Best Restaurants in Manchester: Mealtime

By | September 17, 2023

Best Restaurants in Manchester: Mealtime

One of the things that many people get most excited about when they travel is to taste different cuisines. Discovering new flavors during the travel experience complements cultural experiences and creates unforgettable memories. The UK city of Manchester is an extremely diverse and exciting place to eat and drink. In this article, we will share with you the best restaurants located in Manchester.

1. The French by Simon Rogan

The French by Simon Rogan is a premium restaurant in Manchester. Simon Rogan is a well-known chef in the UK gastronomy scene, serving creative and flavorful dishes at The French. Dishes obtained from local products on the menu will fascinate you both visually and in taste. You will feel special in the elegant and stylish atmosphere of the restaurant.

2. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is the go-to restaurant for meat lovers in Manchester. With some of the UK’s best meats, Hawksmoor offers the ultimate steak experience. The modern decoration and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant will make your meal even more enjoyable. The variety of meats on the menu appeal to all tastes and enrich the tastes with the unique sauces served with it.

3. The Ivy

The Ivy is a stylish restaurant located in Manchester city centre. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will have a unique experience with The Ivy’s quality and delicious food. While the restaurant offers the best examples of British cuisine, it also offers dishes influenced by international cuisine. The modern and stylish decoration of The Ivy adds elegance to your meals.

4. El Gato Negro

If you are into Spanish cuisine, you should definitely visit El Gato Negro in Manchester. El Gato Negro, a Spanish tapas restaurant, takes you to Spain with its authentic and delicious dishes. Various tapas options on the menu and traditional Spanish dishes such as paella will satisfy your taste buds. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere and quality service make your meal even more special.

5. Dishoom

Dishoom is a restaurant serving the best of Indian cuisine in Manchester. This restaurant offers Indian street food and traditional Indian delicacies, giving you an authentic Indian experience. With a variety of flavors on the menu, skillful use of spices and a friendly atmosphere, Dishoom is the perfect place to savor Indian cuisine that is typical of the UK.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Location The French by Simon Rogan French cuisine Spinningfields, Manchester Hawksmoor Steakhouse Deansgate, Manchester The Ivy British and international cuisine Manchester City Centre, Manchester El Gato Negro Spanish cuisine King Street, Manchester Dishoom Indian cuisine Bridge Street, Manchester

For Mancunians, the gastronomic experience is not just an act of eating, but also a moment of social activity and enjoyment. These restaurants, which serve different cuisines in Manchester, add color to their travels by providing unforgettable dining experiences to the visitors. There are many more great restaurants in the city, so when you visit Manchester be sure to take time to try the different cuisines.

World Cuisine Restaurants in Manchester: Taste Different Cultures

Manchester is one of the most cultured cities in England. For this reason, there are many delicious world cuisine restaurants in the city. For food lovers, Manchester has many options to sample dishes from different cultures.

Indian Kitchen

Manchester is one of the leading destinations for Indian cuisine. Many Indian restaurants in the city offer delicious dishes prepared with fresh spices. For those who love Indian food, Rusholme area known as “Curry Mile” is a must visit. There are beautiful Indian restaurants in this region and all kinds of Indian food can be tasted.

Chinese Cuisine

For those who love Chinese cuisine, Manchester has many options. Authentic Chinese restaurants are located in the Chinatown area of ​​the city center. These restaurants feature seafood, dumplings, chicken with special decorations, and many more Chinese dishes. Chinatown also has a colorful atmosphere with festivals and special events held.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is very popular around the world and you can find the best examples of this cuisine in Manchester. There are many Italian restaurants and pizzerias in the city. These restaurants offer pastas made from fresh dough, delicious pizzas and delicious seafood. Italian restaurants often have a relaxed atmosphere and are ideal for savoring delicious food.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is famous for its spicy flavors and colorful presentation. Manchester has many Mexican restaurants that serve Mexican delicacies such as fresh tortillas, tacos, enchiladas and guacamole. Mexican restaurants often have a lively atmosphere and are noted for their friendly staff.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern cuisine is very popular in Manchester. There are many Lebanese, Turkish and Moroccan restaurants in the city. In these restaurants, you can reach the unique tastes of the Middle East such as hummus, kebab, falafel, tabbule and couscous. You can also enjoy hookah in these restaurants and experience the Middle Eastern culture closely.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Location Taj Mahal Indian Rusholme Yang Sing Chinese Chinatown Piccolino Italian City Center El Capo Mexico Northern Quarter Akbars Middle East Castlefield

If you want to enjoy world cuisine in Manchester, you can add to this list and make your own discoveries. Manchester offers a colorful gastronomic experience with dishes from different cultures.

Best Restaurants for Vegans and Vegetarians in Manchester

Manchester is one of England’s largest and most vibrant cities. There are many great restaurant options for vegans and vegetarians living in this city. Manchester is known for its restaurants serving a variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. Here is our guide to discovering the best restaurants in Manchester for vegans and vegetarians.

The Allotment Vegan Restaurant

Address Services Phone Number 18 – 22 Lloyd St., Manchester M2 5WA Vegan meals, brunch, dinner 0161 478 1331

The Allotment Vegan Restaurant is one of the most popular vegan restaurants. Serving vegan food in a stylish setting, this restaurant is famous for its delicious and innovative menu. Offering vegan brunch, dinner and many options, The Allotment Vegan Restaurant uses organic and sustainable ingredients.

Loving Hut

Address Services Phone Number 13 Lever St., Manchester M1 1BY Vegan fast food, Asian cuisine 0161 834 0090

Loving Hut is a great option for vegan fast food and Asian cuisine lovers. With a large menu, this restaurant offers burgers, noodles, rice dishes and more. Loving Hut is a restaurant that serves delicious and hearty meals using healthy and fresh ingredients.

V-Rev Vegan Diner

Address Services Phone Number 20-26 Edge St., Manchester M4 1HN Vegan fast food, burgers, milkshakes 0161 806 0244

V-Rev Vegan Diner is the ideal place for vegan fast food lovers. This restaurant offers delicious vegan burgers, fries and milkshakes that will impress you. V-Rev Vegan Diner has a friendly atmosphere that proudly serves vegan food.


Address Services Telephone Number 111 Oxford Rd., Manchester M1 7DU Vegan breakfast, brunch 0161 236 3030

Frokost is a great option for vegan breakfast and brunch lovers. With a warm atmosphere, this restaurant offers delicious vegan breakfast plates, toast and freshly squeezed juices. Frokost’s menu offers a variety to appeal to the tastes of all vegans and vegetarians.

Manchester has many great restaurant options for vegans and vegetarians. These restaurants serve delicious and sustainable cuisine and have a variety of menus to please those who follow the vegan lifestyle. These restaurants, which have vegan and vegetarian options, are the places that will appeal to your taste buds on your visit to Manchester.

Street Food in Manchester: Experience the Best Taste of the City

Street Food in Manchester: Experience the Best Taste of the City

Manchester is one of England’s most vibrant and impressive cities. It is known for its unique cultural heritage and energetic atmosphere. The city’s many restaurants, cafes and bars offer a variety of delicacies, from world-renowned Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional British flavors. However, this variety is found not only in restaurants, but also in street food. We look forward to discovering the best flavors of the city by experiencing street food in Manchester.

Street Food Culture in Manchester

Manchester has been influenced by various cuisines of the world due to its cosmopolitan nature. Therefore, street food can also be seen as a combination of different cultures. International cuisines in the city include Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and many more.

Manchester is also very rich in diversity when it comes to street food. Street food stalls in the city pop up during festivals, markets, and events. These stalls offer food made with delicious and fresh ingredients, providing visitors with an amazing experience.

Where to Find the Best Street Food

There are many places to taste street food in Manchester. Here are some areas and flavors you might want to try:

Region Taste Chinatown Chinese cuisine dumplings, noodles, Peking duck Curry Mile Indian tandoori varieties, curry, naan breads Arndale Market Fresh seafood, pure fruit and vegetables Levenshulme Market Sauce sandwiches, kebabs, falafels in the atmosphere of the street festival

These areas allow you to experience street food in Manchester at its best. Especially Chinatown is like an oasis for those who love Chinese food. The restaurants and street food stalls located here offer the best of China. Likewise, the Curry Mile is an indispensable destination for those who love Indian food.

Culinary Tours

Kitchen tours are also available to make the street food experience in Manchester even more impressive. These tours include tasting events held in different parts of the city. Discover Manchester’s hidden street food spots and experience local delicacies.

Culinary tours also offer traditional flavors of British cuisine. You can experience items such as fish and chips, pastie (encased meat pie) and Yorkshire pudding. These tours allow you to not only enjoy delicious food but also learn about Manchester’s street food culture and history.

Street Food Festival

Manchester is also famous for its annual street food festivals. During these festivals, you can enjoy food cooked at the best street food stalls serving in the city. The festival grounds are filled with live music, shows and interactive events.

You can discover traditional flavors from different cultures by attending a street food festival in Manchester. These festivals also host presentations by local chefs and street food experts. You can listen to the stories of local dishes and masters and learn how these delicacies are prepared.

Manchester is a haven for street food. The variety and quality in the city offers flavors for everyone’s taste. If you travel to Manchester, be sure to take time to experience street food. This experience will give you the opportunity to discover the vibrant culture and culinary richness of the city.

Resort Restaurants in Manchester: Delicious Food and Beautiful Views

Manchester is a city in the north of England. Many resort restaurants are also located here, as it gains immense popularity among tourists. These restaurants offer an unforgettable experience to their guests with their delicious food and beautiful views.

1. The River View Restaurant

  • Address: XYZ Street, Manchester
  • Cuisine: British, seafood
  • Landscape: Surrounded by the river and greenery

The River View Restaurant has a great view. Surrounded by the river and greenery, this restaurant is the perfect option for those who want to dine in a quiet environment. You can try the most special flavors of British cuisine and at the same time taste fresh seafood. Fish soup and grilled salmon are especially recommended.

2. The Garden Terrace

  • Address: ABC Street, Manchester
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • View: Garden view

The Garden Terrace is a resort restaurant serving the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine. You can spend a pleasant evening with delicious pasta, pizza and seafood accompanied by garden views. You should especially try the fettuccine with pesto sauce and the pizza made with fresh mozzarella.

3. The Hilltop Lounge

  • Address: PQR Street, Manchester
  • Cuisine: Asian
  • View: City view

The Hilltop Lounge is a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine with city views. You can meet the specialties of the Far East and at the same time brighten your day with delicious cocktails. Sushi and thai curry are among the popular dishes here.

4. The Lakeside Bistro

  • Address: DEF Street, Manchester
  • Cuisine: French
  • View: Lake view

The Lakeside Bistro is a restaurant that serves the best of French cuisine with lake views. You can dine in a stylish atmosphere accompanied by fine wines. Especially meat dishes and desserts with chocolate sauce are the favorite flavors of this restaurant.

5. The Coastal Retreat

  • Address: GHI Street, Manchester
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • View: Sea view

The Coastal Retreat offers delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by sea views. You can feel yourself on a southern flavor journey with fresh seafood, olive oil appetizers and delicious desserts. Seafood platter and tiramisu are popular options here.

Restaurant Name Cuisine Landscape The River View Restaurant British, seafood The Garden Terrace surrounded by river and greenery Italian Garden view The Hilltop Lounge Asian City view The Lakeside Bistro French Lake view The Coastal Retreat Mediterranean Sea view

Resort restaurants in Manchester offer travelers an unforgettable experience with their cuisine and beautiful scenery. You can be sure that these restaurants, which welcome their guests with their own special style, will make your holiday even more enjoyable.

Traditional British Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester is one of the liveliest cities in the north of England and offers visitors many cultural experiences. Traditional English restaurants in the city are one of them. For the gourmet traveller, Manchester has many options to explore.

1. The French

The French is one of the most famous and award-winning restaurants in Manchester. Established in 1903, this restaurant is a place where traditional British cuisine is served in an original way. It is run by Simon Rogan, considered one of Britain’s best chefs. Its menu includes delicious dishes and impressive presentations.

2. The Stretford Sausage Company

If you want to eat traditional English sausage rolls, The Stretford Sausage Company is the place for you. This restaurant is the place to serve the best hot dogs in England. While the sausages are prepared with fresh and high quality ingredients, the taste of the bread has not been forgotten. You can also customize your hot dog buns the way you want with various sauces and garnishes.

3. The Briton’s Protection

A former British pub, The Briton’s Protection is one of the most historic and authentic restaurants in Manchester. It was founded in 1806 and serves traditional English dishes as well as a wide selection of beers and whiskeys. Here, you can try delicacies such as fish and chips, pie and mash, which are the most popular dishes of British cuisine.

4. The Refuge

Once an insurance building, The Refuge now serves as a popular restaurant and bar in Manchester. Serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine as well as British cuisine, this restaurant is an ideal option for gourmet travelers seeking a variety of tastes. At The Refuge, you can dine in a pleasant atmosphere and discover the flavors of different cultures.

5. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is a restaurant in Manchester that serves delicious British steak food. This restaurant serves steaks prepared with the best quality meats. In addition, there are various sauces, garnishes and wine varieties. Hawksmoor is a meat-lover’s haunt and offers an unforgettable dining experience in a stylish atmosphere.

6. The Oast House

The Oast House is a restaurant that reflects British pub culture. Located in Manchester city centre, this building serves traditional British food in a modern way. Its menu includes a variety of pub fare, burgers and meat dishes. The Oast House also has a large garden where you can dine outside in a pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurant Name Features The French Award-winning chefs and delicious food The Stretford Sausage Company The best hot dogs The Briton’s Protection Historic and authentic pub atmosphere The Refuge Impressive Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine Hawksmoor Fine British steaks The Oast House Traditional British pub food

  • Manchester is a great option for the gourmet traveler with its traditional English restaurants.
  • The French is an award-winning restaurant run by Britain’s most celebrated chefs.
  • The Stretford Sausage Company stands out as a place serving the best hot dogs.
  • The Briton’s Protection serves traditional British cuisine in a historic pub atmosphere.
  • The Refuge is a place that offers both British cuisine and flavors of different cultures.
  • Hawksmoor is a restaurant serving delicious British steaks prepared with quality meats.
  • The Oast House is a place that serves traditional British pub food in a modern way.

Manchester offers gourmet travelers an unforgettable experience with its rich and varied traditional British cuisine. You can try the delicious food of England in these restaurants and have a pleasant time here with the lively atmosphere of the city.

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