The search for religious freedom of Catholics under Protestant oppression in England in the 16th century Agricultural Potential Fertile lands and rich agricultural potential Stability With local people Peace and harmony among Catholic settlers Location Close to Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River, providing trade and transportation advantages

British St. Mary’s City is due to factors of administrative colonization, pursuit of religious freedom, agricultural potential, stability and location. These factors made the region an attractive option for settlement and contributed to the development of the settlement.

st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Surveys

st. Mary’s City is a historical and archaeological site in Maryland, United States. Archaeological excavations in this region have unearthed the remains of one of the oldest European settlements in the Americas. st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Surveys includes work to understand and preserve this important past.

Excavations and Finds

st. Archaeological excavations in the Mary’s City area continue from the 1930s to the present. These excavations, founded as a British Colony in the 17th century, St. It aims to explore the ruins of Mary’s City.

As a result of the studies, many important finds emerged. These include the remains of houses, research rooms, commercial buildings, churches and port structures. In addition, many small finds reflecting daily life such as kitchen utensils, ceramics, coins and personal items were also found. These finds enable us to understand the social, economic and cultural structure of that period.

One of the most striking finds is the remains of the ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. This ship was part of a fleet led by Queen Anne, who was a pirate in the Caribbean in the 17th century. The ship was unearthed during excavations and restored and displayed for visitors to see.

Research and History Learning

st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Surveys are not limited to excavations. It also encourages students and researchers to study archeology and history. Located in the area of ​​St. Mary’s College of Maryland allows students to participate in these excavations.

Students can have a historical experience and develop their research skills by working in excavations. In addition, they have the opportunity to improve their analysis skills thanks to the research materials available in various laboratories in the excavation area.

st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Studies have also inspired many academic studies. These studies provided new information about the historical, cultural and social structure of the region. In addition, the results of these studies spread to large masses and contribute to the increase of historical awareness.

Conservation and Visitor Experience

st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Surveys also play an important role in preserving and presenting the discovered relics to visitors. The excavation site was designed as a carefully guarded museum. In this way, visitors can watch the excavations live and visit the galleries where the finds are exhibited.

In addition, thanks to the events and presentations held at the excavation site, visitors have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and culture of the period more closely. Interactive activities especially for children make learning history fun and increase interest in archeology.

Advantages Disadvantages

  • It provides important historical and archaeological discoveries.
  • It supports academic research.
  • It offers students a unique learning experience.
  • Increases historical awareness.
  • Excavations are costly.
  • Conservation and restoration of remains can be challenging.
  • Visitor numbers can be a potential problem for management.

st. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Surveys is an invaluable resource for America’s historical and cultural heritage. Thanks to these studies, by tracing the traces of the past, St. We learn important information about life in and around Mary’s City. At the same time, it is of great importance to transfer and protect these works to future generations.

Maryland History: St. Role of Mary’s City

Maryland is a state in the United States. Located on the east coast of the country, Maryland has a rich and interesting history. In this article, St. Mary’s City’s important role in the history of Maryland will be discussed.

st. What is Mary’s City?

st. Mary’s City is the historic capital of Maryland and is also associated with the founding of Maryland in 1634. This settlement was founded by Catholic Colonists fleeing from England and was named after the Virgin Mary. st. Mary’s City is one of the oldest inhabited colonies in the Americas and gave the state of Maryland its name.

st. Mary’s City served as the capital of Maryland during the colonial period. As such, it is one of the most important settlements in the state’s history. Important events took place here, both politically and socially.

st. The Historical Role of Mary’s City

st. Mary’s City was Maryland’s first residential area founded on the principle of religious freedom. Colonists escaped from Protestant rule in England and found the opportunity to live their Catholicism freely here. Therefore, this settlement has become a symbol of religious freedom.

However, St. Mary’s City also served as an important commercial center in the past. This settlement, which is conveniently located on the Chesapeake Bay, has been a stopover point for merchant ships. The tobacco trade, in particular, played a major role in the colony’s economy. st. Mary’s City has grown and developed through trade.

st. Mary’s City has also hosted important historical events. For example, British emigrans in search of poor land, who wanted to own limited land in America, settled here. It was also the center of the uprising known as the Bacon Revolt in 1676. This rebellion was a rebellion against the Kingdom of England and affected the colony.

st. Mary’s City Today

Today Mary’s City serves as a history park. Visitors can explore historical structures, monuments and archaeological remains here. st. Mary’s City Museum is an essential place for history and archeology lovers.

At the same time Mary’s College of Maryland is located here. This college is the oldest institution of higher education in the state of Maryland and is known for its long history. st. Mary’s City offers an educational environment that offers students the opportunity to explore their history.


st. Mary’s City is a settlement that has played an important role in Maryland’s history. It witnessed the founding of Maryland, became a symbol of religious freedom and was the center of commerce. Today, this settlement, which serves as a history park, offers visitors a historical and cultural experience.

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st. Historical Values ​​of Mary’s City Since Its Founding

st. Mary’s City, Maryland is one of the oldest settlements in the United States. It has played an important role since the colonial period and has a unique place on the historical scene. In this article, St. We will examine in detail the historical values ​​of Mary’s City from its foundation to the present day.

Foundation and Colonies Period

st. Mary’s City was founded in 1634 by English settlers as the capital of the Maryland Colony. This settlement was intended to provide a sanctuary for Catholics in England. The Colony of Maryland made history as one of the first settlements in the United States to guarantee religious freedom. Therefore, St. Mary’s City has a great role on the stage of history.

During the colonial period, St. Mary’s City became an important commercial center. The interaction of European and indigenous people took place here. Agricultural products grown by the local people and goods brought from Europe were bought and sold in this city. Political, economic and social changes during this period, St. He left a lasting mark on the history of Mary’s City.

From the Colonial Era to the War of Independence

During the Revolutionary War, St. Mary’s City has hosted many important events. A major turning point in the American Revolution, 1776 St. John’s College Declaration signed here. In addition, leaders such as Charles Carroll, one of the important revolutionary figures of the period, grew up in this city.

st. Mary’s City played an important role in the United States’ struggle for independence. It became a symbol of resistance to British rule. Today, many historical buildings and monuments from this period are still in St. It can be visited in Mary’s City.

Today’s Historical Values

st. Mary’s City’s historic values ​​are still preserved today. Especially the Colonial Historic District and St. Mary’s College of Maryland provides a historical experience by taking visitors back to the past. Many historical houses, churches and other structures can be seen in these areas.

st. Mary’s City’s historic homes and monuments offer visitors a unique experience of 17th and 18th century lifestyles. Visitors can experience the colonial era by dressing in period clothes and interacting with historical characters.

st. Mary’s City Visiting Notes

st. There are some important notes for visitors to Mary’s City. It is recommended that those who want to visit take guided tours to visit the historical sites and get information. It is also important for visitors to be vigilant to preserve historic structures.

st. Mary’s City Guide When? How to go? What to See By car or tour company in all seasons Colonial Historic District – – St. Mary’s College of Maryland – – St. John’s College Declaration

  • st. The best time to visit Mary’s City may be in any season. Different events and festivals are held in each season.
  • With your own vehicle or tour companies, St. You can reach Mary’s City. The region is also a destination for touristic bus tours.
  • Colonial Historic District, St. It is one of the most important places in Mary’s City. There are many historical buildings and monuments here. It should definitely be visited.
  • Also, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and St. John’s College Declaration are other points of historical value.

st. Mary’s City is one of the oldest and most important settlements in the United States. The historical values ​​from the colonial period to the present day offer visitors the opportunity to experience the past. If you want to have an extraordinary historical experience in America, St. You might consider visiting Mary’s City.

st. Mary’s City: The First British Colony Founded in America, Mary’s City, St. Mary’s City Archaeological Excavations and Studies, History of Maryland: St. The Role of Mary’s City,St. Historical Values ​​of Mary’s City Since Its Founding

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