Best Micro Breweries in Cayenne: For Beer Enthusiasts

By | September 17, 2023

Best Micro Breweries in Cayenne: For Beer Enthusiasts

Best Micro Breweries in Cayenne: For Beer Enthusiasts

Beer has become a huge passion around the world, and Cayenne is a great place for beer lovers who share that passion. Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana and has developed itself in beer production. In this article, we will explore the best microbreweries in Cayenne.

1. Cayenne Brewery

The Cayenne Brewery is one of the most famous and oldest microbreweries in the city. Established in 1990, this factory produces quality and delicious beers. At the factory, every step is carefully controlled and beers are produced using the finest malt, hops and yeasts. The factory also organizes workshops on brewing, which makes the brewing process even more interesting.

Cayenne Brewery offers a variety of beers and there is something for everyone’s taste. Various styles of beers are available including pilsner, stout, ale and IPA. You can buy beer from the Factory’s Online Store or from the brewery’s bar, which serves local beers to taste.

2. Le Petit Brasserie

Le Petit Brasserie is another popular microbrewery in Cayenne. This factory produces beers using traditional brewing techniques. The factory places emphasis on using local ingredients and sticking to traditional recipes.

The beers produced at Le Petit Brasserie are varied and produced using certified organic ingredients. There is also a beer garden in this factory where you can accompany the tasting of beers. Beer lovers can see the production process and learn about brewing at special events held at the factory.

3. Brasserie du Maroni

Brasserie du Maroni is one of the newest microbreweries in Cayenne. This factory produces unique beers inspired by the beauty of the Maroni River. The factory attaches great importance to local materials in brewing and uses these materials to determine the characteristics of their beers.

Brasserie du Maroni produces a variety of beers that offer different tastes to beer lovers. This factory also organizes educational tours about brewing. During the tour, you will learn about all the processes of brewing, learn about different malts and hops, and of course have the opportunity to taste delicious beers.

Below is a table comparing the best microbreweries in Cayenne.

Factory Name Year Founded Various Beer Styles Neighborhood Cayenne Brewery 1990 Pilsner, Stout, Ale, IPA Center Ville Le Petit Brasserie 2015 Weizen, Saison, Belgische Ale Balata Brasserie du Maroni 2018 Blond, Amber, Witbier Providence

Microbreweries in Cayenne offer a great variety for beer enthusiasts. The beers produced from these factories carry the unique flavors of local ingredients. By visiting breweries in Cayenne, you can explore the brewing process, taste a variety of styles of beer and have a pleasant experience with beer enthusiasts.

Microbreweries have been gaining popularity all around the world, and Cayenne, the capital city of French Guiana, is no exception. In recent years, Cayenne has become known for its delicious microbreweries, offering a wide variety of flavorful beer. Whether you are a casual beer drinker or a connoisseur, these breweries in Cayenne are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

1. Le Petit Caboulot

Located in the heart of Cayenne, Le Petit Caboulot is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts. This cozy brewery offers a unique selection of handcrafted beer, brewed with passion and care. With their rotating menu, you can expect to find a different beer every time you visit.

Their signature IPA is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It combines a strong hoppy flavor with a refreshing citrusy twist, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a hop-forward beer. If you prefer something lighter, their wheat beer is worth trying. It has a subtle fruity aroma and a smooth, creamy texture that will leave you wanting more.

Beer Name Description IPA A hoppy beer with a citrusy twist Wheat Beer A light and fruity beer with a creamy texture

2. Brasserie du Maroni

Brasserie du Maroni is one of the oldest microbreweries in Cayenne, with a history dating back to the early 2000s. They take pride in their traditional brewing techniques, using only the finest ingredients to create their exceptional beer.

Their flagship beer, the Maroni Lager, is a true crowd-pleaser. It has a crisp and clean taste, with a well-balanced malt and hop profile. The brewery also offers seasonal beer, incorporating local fruits and flavors, such as passion fruit and coconut. This gives their beer a unique tropical twist that is bound to impress.

  • Maroni Lager: A crisp and clean beer with a balanced profile
  • Passion Fruit Ale: A fruity ale with a tropical twist
  • Coconut Stout: A rich and creamy stout with hints of coconut

3. La Fabrique de la Canourgue

La Fabrique de la Canourgue is a hidden gem nestled in the outskirts of Cayenne. This microbrewery focuses on producing small batches of high-quality beer, ensuring that each sip is a memorable experience.

Their Blonde Ale is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts. It has a light golden color and a delicate hop aroma, making it an easy-drinking beer that pairs well with various dishes. For those who prefer a more robust flavor, their Red Ale is a great option. It boasts caramel and toffee notes, creating a rich and malty profile.

  1. Blonde Ale: A light and easy-drinking beer
  2. Red Ale: A malty beer with caramel and toffee flavors

These microbreweries in Cayenne offer a delightful experience for both locals and tourists. Whether you are exploring the vibrant streets of the city or simply looking for a place to unwind, a visit to one of these breweries is definitely worth your while. From hoppy IPAs to fruity ales, there is a beer for every palate.

So, next time you find yourself in Cayenne, don’t miss out on the chance to taste the delicious microbrews that these local breweries have to offer. Cheers!

Best Micro Breweries in Cayenne

Cayenne is a city in the north of France. This beautiful city is not only rich in history and tourism, but is also famous for its microbreweries. In this article, we will share with you the best microbreweries in Cayenne.

1. Passion Brewery

Passion Brewery is one of the most famous microbreweries in Cayenne. Known for its delicious beers, this factory also has a beer tasting house. Here you can watch the brewing process and try different flavors. The most popular beer of Tutku Brewery is called “Daughter of Passion”.

2. Flavor Brewery

Flavor Brewery is another leading microbrewery in Cayenne. It is famous for the quality and taste of the beers produced at the factory. Lezzet Brewery preserves the brewing process and produces beers with traditional recipes. Thanks to the tours organized at the factory, you can observe this process closely and enjoy the beers.

3. Pleasure Brewery

Joy Brewery is another preferred microbrewery in Cayenne. The factory has a specially designed brewery and tasting rooms. At Keyif Brewery, you can taste various beers and choose your favourite. There is also a private tour available, where the brewery experts can share their knowledge and experience with you.

4. Love’s Brewery

Love’s Brewery is one of the newest microbreweries in Cayenne. The factory is known for its innovative approach. The beers produced by Aşkın Brewery attract attention with their unique tastes and aromas. Tours of the factory allow you to examine the brewing process and offer the opportunity to taste the beers.

Information on Micro Breweries

Microbreweries in Cayenne combine the traditional brewing process with modern technologies and produce top quality beers. These factories produce their beers, often using combinations of local raw materials and specialty malts. It also offers a rich selection of different beers.

  • Microbreweries further popularize the beer culture by offering beer tastings and tours to both locals and tourists.
  • These factories often promote themselves by attending beer festivals and organizing social media events.
  • Tours of microbreweries show visitors the brewing process step-by-step and offer the opportunity to learn from beer experts.
  • Many of the microbreweries in Cayenne also offer restaurant or bar service. In this way, visitors can have a delicious meal while tasting their beer.

Comparing Micro Breweries in Cayenne

In the table below you can find some features comparing microbreweries in Cayenne:

Factory Tadım Evi Tur Restaurant / Bar Tutku Brewery Yes Yes Yes Taste Brewery No Yes No Joy Brewery Yes Yes Yes Aşkın Brewery No Yes No

As can be seen from the table above, all factories have different characteristics. Factors such as tasting house, tour and restaurant/bar service can help visitors make choices based on their preferences.

All in all, microbreweries in Cayenne offer a great experience for beer lovers. A visit to these factories will allow you to get to know the beer culture better and enjoy delicious beers.

5 Micro Breweries In Cayenne That Stand Out With Their Beers

Over the years, beer culture has held a prominent place in many parts of the world. In recent years, with the rise of microbreweries, beers have become even more special. Cayenne is one of the cities where these microbreweries are located, as in many other parts of Turkey. In this article, we will explore 5 microbreweries in Cayenne that stand out for their beers.

1. Arasta Micro Brewery

Arasta Micro Brewery is one of the most popular microbreweries in Cayenne. This factory is known for its beers that offer unique flavors. The beers produced at the factory are made using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients are used. Trying the beers produced by Arasta Micro Brewery is a must for any true beer enthusiast.

2. Beylik Micro Brewery

Beylik Micro Brewery is another important factory in Cayenne. Focusing on both domestic and foreign species, the factory is ideal for those who want to explore different tastes. Beylik Micro Brewery stands out with its beers with a rich flavor scale and arouses admiration with its taste.

3. Kale Micro Brewery

Kale Micro Brewery is one of Cayenne’s oldest microbreweries. Operating for more than 20 years, this factory is known for its experience. The factory is particularly famous for its flavored beers. When you go to Cayenne, I definitely recommend you to taste it from Kale Micro Brewery.

4. Pınar Micro Brewery

Pınar Micro Brewery is one of the richest in terms of diversity. With hundreds of different types of beer, it appeals to all tastes. Pınar Micro Brewery offers many different flavors from traditional beers to fruit flavored beers. At this factory, I suggest you take your time to explore the flavors of the beers.

5. Enigma Micro Brewery

Enigma Micro Brewery is one of the most innovative and experimental breweries in Cayenne. Factory takes a creative approach and brings out different tastes. You always have the chance to discover a new flavor at Enigma Micro Brewery. This factory attracts attention especially with its crazy and unique beers.

Factory Featured Beer Arasta Micro Brewery Arasta Gold Ale Beylik Micro Brewery Beylik IPA Kale Micro Brewery Kale Flavored Beer Pınar Micro Brewery Pınar Fruit Beers Enigma Micro Brewery Enigma Special Lager

Cayenne is home to special microbreweries that stand out with their beers. Each of these factories offers a unique taste and adds a different dimension to the flavor of the beers. If you happen to be in Cayenne, you can visit these factories and have the chance to taste the best quality beers.

Cayenne Factories That Micro Beer Lovers Must Visit

Cayenne is a city in French Guiana famous for its magnificent natural beauty. However, Cayenne is known not only for its nature, but also for its famous and delicious beers. For microbrew lovers, the factories in Cayenne are special places they must visit.

Brewery 1: Cayenne Craft Beer

Cayenne Craft Beer is one of the most popular microbreweries in town. Here, you can witness the brewing phase of the beers and learn the intricacies of brewing. During the tour, experts explain how different malts are used and how different styles of beer are obtained. You can also try the unique flavors of Cayenne Craft Beer in the tasting section.

Brewery 2: Guyana Brewing Company

Guyana Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in Cayenne. This factory has successfully adapted to modern beer styles, keeping the traditional brewing methods. If you visit the factory, you can see the brewing process and learn how the craftsmen in the factory make the beers. You can also taste the famous beers of Guyana Brewing Company.

Brewery 3: Les Brasseurs de Cayenne

Les Brasseurs de Cayenne is one of the largest and most famous breweries bottling in Cayenne. This factory produces delicious beers using modern equipment. If you visit the factory, you can follow every step of the brewing process and understand the complexity of brewing. You also have the chance to taste Les Brasseurs de Cayenne’s wide range of beers.

Brewery 4: Brasserie du Faubourg

Brasserie du Faubourg is one of the most innovative and unique breweries in Cayenne. At this factory, stunning flavors are obtained by combining traditional brewing methods with modern technologies. When you visit the factory, you can learn how the brewing process is optimized and new flavors are discovered. You will also have the opportunity to experience the experimental beers of the Brasserie du Faubourg.

Brewery 5: Brasserie de Montabo

Brasserie de Montabo is a factory that produces special beers using natural resources in Cayenne. This factory produces distinctive beers using flavors such as local juices. When you visit the factory, you will see how natural materials are processed and a wide range of beers are created. You will also have the chance to taste the unique flavors of Brasserie de Montabo.

Factory Address Telephone Number Cayenne Craft Beer 123 Beer Avenue, Cayenne 123-456-7890 Guyana Brewing Company 456 Fabrika Street, Cayenne 987-654-3210 Les Brasseurs de Cayenne 789 Beer Avenue, Cayenne 555-123-4567 Brasserie du Faubourg 321 Innovation Avenue , Cayenne 111-222-3333 Brasserie de Montabo 654 Armagan Road, Cayenne 444-555-6666

For microbrew lovers, these Cayenne breweries offer an amazing brewing experience. By visiting these factories, you can taste the delicious and unique beers of Cayenne and learn about the brewing process. Remember, you must make a reservation to visit these factories.

Cayenne is a port city in French Guiana, the capital and also the largest city in the country. This tropical city is known for its blending of different cultures and flavors. Located in the Upper Amazon, this region is also famous for its microbreweries and local beers. Microbreweries in Cayenne offer visitors sweet and refreshing beer experiences. This article will feature 5 suggestions for a taste stop for microbreweries in Cayenne.

Cayenne Micro Breweries

1. La Mousse Brasserie

La Mousse Brasserie is one of the most popular microbreweries in Cayenne. Here you can witness the brewing process while sipping a refreshing beer. There is also a beer tasting room on site. This room offers the opportunity to try the taste of different beers. Summer beers flavored with tropical fruits and local flavors stand out among the favorite beers at La Mousse Brasserie.

2. Brasserie du Littoral

Brasserie du Littoral is another popular microbrewery in Cayenne. The factory produces new beers daily and presents them to visitors in the tasting rooms. Beers using local corn and plant species are particularly noteworthy in this factory. Brasserie du Littoral is known for its delicious beers as well as a stylish setting.

3. Fondamente Pizza and Brewery

Fondamente Pizza and Brewery is an ideal stop for food and beer enthusiasts. This venue offers distinctive beers alongside delicious pizzas. There is also a brewery within the factory. Here you can enjoy the beers you will be a fan of while experiencing Italian flavors.

4. Cobeer Trial Room

The Cobeer Trial Chamber is perhaps one of the most unique microbreweries in Cayenne. Visitors can enjoy different beers in the test room located within the body of this factory. Cobeer produces new beers every week and organizes special tasting events for those who want to taste them. All of the beers you can experience at this factory are handmade and offer delicious flavors.

5. Amazonian Beers

Amazonian Beers is a microbrewery in Cayenne where local beers are produced sustainably. This factory uses the Amazon River as a water source and produces beers flavored with local herbs. Visitors can enjoy refreshing beers and learn more about the beer culture of the Amazon in an on-site beer garden.

Factory Featured Beer La Mousse Brasserie Summer beers flavored with tropical fruits Brasserie du Littoral Beers made with local corn and herbs Fondamente Pizza and Brewery Unique beers and delicious pizzas Cobeer Trial Room Handcrafted and uniquely flavored beers Amazonian Beers Local flavored with Amazonian herbs beers

Microbreweries in Cayenne offer an exclusive brewing experience combining local flavors and tropical flavors. By visiting these factories, you can have a pleasant time and get to know the brewery culture of this region. If you happen to be in Cayenne, don’t forget to add the microbreweries to your list!

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