Family Events in Neenah

By | September 17, 2023

Family Events in Neenah

Neenah is a small city located in Wisconsin, United States. With its natural beauties, historical sites and entertainment options, Neenah is an ideal destination for families. In this article, we will talk about events organized for families in Neenah.

1. NamiMoon Art Gallery

NamiMoon Art Gallery is a great place, especially for children to explore their creativity. Here, children can make a variety of artworks and display their own artwork. Instructors teach and inspire children in different art techniques. Special events and workshops are also organized.

2. Neenah Government Visit

Neenah Town Hall is a place that families can visit with interest. Here you can find out how the city government works and meet the municipal employees. Families can meet with the mayor and ask questions. This experience gives children important information about city management and makes them aware of their roles and responsibilities in society.

3. Bergstrom-Mahler Museum

The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum is the perfect place for families with an interest in the arts and culture. Various works of American art and history are exhibited in the museum. There are also interactive exhibitions and workshops for children. These activities allow children to meet art and develop their creativity.

4. Parks and Trails

Since Neenah is a city famous for its natural beauty, there are many parks and nature trails. Families can picnic, cycle or hike in these parks. Riverside Park is especially popular for its playgrounds and water park for children. There are also boat tours on the Fox River.

5. Sunday Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market held every weekend in Neenah is a great opportunity for local producers to sell their fresh produce. Families can find many products here, including organic fruit, vegetables, homemade jams and handicrafts. Live music and activities for children are also offered.

6th Türkiye Festival

Neenah hosts an amazing event for families with a special interest in Turkish culture. The annual Turkey Festival offers visitors an unforgettable experience with Turkish dances, music and traditional food. In addition, workshops for handicrafts and Turkish culture are also organized.

Family Events in Neenah Event Date Place NamiMoon Art Gallery Workshops Every week Saturday NamiMoon Art Gallery Visit to Neenah Municipality Days listed in the calendar Neenah Town Hall Bergstrom-Mahler Museum Exhibitions Every day of the week Bergstrom-Mahler Museum Parks and Trails Park and Trails in Neenah every day of the week nature trails Sunday Farmers Market Every weekend Neenah Square Turkey Festival Annual event Neenah Downtown

  • Neenah is a city full of family-friendly activities.
  • NamiMoon Art Gallery is the perfect place to explore children’s creativity.
  • Neenah City Visit is a great opportunity for kids to learn about local government.
  • The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum is a great option for families with an interest in the arts and culture.
  • Parks and nature trails offer activities for families such as picnics, cycling and hiking.
  • The Sunday Farmers’ Market is a great place to sell fresh produce and host events for children with live music.
  • Turkey Festival offers a unique experience to families interested in Turkish culture.

These events in Neenah allow families to spend time together, discover new things and have fun. Everyone can enjoy the activities that appeal to all ages. Neenah is an unforgettable holiday destination for families.

A Fun Family Day at Neenah Children’s Museum

Neenah Children’s Museum offers a great option for families who want to spend quality time with their children. This museum aims to provide an unforgettable experience for both children and adults with its educational and entertaining activities. Families can spend a pleasant day in this museum and have the opportunity to learn while enjoying the fun at the same time.

Information About the Museum

The Neenah Children’s Museum is located in the city of Neenah, Wisconsin. Opened in 2004, this museum hosts many interactive exhibits that will attract children of all age groups. The purpose of the museum is to help children develop their skills of exploration, creativity and learning.

Events and Exhibitions

The Neenah Children’s Museum offers a wide range of events and exhibits. The “Great Buildings” exhibition is an interactive space where children can develop their construction skills. Here, children can unleash their imagination using different building materials. In addition, in the exhibition “Nature Park”, children can learn to interact with nature and discover plant and animal species.

Another activity of the museum is the “Art Workshop”. In this workshop, children can participate in many different art activities such as painting, creating sculptures and developing their hand skills. They can also conduct experiments and explore physical and chemical principles in the “Science Lab”. These activities not only allow children to have fun but also help them develop their scientific thinking skills.

Family Activities

Neenah Children’s Museum offers many enjoyable activities for families as well. Activities organized under the name of “Family Days” allow mothers and fathers to have fun with their children. The museum also offers the possibility to book children’s birthday parties or special events.

When you visit the museum with your family, you can find many activities that will allow your children to both have fun and learn. You can play, experiment or participate in artistic activities with your children in the interactive areas of the exhibitions.

Facilities of the Museum

Neenah Children’s Museum offers many opportunities to its visitors. The museum has clean and safe playgrounds specially designed for children. There are also facilities such as a restaurant, cafe and gift shop. The museum provides accessibility options for the disabled, making it easy for everyone to visit.

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Neenah Children’s Museum is a place where families can have a pleasant time. While satisfying the curiosity of children with its educational and entertaining activities, it also strengthens family ties. You can spend an unforgettable day with your family by visiting the Neenah Children’s Museum.

Family Friendly Art Events in Neenah

Art provides a unique experience for people of all ages, and family-friendly art events are the perfect opportunity to have unforgettable moments in Neenah. Located in Neenah, Wisconsin, this quaint city is known for its artsy events and offers plenty of options for families. Whether you’re exploring an exhibition with your kids or attending a play, you’re sure to find something for everyone at Neenah.

1. Bergstrom-Mahler Art Museum

The Bergstrom-Mahler Art Museum is the perfect place to offer unique art events for kids and adults alike. Offering a calendar full of educational programs and workshops, the museum encourages the participation of anyone with an interest in the arts. Art workshops for children allow them to explore various art forms such as painting and sculpture. There are also guided tours of the exhibits so families can learn more about the art.

2. Tadych Theater

Tadych Theater is the perfect venue for families with a love of theatre. Offering a variety of plays and performances, the theater is known for its family-friendly content. Activities such as musicals, children’s games and storytelling provide an environment in which children can participate with enthusiasm and be completely immersed in their own world. Adults can also discover the art of theater and experience different plays here.

3. Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a place where both nature and art meet. Outdoor concerts and shows taking place in the park allow families to spend a pleasant evening by the river. Also noteworthy are the sculptures and art installations in the park. Families can go on nature walks, have picnics and spend time in the playground for the children. This beautiful park is a great option for both art and relaxation.

4. Monthly Art Walks

The monthly art walks in Neenah provide a fun and inspiring activity for families. At these events, art galleries and studios showcase and open to visitors the works of local artists. Families can also come across street performers, musicians and dancers on these walks. Along the walk, families can explore various aspects of the arts and interact with local artists.

Date Event Venue June 5, 2022 Art Gallery Opening Main Street June 12, 2022 Live Music Show Riverside Park June 19, 2022 Street Artists Exhibition Downtown District

Neenah is a great place for families to discover, experience and experience art. Spend an art-filled day at the Bergstrom-Mahler Art Museum, watch unforgettable performances at the Tadych Theatre, immerse yourself in nature at Riverside Park, and support local artists on monthly art walks. These events not only allow families to spend time together, but also develop cultural understanding and artistic awareness. Family-friendly art events at Neenah are both fun and inspiring.

Family Picnics and Concerts Held in Neenah

Family picnic events and concerts held annually in Neenah, Wisconsin are a major attraction for locals and tourists alike. These events offer moments of fun and music on beautiful summer days. Neenah’s parklands surrounded by natural beauty are the perfect venue for concerts and picnics.

Picnic Events

Family picnic events held in Neenah offer activities that people of all ages can participate in. These events are often organized by local communities and volunteer groups. The parks where the events are held allow families to spend their time comfortably with their large green areas, playgrounds and barbecue areas.

It is full of picnic events, contests, games and fun activities. Many events such as sack races, egg transport races, water balloon throwing contests create a feeling of competition and fun among the participants. There are also activities specially organized for children, such as face painting booths and inflatable playgrounds.

Date Place Event July 15, 2022 Riverside Park Family Picnic Day July 22, 2022 Memorial Park Grill and Games July 29, 2022 Washington Park Picnic Basket Competition

  • July 15, 2022 – Riverside Park: At this event, families can bring their own food and have a picnic. There are also talks, music performances and dance performances in the park.
  • July 22, 2022 – Memorial Park: In this event, grilling areas are set up in the park and families can cook and eat their delicious meals together. In addition, games and sporting events are organized.
  • July 29, 2022 – Washington Park: In this event, families can compete in the picnic basket competition by designing the most creative and delicious picnic basket. In addition, various games and activities are carried out in the park.


Concerts held in Neenah allow music lovers of the region to come together and have a fun-filled night. These concerts are often held in parks or outdoor venues and feature performances in many different musical genres.

Concert events range from major events featuring national and local artists. Many different music genres are represented at concerts, such as rock, pop, country, jazz and blues. These concerts are organized to both support local talents and provide musical enjoyment to the community.

Date Place Artist August 5, 2022 Arrowhead Park The Neenah All Stars August 12, 2022 Shattuck Park The Harmonizers August 19, 2022 South Park The Valley Band

  • August 5, 2022 – Arrowhead Park: In this concert, a local band called The Neenah All Stars performs and gives the audience an energetic night.
  • August 12, 2022 – Shattuck Park: In this concert, the vocal ensemble The Harmonizers takes the stage and offers an unforgettable experience to the audience with their a cappella performances.
  • August 19, 2022 – South Park: At this concert, a country-rock band called The Valley Band takes the stage and gives the audience an enjoyable evening.

Family picnic events and concerts held in Neenah are a great opportunity to strengthen the community spirit and family unity. These events bring people together, create unique experiences and create unforgettable memories. We invite everyone to discover the beauties of Neenah and participate in these fun filled events!

Family Fun Exploration Trails in Neenah

Neenah, Wisconsin is a unique place that offers fun exploration trails for families. You can spend a pleasant time with your children in this city where natural beauties and impressive landscapes meet. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best trails and family-friendly activities available in Neenah.

1. Parks amp; Recreation Division in Neenah

Located in Neenah, the Parks amp; Recreation Division offers many activities and trails for families. This section offers different trails where your children can explore nature outdoors.

  • A trail close to Lake Winnebago: This trail is a route close to downtown where your kids can cycle or hike. You can explore various natural and historical points along the trail.

Other trails to explore include:

Trail Name Description Menasha Ribbon Mill Trail A beautiful trail for biking Arrowhead Park Trail A trail favored by hikers Riverside Park Trail A trail with playgrounds and picnic areas for children

2. Bergstrom-Mahler Museum and Trails

The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum is a museum that offers fun exploration trails for families. Offering interactive games and activities especially for children, this museum allows children to come into contact with art and science.

Among the tracks in the museum:

  • Nature Discovery Track: This track, which allows your children to explore nature, offers interactive games about caterpillars, birds and plants.
  • Science Discovery Track: This track, which includes science-related experiments and activities, allows children to explore the world of science.

3. Neenah Utu Utu Gatumuz Eagle Park

Neenah Utu Utu Gatumuz Eagle Park is a park of natural beauty and offers fun activities for families. This track allows your children to participate in outdoor activities.

Activities on the track include:

  • mountain bike trail
  • nature walks
  • picnic areas
  • swimming pools

There are also special events, festivals and concerts held in the park. You can spend a pleasant time with your family at these events.

4. Xe Mart Park

Xe Mart Park is another great place that offers fun exploration trails for families. This track offers many activities where your children can energize.

  • children’s playgrounds
  • skate park
  • picnic areas
  • Walking and jogging trails

Events such as open-air concerts and movie screenings are also held in this park.

Neenah offers many different options that offer fun exploration trails for families. Itineraries are full of fascinating museums and fun parks, where you can explore nature with your children. Don’t forget to visit these trails to have a pleasant time with your family in Neenah.

Nature Activities You Can Do With Your Kids In Neenah

There are many activities in Neenah, Wisconsin where you can spend a pleasant time with your children in nature. Neenah is the perfect place for your children to meet nature, discover new things and be active outside. Here are nature activities you can do with your kids in Neenah:

Natureland Park

Natureland Park is a natural park in Neenah that you can explore with your kids. There are several walking paths, picnic areas and toys in the park. Here, your children can enjoy the fresh air by playing in harmony with nature. At the same time, they can observe various animals and learn new things about vegetation.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is the perfect place for activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. Here you can have a picnic by the water by walking up to the Nehara with your children. You can also explore the various woodlands in the park and go bird watching. The park provides a great environment for children to explore nature and play outdoors.

Fox River Kayak and Canoe Tours

Paddling or canoeing through Fox River Squares is an exciting nature activity to do with your kids. Various companies in the area offer guided tours and services, allowing your children to have fun on the river safely. Paddling in the calm waters of the river teaches your children the importance of being active in nature and balance skills.

Stephen Roe Lewis Park

Stephen Roe Lewis Park is an impressive natural park that you can visit as a family. The park has a playground, walking paths and lakeside fishing opportunities. Here, your children can throw off their energies, enjoy the sun and enjoy the natural beauties. You can also observe a variety of bird species and have many opportunities to learn new things about nature.

The Flying Decoy Boreal Forest

The Flying Decoy is a fascinating boreal forest that nature enthusiasts can explore with their children. In this forest, you can take walks with your children, watch birds and enjoy nature. There are various paths and picnic areas in the forest for families to use. This activity is the perfect opportunity for your kids to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park is a beautiful park famous for its picnic areas and natural beauty. Here you can have a picnic under the trees with your children, take a walk and play games on the baseball fields. You can also fish in the pond in the park and teach your children new things about nature. Jefferson Park is a peaceful nature paradise where you can have fun with your children.

Event Location Natureland Park Neenah, Wisconsin Riverside Park Neenah, Wisconsin Fox River Kayak amp; Canoe Tours Neenah, Wisconsin Stephen Roe Lewis Park Neenah, Wisconsin The Flying Decoy Boreal Forest Neenah, Wisconsin Jefferson Park Neenah, Wisconsin

Neenah offers many great places to explore nature with your children. These activities allow your children to be active outdoors, encourage them to learn about nature, and have fun as a family. Neenah is the ideal place for Wisconsin residents to experience nature. Come on, grab your kids and go on nature adventures in Neenah!

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