Fun Activities in Salvador: A Guide for Kids

By | September 17, 2023

Fun Activities in Salvador: A Guide for Kids

Salvador is a city in the northeastern part of Brazil with beautiful landscapes. Offering many options for tourists, this amazing place offers a fun holiday experience for children. There are many activities in Salvador where your children can have a pleasant time. Here is a great vacation plan for kids in Salvador:

1. Have a Pleasant Time on the Beaches

Salvador has Brazil’s beautiful coastline and offers the perfect beach vacation for kids. One of its most famous beaches is Porto da Barra. This beach is famous for its calm waters and white sand. Here, your children can swim comfortably in the sea and spend time with water sports. There are also lifeguards on the beach that provide security, so you can easily let your kids go. While sitting on the beach, you can buy delicious local snacks from beachmen.

2. Explore the Maritime Museum

If you have children who are passionate about the sea, it will be an excellent opportunity to visit the Salvador Maritime Museum. This museum is filled with interactive exhibits that illuminate Salvador’s rich maritime past. Children can review ship models, interact with historic ships, and learn about how sea voyages took place. There are also many workshops that offer interactive playgrounds and experiences for your children. The Maritime Museum is a great place for your kids to learn while having fun.

3. Going to DinoPark Salvador

If your kids have an interest in dinosaurs, DinoPark in Salvador is the perfect place for them. This theme park simulates a real-looking dinosaur habitat and takes your kids to the exciting world of dinosaurs. At DinoPark, your kids can explore dinosaur fossils, visit electronic dinosaur museums and even take pictures with life-size dinosaur models. This park is absolutely perfect for making your kids’ eyes shine.

4. Visit the Salvador Planetarium

If you have children who are interested in space and astronomy, visiting the Salvador Planetarium will be a wonderful experience for them. The Salvador Planetarium offers an interactive experience that simulates the night sky. Your kids can have fun with impressive visual displays to better understand the universe and the stars in it. There are also workshops where they can learn about planets and perform astrophysics experiments. The Salvador Planetarium is a great place to stimulate your children’s scientific curiosity.

5. Tour the São Joaquim Market

São Joaquim Market is one of Salvador’s most famous markets and you can introduce your children to different cultures here. The market features local fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as handicrafts and local delicacies. Your children can recognize colorful fruits, try local flavors and attend handicraft workshops. You can also listen to live music and watch dance performances. São Joaquim Market is a place to help your children discover Brazilian culture.

6. Picnic at Parque da Cidade

If you want to have a nice picnic with your kids in Salvador, Parque da Cidade is a great option. This large park offers many opportunities for your children to have fun with its green areas and playgrounds. You can also ride a bike here. You can also prepare a delicious picnic with your children, spend time outdoors and enjoy sunny Salvador days.

7. Discover Mercado Modelo

Exploring the Mercado Modelo, Salvador’s most famous shopping mall, with your children is an enjoyable activity. This colorful market is filled with Brazilian souvenirs, handmade goods and traditional dresses. Here, your children can choose a souvenir for themselves and buy colorful clothes that remind them of their trip to Salvador. You can also try local delicacies at the restaurants in the market and have an unforgettable dining experience together.

8. Visit the Salvador Zoo

If you want to have a fun zoo experience with your kids, you should visit the Salvador Zoo. This wonderful zoo has a large area where many exotic animals from around the world are exhibited. Your children can encounter lions, giraffes, monkeys and many more animals and observe their natural life more closely. The Salvador Zoo is a place that encourages your children to love nature and animals.

Activity Address Telephone Number Porto da Barra Beach Av. Sete de Setembro, s/n – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40140-110, Brazil 55 71 99999-9999 Maritime Museum Comércio Region, Salvador – BA, 40015-001, Brazil 55 71 99999-8888 DinoPark Salvador Estrada do Coqueiro Grande, s/n – Vilas do Atlântico, Lauro de Freitas – BA, 42700-000, Brazil 55 71 99999-7777 Salvador Planetarium Pituba, Salvador – BA, 41810-390, Brazil 55 71 99999-6666 São Joaquim Market Hunting . Eng. Oscar Pontes, 1590 – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40450-000, Brazil 55 71 99999-5555 Parque da Cidade Avenida Antonio Carlos Magalhães, Salvador – BA, 41098-730, Brazil 55 71 99999-4444 Mercado Modelo Pç. Visconde de Cayru, s/n – Comércio, Salvador – BA, 40015-090, Brazil 55 71 99999-3333 Salvador Zoo Av. Otávio Mangabeira, s/n – Itapuã, Salvador – BA, 41635-150, Brazil 55 71 99999-2222

Salvador offers many activities where your children can have a fun and unforgettable holiday experience. Using this guide, you can plan the perfect vacation for your children and discover the beauties of Salvador together.

You Can Entertain Your Kids With Salvador’s Parks and Playgrounds

Salvador is a beautiful city in Brazil and an ideal place for your children to have fun with its various parks and playgrounds. In this article, we will review the most popular parks and playgrounds in Salvador.

1. Parque da Cidade

Parque da Cidade is one of the largest parks in Salvador and offers your kids a fun day out with playgrounds. There are different types of swings, slides and climbing areas in the park. There are also activities such as a bike track and a skating rink. The park also has picnic tables and barbecue areas, so you can have a pleasant family picnic.

2. Jardim dos Namorados

Jardim dos Namorados is another park where your children can have a good time. Here they can play under the large grass areas and tree shadows. In the park, they can also experience climbing on wooden platforms, stairs and ramps. Jardim dos Namorados is also a park with a pond, which means your kids will have the opportunity to observe ducks and other waterfowl.

3. Parque das Dunas

Parque das Dunas is a great option where your children can be one with nature. This park offers great sand dunes and access to the famous Pituaçu River. Your kids can climb the dunes here and then slide down for fun. There are also picnic areas inside the park, so you can spend a nice day with your family.

4. Parque Zoobotânico

Parque Zoobotânico is another place in Salvador where your children can meet nature. There are many exotic animal species in this park. Your kids can observe colorful birds, cute monkeys and other animals up close. There are also playgrounds and grass areas in the park, so your children have an area where they can get rid of their energy.

5. Parque da Rua do Porto

Parque da Rua do Porto is a great park for your children to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of Salvador. This park is located in the historic district of Porto de Salvador and offers an impressive atmosphere for your children. The park features playgrounds, lawns, and a scenic coastline. You can also have a delicious meal with your children at the restaurants near the park.

Park Name Features Parque da Cidade Various playgrounds and picnic areas Jardim dos Namorados Wooden platforms and pond Parque das Dunas Sand dunes and picnic areas Parque Zoobotânico Exotic animals and playgrounds Parque da Rua do Porto Historic atmosphere and coastline

Salvador is home to beautiful parks and playgrounds to entertain your children. The parks mentioned above offer your children the opportunity to both have fun and explore nature. These parks of Salvador will allow you to create pleasant memories with your family. Remember, it is important for your children to spend time in nature and playgrounds from time to time so that they can have a fun childhood. These parks in Salvador offer this opportunity to your children.

Museum Tours for Children in Salvador: Entertaining and Educational Experiences

Museum tours are a great experience that allows children to learn while having fun. As a city known as the cultural capital of Brazil, Salvador has a rich collection of museums for children. These museums provide fun and interactive experiences while helping children learn more about history, art and science. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best museum tours for kids in Salvador.

Museu de Arte da Bahia

For children interested in art, one of the main museums to visit in Salvador is the Museu de Arte da Bahia. This museum houses one of Brazil’s most extensive art collections. Here, children can get acquainted with paintings, sculptures and decorative arts from different eras.

Educational activities for children are also available. Children can enjoy creating their own works of art, thanks to workshops with teachers. In addition, a fun learning experience is provided by using interactive visual and audio materials in the museum.

Museu de Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia

The thing that excites children the most in museum tours is science. One of the best places in Salvador to get your kids to love science is the Museu de Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia. This museum awaits children with its interesting and interactive exhibits.

Here, children can explore natural sciences, mathematics, physics and other fields of science. Experiments and demonstrations, guided by educational guides, will increase children’s curiosity towards science and provide them with moments to enjoy learning.

Museu de Criança

Museu de Criança is a museum specially designed for children. Everything here has been thought through to encourage children to learn while having fun. The museum has many different themed rooms, and each room lets kids use their imaginations.

Children can learn interactively about pets, natural phenomena, history and various other topics. Creative workshops and playgrounds are also available to develop manual skills. The Museu de Criança provides a fun way to learn by encouraging the active participation of children.


Museum Name Educational Activities Themes Museu de Arte da Bahia Art workshops Painting, sculpture, decorative arts Museu de Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia Scientific experiments Natural sciences, mathematics, physics Museu de Criança Creative workshops Nature, history, animals

  • With educational activities, children can learn more about art, science and history.
  • Children can make learning fun with interactive exhibits in museums.
  • Workshops with teachers develop children’s creativity.
  • Museum tours encourage children to use their imaginations.
  • Museum tours increase children’s interest in art and enable them to better understand the works of art.

Salvador has many options that offer entertaining and educational museum tours for children. By taking your children to these museums, you can satisfy their desire to explore and learn. These museums will help children have experiences they will never forget for a lifetime.

Places to Visit in Salvador with Kids

Salvador is a city that is the capital of Brazil and draws attention with its rich cultural heritage, historical texture and colorful streets. Therefore, if you want to spend a pleasant holiday with your children, Salvador is the perfect place for you. Because there are many activities and places to visit in the city that will attract your children’s attention.

Praia do Flamengo

Brazil is known for its world-famous beaches, and if you want to bring your children together with the sea and sand, Praia do Flamengo is the place for you. Located in Salvador, this beach has a clear sea and fine sand. While your children are enjoying the sun here, you can choose one of the beach bars where you can have a drink.

Museu de Arte Moderna

If you have art-loving children, you can visit the Museu de Arte Moderna. This museum houses works of contemporary art. Your children can be inspired to develop their creativity by exploring impressive works of art. The museum also has interactive exhibits and workshops for children.

Parque da Cidade

Parque da Cidade is a place where your children can unwind and have a good time. This park is full of large green spaces, playgrounds and bike paths. Your children can cycle, run and play in the playgrounds here. You can also relax in the restaurants and cafes in the park.

Oceanario de Salvador

Oceanário de Salvador is a unique marine aquarium tour that will introduce your children to the underwater world. In this aquarium, you can observe many sea creatures such as tropical fish, sea turtles and colorful coral reefs. In addition, special shows and interactive activities organized in the aquarium will attract the attention of your children.

Projeto Tamar

Projeto Tamar is a project center established to protect sea turtles and make their habitats sustainable. Here, your children can learn about sea turtles, follow conservation efforts closely and learn in a fun way with cartoons. Tamar also has the opportunity to visit the natural habitats of sea turtles.

Bahia Karting

If your kids are looking for an exciting activity, Bahia Karting is exactly the place they want. On this karting track, your kids can experience go-kart driving in a safe environment. You can race alone or you can have a fun race as a family. Bahia Karting is a fun place where your children can develop their skills.

Attractions Praia do Flamengo Clean sea, fine sand Museu de Arte Moderna Contemporary art works and interactive exhibits Parque da Cidade Green areas, playgrounds, bike paths Oceanário de Salvador Marine aquarium, live shows Projeto Tamar Sea turtle conservation center Bahia Karting Go- kart track

In this article, we gave general information about places to visit with children in Salvador. By visiting these places in the city, you can ensure that your children have an unforgettable holiday. Salvador will offer unforgettable memories to your children with its unique nature, historical riches and cultural heritage.

Summer Camps and Activity Centers in Salvador: A Great Summer Vacation for Your Child

Summer is one of the children’s favorite seasons. With the school holidays and the increasing temperatures, children want to spend more time outside. Salvador is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil and is home to many summer camps and activity centers for children. In this article, we will explore some places in Salvador where you can spend a wonderful summer vacation for your child.

Summer Camp Experience

Salvador is the perfect place for a summer camp experience. There are many summer camps in the city and it’s easy to choose one that suits your child’s interests and age. Summer camps are usually organized as weekly or monthly programs and offer many activities and entertainment to children.

For example, there are many art workshops and painting courses in Salvador for children with an interest in arts and crafts. In these workshops, children both have fun and have the opportunity to develop their skills. There are also sports camps for children who are interested in sports and outdoor activities, including activities such as football, swimming and surfing.

The summer camp experience not only learns new skills for children, but also helps them make new friends and socialize. The time they spend with their campmates improves children’s self-expression skills and increases their self-confidence.

Activity Centers

In Salvador there are not only summer camps, but also many activity centers. These centers offer fun and educational activities to children. The Salvador Nature Museum offers interactive exhibits that allow children to explore nature and the environment. Here, children learn about plants and animals while having fun playing games at the same time.

Also, the Salvador Maritime Museum is a great activity center for kids. The museum has exhibits on topics such as marine biology and shipbuilding. Here, children learn about sea creatures and do practical experiments on shipbuilding. Such activity centers make learning fun for children and develop their sense of curiosity.

Resorts and Hotel Facilities

Salvador has many resorts and hotels for families with children. These resorts and hotels often offer special activities and entertainment programs for children. Mini clubs, water parks and playgrounds are some of the amenities available at these facilities.

Resorts are also an ideal option for families who want to spend a holiday with their children. Traveling with children often requires more planning and organization. Holiday resorts are specially designed to meet the needs of families with children in this regard. They have facilities such as children’s entertainment centres, childcare services and family rooms.


Salvador is home to many summer camps and activity centers that offer an unforgettable summer vacation for your child. Summer camps help children learn new skills and socialize, while activity centers offer fun and educational activities. Resorts and hotels, on the other hand, allow families with children to have a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. You can make your child’s summer vacation unforgettable by taking advantage of these wonderful facilities in Salvador.

Enjoy a Family Day in Salvador with Fun Activities

Salvador is one of Brazil’s most colorful and vibrant cities. It is famous for its unique cultural heritage, historical texture and beautiful beaches. There are many activities to spend an enjoyable family day in Salvador. In this article, we will share with you the fun activities you can do in Salvador.

Visit Historic Sites

Salvador is one of the oldest cities in Brazil and so is full of historical sites. You can go to the Pelourinho region with your family and explore the historical monuments and beautiful architecture. You can go to the top of the city with a historical elevator called Elevador Lacerda and watch the panoramic view. You can also visit a historic market place called Mercado Modelo. Here you can find handmade souvenirs and try local delicacies.

Location Description Pelourinho The historic center of Salvador. It is full of colorful houses, street performers and historical buildings. Elevador Lacerda A historic elevator. You can watch the city view from the hills of Salvador. Mercado Modelo A historic market place. You can find handmade souvenirs and local delicacies.

Have a Pleasant Time at the Beach

Salvador is famous for its magnificent beaches. You can enjoy the sun with your family and have fun with water sports. Porto da Barra Beach is a popular option with its pelicans and beautiful scenery. You can also go to the beach near the lighthouse called Farol da Barra. Here you can relax by sunbathing or cool off with a swim in the sea.

  • Porto da Barra Beach: Pelicans, blue waters and an ideal place for sunbathing.
  • Farol da Barra Beach: Famous for its location close to the lighthouse. You can enjoy swimming.

Try Local Flavors

Brazilian cuisine is famous around the world, and Salvador is a place to enjoy delicious food. With your family, you can try seafood, tropical fruits and other examples of South American cuisine at local restaurants. A street food called Acarajé is a must-taste. This dish is a meatball made with black-bellied unripe bananas and served with hot sauce inside.

  • Acarajé: One of the most famous street food of Brazilian cuisine. Black belly unripe banana patties.
  • There are many activities you can do in Salvador to spend an enjoyable family day. You can explore the cultural heritage by visiting historical sites, sunbathe on the beaches and try local delicacies. The colorful and lively atmosphere of Salvador will allow you to make unforgettable memories with your family.

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