Exeter’s Most Beautiful Natural Scenes: Intertwined with Nature

By | September 17, 2023

Exeter’s Most Beautiful Natural Scenes: Intertwined with Nature

Exeter is a city in the southwest of England and is famous for its natural beauty. Its rich history and surrounding natural areas offer dazzling views to its visitors. Here are Exeter’s most beautiful natural sights:

1. Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is a natural wonder located near Exeter. This park is famous for its mystical and impressive atmosphere. You can take a walk, join nature walks and enjoy nature in the park, which is covered with wide and green hills. Also, the ancient megalithic monuments and historical ruins in the park are worth seeing.

2. Exe River

Surrounding the city of Exeter, the River Exe is one of the city’s most beautiful natural sights. You can explore the fascinating views of the river with boat tours on the river. You can also take a stroll along the riverside walkways and take in the city views by crossing the bridges over the river.

3. Haldon Forest

Haldon Forest is the ideal place for those seeking a tranquil getaway from Exeter. This forest dazzles with its natural beauty and is a paradise for nature lovers. Here you can go for nature walks, go cycling or have a picnic. In addition, the discovery trails and adventure park arranged in a trail pattern in the forest allow you to spend a day full of activity.

4. Powderham Castle and Park

Located near Exeter, Powderham Castle and Park includes a beautiful natural area surrounded by an elegant historic building. This castle has been owned by the same family for over 600 years and has witnessed many historical events. You can take a walk in the park, visit the gardens and discover the historical significance of the castle. You can also have a picnic in the park next to the castle or spend time with your children in the playground.

5. Otter Valley

The Otter Valley is another example of Exeter’s natural beauty. Here you can take a walk and discover the rare plant and animal species of this region. You can take a break at the cafes near the river and fish in the river. You can also experience traditional English rural life in small villages in the Otter Valley.

6. Stoke Woods

Stoke Woods is a nature reserve close to the city center of Exeter. This woodland area is famous for its lush trees and flowers. Here you can do bird watching, take a quiet walk in nature or have a picnic. You can also cycle or run on the paths in the forest.

No Scenic Features 1 Dartmoor National Park Mystical atmosphere and ancient ruins 2 Exe River River tours and hiking trails 3 Haldon Forest Nature walks and adventure park 4 Powderham Castle and Park Historic buildings and gardens 5 Otter Valley Trails and fishing 6 Stoke Woods Green trees and quiet walking trails

Exeter is a city that impresses its visitors with its natural beauty. From Dartmoor National Park to the River Exe, from Haldon Forest to Powderham Castle, you can explore many natural landscapes. These natural wonders make Exeter a must-see destination for nature lovers. You can enjoy Exeter’s natural heritage when you visit these areas that are protected and valued by their local people.

Exeter’s Secret Gardens: Ideal Places to Meet Nature

Exeter is a city famous for the beauty of England. There are many secret gardens in this city, which stands out with its historical structure and natural beauties. Exeter’s secret gardens are ideal spots for meeting nature and experiencing peaceful moments. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at Exeter’s secret gardens and guide you to explore.

Royal Residence Gardens

The Royal Residence Gardens is one of Exeter’s most famous secret gardens. These gardens are located right next to Exeter Cathedral. One of the best examples of the English garden style, the Royal Residence Gardens enchant its visitors with its manicured lawns, flower beds and cozy corners. Events and concerts held in the garden are also very popular during the spring and summer months.

The Gardens of the Royal Residence are the ideal place for picnics and outdoor relaxation. With its peaceful atmosphere and historical texture, the moments you spend here will be unforgettable. The tea garden in the garden is a stopping point where you can enjoy tea and cakes.

Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens consists of a series of gardens located around Exeter Castle. These secret gardens have a quiet and calm atmosphere despite being very close to the center of the city. Castle Gardens, in addition to being a part of the historical castle, draws attention with its colorful vegetation and open spaces. Here you can take a walk, relax on the benches or read a book.

There are also playgrounds for children in the Castle Gardens. It is therefore located amongst the secret gardens of Exeter, an ideal place for families. You can find delicious snacks in the restaurants and cafes in the gardens.

Ram’s Meadow

Located on the Exeter River, Ram’s Meadow is a nature-lovers favorite garden. This secret garden offers peaceful moments with its lush green grass, colorful flowers and its location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ram’s Meadow offers the ideal place to have a picnic, barbecue or enjoy a cup of tea. You can also enjoy nature by taking a walk by the river and relax in the company of bird sounds.

Trew’s Weir

Trew’s Weir is another secret garden located on the Exeter River. To reach this garden, a walk along the river awaits you from the city center. During this walk, you can see beautiful landscapes and historical bridges.

Trew’s Weir has a quiet and calm atmosphere, providing an experience intertwined with nature. You can take a walk by the river, feed the swans or read a book. You can find the opportunity to taste delicious tastes in the cafes and restaurants in the garden.

Exeter’s Secret Gardens: It’s Time to Meet Nature!

Exeter’s secret gardens are the perfect spots to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy moments of peace. In gardens such as the Royal Residence Gardens, Castle Gardens, Ram’s Meadow and Trew’s Weir, you can be in touch with nature, have a picnic, read a book or just have a pleasant time in its silence and beauty.

Simply follow the city’s historic landmarks and the riverside to discover Exeter’s secret gardens. These secret gardens offer Exeter’s natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy enjoying nature and relieving stress in these quiet spots of the city.

Exeter’s secret gardens provide visitors with unforgettable memories. These secret gardens are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to meet nature and get away from city life. Explore Exeter’s secret gardens to immerse yourself in nature and have a peaceful time!

Exeter’s Countryside Towns: Enjoy Living in Nature

Although Exeter, located in the southwest of England, is a city famous for its historical and cultural riches, the rural towns around it are also worth exploring. For those who prefer a life in touch with nature, Exeter’s rural towns offer an excellent choice. In this article, we explore Exeter’s rural towns in detail.

Ottery St Mary’s

  • Ottery St Mary is a historic town located approximately 10 miles from Exeter.
  • Famous Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez lived for a time in Ottery St Mary and wrote his works inspired by his experiences in this town.
  • One of the most striking features of the town is its historical church and the natural beauties around it.


  • Located on the banks of the Exe River, Topsham is a charming town with its historical texture.
  • Topsham is a famous port town that was the center of maritime trade in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Famous for its rich seafood and vegetable markets, Topsham is home to delicious fish restaurants.


  • Lympstone, located on the opposite bank of the Exe River, is a town famous for its picturesque scenery.
  • The town is notable for its historic fishing houses and has a nature reserve surrounded by walking paths.
  • Lympstone caters to gastronomic tastes with its seafood restaurants and traditional English pubs.


  • Just 7 miles from Exeter, Woodbury is a town known for its idyllic beauty.
  • The town is home to extensive woodlands and natural parks.
  • Ideal for hiking, biking and picnicking, Woodbury Common is an attractive option for nature lovers.


  • About 15 miles from Exeter, Honiton is a town famous for its traditional handicrafts.
  • The town’s Craft Museum introduces visitors to the town’s artistic and cultural past.
  • Honiton is a great place for shopping, with its antique shops and weekly markets.


  • Located on the banks of the Otter River, Otterton is a quiet and peaceful town.
  • Otterton Mill is known for a renovated watermill and restaurant.
  • The town, with its beaches and natural reserves, is an ideal option for those who want to spend a holiday in touch with nature.

Town Distance Historic Features Natural Beauties Gastronomy Ottery St Mary 10 miles Historic church Surrounding nature Local flavors Topsham 17th and 18th century harbor on the Exe River Sea views Fish restaurants Lympstone Historical fishing village houses on the opposite bank of the Exe River Walking trails, nature reserve Sea products restaurants Woodbury 7 miles Woodlands Natural parks – Honiton 15 miles Crafts – Antique shops, markets Otterton Otterton Mill on the Otter River, watermill Beaches, nature reserves –

Exeter’s rural towns offer fascinating experiences with their history, natural beauty and gastronomic richness. You can enjoy a life intertwined with nature in these towns, each of which has its own characteristics.

Exeter’s Quiet Lakes and Rivers: Discover the Tranquility of Nature

Exeter is a historic city in the southwest of England. This city is famous for its quiet lakes and rivers. If you want to discover the tranquility of nature, Exeter is the place for you. Now, let’s get to know the places where you can enjoy these natural beauties.

1. Exe River

The Exe River is known as a beautiful river flowing in the heart of the city of Exeter. You can take a walk along the river, ride a bike or just lie on the riverside lawn to sunbathe.

The Exe River also allows for many water sports. You can explore the calm waters of the river with boat tours or have a pleasant trip on the river with activities such as canoeing.

The Exe River is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. It is also possible to swim in the river in summer. Every activity you will do in this river will make you feel the peace of nature.

2. Double Locks

Double Locks is a lake located in Exeter. This lake is surrounded by rivers and has a fascinating nature around it. By coming to Double Locks, you can have a picnic in a quiet environment and watch the beautiful scenery.

However, there is also the opportunity to rent a boat at Double Locks. You can buy your own boat or choose to rent it. You can enjoy the beauty of the lake while taking a quiet water ride.

Double Locks also has facilities that offer services such as restaurants and cafes. Therefore, you can choose these facilities to relieve your tiredness or have a delicious meal.

3. Roadford Lake

Roadford Lake is a large lake located near Exeter. This lake draws attention with its natural beauty and calmness. You can find peace by being alone with nature by coming to Roadford Lake.

Roadford Lake is also famous for its surrounding hiking trails. You can take nature walks and relax while enjoying the scenery around the lake. It is also possible to fish in the lake.

Camping is also available at Roadford Lake. Camping in the middle of nature will make you feel like a part of nature.


Exeter’s quiet lakes and rivers offer a unique experience for nature lovers. You can fully feel the tranquility of nature by exploring natural wonders such as the Exe River, Double Locks and Roadford Lake. By coming to these places, you can get away from the stress of daily life and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Exeter’s quiet lakes and rivers make it a great option for anyone who wants to experience immersion in nature.

Unforgettable Views in the Hills of Exeter: Admire the Perfect Nature

Exeter is a city in the southwest of England and has fascinated its visitors with its natural beauty throughout history. Exeter’s hills, in particular, offer visitors unforgettable experiences with their unique landscapes. A trip to the hills of Exeter is a must to witness the enchanting animation of nature and be amazed by its impeccable beauty.

Natural Beauty in the Hills of Exeter

The hills of Exeter offer a fascinating combination of natural life. On these hills, you can encounter rich vegetation and various animal species. In addition, this region is home to rare species of exotic birds. Don’t forget that on a trip to the hills of Exeter you can discover rare and endemic species as well as natural beauty.

Activities in the Hills of Exeter

Exeter’s hills offer a variety of activities for nature lovers. Starting from the foothills of these hills, you can take a walk and enjoy the scenery around you. Cycling on the hills is also a popular activity, so you can be in touch with nature and have an exciting adventure at the same time. Exeter’s hills are also a great option for those who want to picnic or camp in natural settings.

Exeter’s Hills and Sports

Exeter’s hills are also a great option for those who want to exercise outdoors. You can jog on these hills, hike on natural slopes, and even rock climbing if you’re interested in climbing. You can also try exciting sports like windsurfing and paragliding on these hills. The biggest advantage of playing sports in the hills of Exeter is that you can improve your health by having a closer contact with nature.

Related Information about Views in the Hills of Exeter

Exeter’s hills offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside. You can watch the city view from these hills, see large green areas and even observe the sea. Exeter’s hills are also ideal spots to watch extraordinary natural events such as sunsets and sunrises. While dancing with the colors of nature, you can find yourself in the arms of calmness and peace.

Natural Beauty in the Hills of Exeter Activities on the Hills of Exeter Diverse vegetation Hiking Various animal species Cycling Exotic bird species Picnic Rare and endemic species Camping in nature

Exeter’s hills are the perfect option for those who want to be at one with nature. In these hills, you can discover rich vegetation and various animal species, enjoy the natural beauty and participate in many different activities. Sports and scenic views on the hills of Exeter will leave unforgettable memories for visitors. Don’t miss the chance to plan a trip to the hills of Exeter and marvel at the magic of flawless nature!

Exeter’s Best Hiking Trails: Step Into Nature

Exeter is a beautiful city in England known for its natural beauty and walking routes. There are many wonderful walking paths in the city and these paths offer the perfect opportunity for those who want to spend time in touch with nature. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the best hiking routes in Exeter.

Nature walks and routes you have participated in

The nature walks you can take in Exeter are varied. Here are some examples:

  • Dartmoor National Park: Close to Exeter, this natural reserve offers the perfect hiking experience for nature lovers. On this route, you can free your feet and enjoy unforgettable views.
  • River Exe: Located in downtown Exeter, the River Exe is a great walking route. You can take a walk along the river, explore the surrounding natural beauty and enjoy the magnificent views.
  • Exeter Cathedral and Green: The green spaces around Exeter Cathedral offer a tranquil setting for walkers. This route is ideal for those who want to experience historical and natural beauties together.

Preparation and tips for hiking routes

To experience the walking routes in Exeter, you need to make some preparations. Here are some tips for you:

  • Clothing: It is important that you wear comfortable and appropriate clothing during nature walks. You should dress according to the weather and choose walking shoes.
  • Backpack: You should have a backpack that you may need to carry items such as water, snacks, maps, and compass.
  • Water: If you have chosen a long walking route, be sure to take enough water. It is important to keep your body hydrated.
  • Map and compass: It is important to have a map and compass to stay informed about the route and not get lost.

Enjoying the walking routes

To have a pleasant time on the hiking routes in Exeter, you should pay attention to some important points:

  • Enjoy the sights: Enjoy being surrounded by the natural beauty of Exeter. Enjoy the views offered by the walking routes and take photos.
  • Slow down and rest: It is important to rest from time to time along the walking routes. You can enjoy the landscape, take time for yourself and regain your energy when you rest.
  • Respect the environment: Do not forget that you are a part of the natural life on the walking routes. Respecting nature and the environment is important to protect these routes for future generations.

Be determined and enjoy nature walks

Be determined to discover the best hiking routes in Exeter and take some time to immerse yourself in nature. Filled with Exeter’s natural beauty, these routes will offer you an experience of peace and discovery. Remember, taking your steps in nature will feed your soul and make you feel energetic again.

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