Active Vacation Suggestions in Surin and Its Surroundings

By | September 17, 2023

Active Vacation Suggestions in Surin and Its Surroundings

Thanks to the beauties and natural riches of Surin province, it offers many different options for active holiday lovers. Surin’s magnificent nature, historical and cultural heritage provides many activities that will make your holiday unforgettable. Here are suggestions for active holidays you can do in Surin and its surroundings:

1. Temples and History

Surin is home to Thailand’s most important temples. You can visit the temples and discover historical and cultural values. One of the most famous temples in Surin, Wat Burapharam is a magnificent Buddhist temple. By visiting Wat Burapharam, you can feel the mystical atmosphere of Thailand and find yourself in a peaceful environment.

2. Khmer Culture

Surin is famous for its temples bearing the traces of Khmer culture. Buriram Khmer Ruins is the most well-known of these temples. Buriram Khmer Ruins dates back to the 11th century and fascinates its visitors with its magnificent architecture. By visiting these temples, you can get to know the Khmer culture closely and capture unique photo frames.

3. Surin National Park

Surin National Park is a great option for nature lovers. Here you can enjoy nature by walking or cycling. There are various trekking routes in the park and you can explore the natural beauties of Surin by hiking on these routes. There are also areas suitable for picnics or bird watching.

4. Meeting Wildlife

Surin offers many different areas where you can spend time with wildlife. In these regions, you can watch and interact with wild animals and observe their natural life up close. Elefant camp and nature reserve areas are among the places where you can meet Surin’s wildlife.

5. Festivals and Events

Surin is famous for various festivals and events. Especially Erawan Light and Sound Festival and Surin Elephant Festival offer unforgettable experiences to visitors. The Erawan Light and Sound Festival illuminates historical and cultural heritage, while the Surin Elephant Festival celebrates the elephant, the traditional hero of Thailand. During these festivals, folk dances, music performances, food stands and many other events are held.

6. Water Sports

Although Surin is not landlocked, the surrounding lakes and rivers offer ideal settings for water sports. Especially Bueng Ton Sai Lake offers various opportunities to water sports lovers. You can sail, canoe or water ski on the lake. Fishing in the lake is also a popular activity.

7. Bike Tours

Cycling tours are a great option to explore the natural beauty of Surin. Surin has many beautiful routes in the surrounding area, and many villages and natural areas are waiting to be explored by bike. During the bike tours, you can interact with the local people and observe the local life by stopping in traditional villages.

Activity Site Temple Visits Surin city center Khmer Temples Buriram Khmer Ruins Surin National Park Surin Province Wildlife Areas Natural Habitats around Surin Festivals and Events Surin city center Water Sports Bueng Ton Sai Lake Cycling Tours Surin and surrounding villages

Surin and its surroundings offer many different options for active holiday lovers. You can spend a holiday where you can discover the beauties of nature, experience the historical and cultural heritage, and participate in fun activities. Surin’s magnificent nature and rich culture will amaze you. You can save unforgettable memories by choosing Surin for an active holiday.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding are exciting sports that have become popular all over the world. Especially in coastal areas, these sports provide adrenaline-filled moments with the perfect harmony of wind and water. Surin Bay is also one of Turkey’s leading surfing and kiteboarding spots.

Surin Bay and Why You Should Do These Sports

Surin Bay is a paradise in the Alanya district of Antalya. With its warm climate, beautiful beaches and strong winds, it is an ideal destination for surfers and kiteboarders. The waves and winds of the bay offer a unique surfing experience for anyone novice or experienced.


Windsurfing is a sport that allows you to progress on a board with the power of the wind. Surin Bay has winds and waves for all levels. While balancing on the surfboard, you can beat the waves with a force controlled by the sail and move quickly. This sport requires balance, endurance and speed.

Thanks to windsurfing, you can enjoy your passion for water sports and enjoy the freedom. You can forget everything and find peace while gliding on the sea like a sail and dancing with the wind. At the same time, windsurfing offers a nice way to strengthen your muscles, gain flexibility and enjoy the environment.


Kiteboarding is a sport that is done with the help of a sail that flies through the air while moving on a surfboard. This sport enables to advance against the waves with a wide sail that opens from the shore with the power of the wind. In Surin Bay, kiteboarding is quite enjoyable with the wind and water conditions.

Kiteboarding requires controlling the wind, maintaining balance and battling the waves. While this sport requires courage, attention and coordination, it also provides moments of adrenaline. Controlling a flying sail while moving on a surfboard brings excitement and freedom to the highest level.

Advantages of Surin Bay for Surfers and Kiteboarders

Surin Bay is an excellent destination for surfers and kiteboarders, especially with its winds and waves. Here are the advantages Surin Bay offers for those who practice these sports:

  • Strong winds: Surin Bay is ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding as it offers strong winds even on windy days.
  • A safe environment: You will be in a safe environment while doing sports in Surin Bay. Safety measures in and around the swampy areas of the bay provide a safe experience for experienced and novice athletes.
  • Professional facilities: Surin Bay is known for its professionally serviced surf schools and facilities. You can study at these schools, rent equipment and improve your techniques by working with experienced trainers.
  • Unparalleled natural beauty: Surin Bay is famous for its pristine beaches, the natural beauties surrounding it and its turquoise sea. While windsurfing and kiteboarding, you can have a pleasant sports experience and watch the magnificent natural beauties to the fullest.


Surin Bay offers an excellent experience for those who want to windsurf and kiteboard. While the strong winds and choppy sea of ​​the bay provide moments of adrenaline, it also gives a feeling of peace and freedom. Coming to Surin Bay and experiencing these sports will be unforgettable memories and an exciting adventure for you.

Ideal Places for Diving Fans in Surin

Diving provides a great way to dive deep into nature and explore. Many diving enthusiasts travel to regions around the world to explore exotic underwater worlds and observe amazing underwater creatures. At this point, Surin stands out as a diving paradise located in Thailand. Surin, with its tropical waters, colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life, offers the perfect spot for diving lovers.

Surin’s Dive Spots

Surin, located in the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand, is home to many diving spots. Here are some of Surin’s most popular dive spots:

Dive Spot Description Richelieu Kayak Surin’s most famous dive site, the Richelieu Kayak, offers a rich marine life. Here, you can observe large sea creatures such as colorful coral reefs, sea turtles and whales. Koh Bon Koh Bon is famous for its shark population. While diving, you may have the chance to observe manta rays and sharks with your dive guide. Koh Tachai Koh Tachai has an impressive underwater landscape. You can see a variety of marine life such as colorful coral reefs, sea horses and mushroom stingrays.

Diving Trainings in Suin

Surin is an ideal spot not only for experienced divers, but also for beginners and those looking to gain experience. Many dive centers in Surin offer a variety of dive training. If you’re a beginner, professional dive instructors can teach you the basics of the underwater world and assist you in participating in certification programs.

Dive Camps and Accommodation

For diving enthusiasts, there are many diving camps and accommodation options in Surin. There are several options for both those who like to stay outdoors and those who prefer luxury hotel rooms. Dive camps in Surin are generally facilities that focus on diving tourism and offer facilities such as diving equipment rentals. You can share your experiences and make new friends while spending time with other diving enthusiasts at these camps.

Diving Tips in Surin

When diving in Surin, safety is always important. It is necessary to use the right equipment and respect the diving limits underwater. Here are some tips to consider when diving in Surin:

  • Before diving, be sure to check whether your diving certification is valid.
  • Take care not to disturb the underwater life while diving and avoid touching the coral reefs.
  • Check the weather report and sea conditions before diving.
  • Follow the instructions of your dive guide during the dive and act with the group.

Surin is a true paradise for diving enthusiasts. Submerging in its waters and exploring the magnificent underwater landscapes allows you to have an unforgettable experience. You can soak up the sun at your resort and sample local delicacies in the evening, while relaxing on the water. Surin offers a unique experience for the underwater world enthusiast.

Surin is an amazing place for those who love fishing in Turkey. It offers many options for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Check out our guide below to discover the best fishing spots in and around Surin.

Fishing Spots in and Around Surin

1. Wednesday River

Wednesday River is one of Surin’s most popular fishing spots. The river offers a rich habitat for various fish species. Here you can find freshwater fish such as carp, perch and pike. At the same time, you can enjoy fishing in a natural environment as it is surrounded by greenery.

2. Samsun Beach

Samsun Beach is a long coastline stretching along the cool waters of the Black Sea. There are many opportunities for saltwater fishing in this region. Whether you prefer to fish from the shore or go out by boat, you can catch delicious fish such as haddock, bluefish and mullet here.

3. Kizilirmak River

The Kızılırmak River is one of the longest rivers in Anatolia and is located near Surin. Kızılırmak offers an excellent habitat for freshwater fish. You can find fish such as carp, pike and catfish in this river. There are also boat rental options in some areas.

4. Bafra Balta Port

Bafra Balta Harbor is a great spot for those who love fishing. This place offers the opportunity to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish. It is said that many kinds of fish such as carp, pike and bluefish are found here. There are also special areas to clean and cook the fish you catch in the port.

Considerations While Fishing

It is necessary to pay attention to some important points while fishing. Here are some tips to consider when fishing:

  • Legal Permits: It is important to get the necessary permits before you start fishing. Check the fishing rules and seasons in the area.
  • The Right Equipment: It is important to use the right equipment for fishing. Have good fishing gear, suitable artificial or live baits and other fishing gear.
  • Safety: Consider your safety while fishing. Make sure you have safety precautions at your fishing destination and wear a life jacket if necessary.
  • Respect for the Environment: Respect the environment when fishing. Collect your trash and take care not to disturb their natural habitat.

Enjoy Fishing in Surin

Surin and its surroundings are a paradise for those who love fishing. Offers many options for freshwater and saltwater fish. While fishing in these wonderful regions, you can enjoy being in touch with nature and catch delicious fish. However, it is important that you do not ignore legal permissions and safety precautions while fishing. By using the right equipment and respecting the environment, you can have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Point Species Çarşamba River Freshwater fish Samsun Beach Saltwater fish Kızılırmak River Freshwater fish Bafra Balta Harbor Both freshwater and saltwater fish

Beach Volleyball and Beach Soccer Tournaments in Surin

Surin is a city in southeastern Thailand. This charming city is famous for its beaches and welcomes many tourists every year. Beach activities are also very common, and beach volleyball and beach football are the leading ones.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a freer version of the traditional game of volleyball played on the court. In this game played on the sandy ground of the beach, it is possible to watch tactical matches between two teams. Beach volleyball tournaments held annually in Surin bring together both professional players and amateur athletes.

These tournaments play a major role in discovering promising young talents. In addition, these tournaments, in which tourists actively participate, offer a platform where fun-filled activities are organized. Beach volleyball tournaments include athletes from different age groups, including teenagers and adults. Participants compete with each other by forming their teams.

These tournaments usually last for a period of three days. At the end of the group stage held on the first day, the teams struggle to achieve a rank in their own groups. On the second and third days, the elimination stages are carried out. In these stages, the best teams compete against each other for the championship. At the end of the tournament, the winning teams are awarded with various prizes and cups.

Beach Football

Beach soccer is a type of game played on the beach, similar to traditional soccer rules. This sport, played in teams of five on the sand, is the scene of very exciting and fast-paced matches. Beach soccer tournaments, which attract great attention every year in Surin, bring together locals and tourists alike.

Amateur teams usually participate in these tournaments. Teams form their own squads and participate in the tournament and compete with each other. The organization of the tournaments is done very meticulously and equal chances are given to the participants. In this way, any team is prevented from having bad luck in the tournament.

Beach soccer tournaments are usually held on weekends. During these tournaments, which last for two or three days, teams compete against each other and play fast-paced matches. At the end of the tournament, the winning teams are rewarded and their success is celebrated.


Beach volleyball and beach soccer tournaments held in Surin offer a unique experience for sports lovers. Bringing together both locals and tourists, these tournaments promote an active lifestyle. These tournaments, which can be attended by anyone who enjoys beach sports, offer a great event where friendship and competition come together.

Routes Around For Hiking and Nature Enthusiasts

For hiking and nature lovers, the surrounding routes are a great option for those who want to be in touch with nature and lead an active life outdoors. Turkey offers many alternatives for hiking routes with its various natural beauties and mountainous areas. Here are some of the great routes that hikers can explore:

1. The Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is an ideal route to explore the unique beauties of the Mediterranean. With a length of approximately 540 kilometers, it is Turkey’s longest hiking route. Starting from Muğla and extending to Antalya, this road offers visitors historical ruins, pristine beaches and breathtaking views.

Route Length Difficulty Level Muğla – Fethiye 20 km Medium Fethiye – Kas 120 km Difficult Kas – Antalya 400 km Zorlu

2. Cappadocia Walking Routes

Cappadocia, famous for its fairy chimneys, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. However, this area is also known for its hiking routes. You can explore the mysterious valleys of Cappadocia with walks accompanied by hot air balloons. Here are some routes you can walk in Cappadocia:

  • Güvercinlik Valley: While walking along the river, you can walk in the company of magnificent natural landscapes.
  • Love Valley: The walks to this valley where the fairy chimneys are located offer unique views.
  • Rose Valley: This hike through rose fields and rock formations is a wonderful experience for nature lovers.

3. Kaçkar Mountains

The Kaçkar Mountains are one of the highest mountains in Turkey, located in the Black Sea region. It offers many different routes for climbers and hikers. These routes are surrounded by natural lakes, glacial valleys and peaks. Hiking in the Kaçkar Mountains is an excellent option for those who want to discover the tranquility and beauty of nature.

  • Palovit Waterfall: To see Turkey’s highest waterfall, Palovit Waterfall, you can go on a challenging hiking route.
  • Ayder Plateau: Famous for its natural beauty, Ayder Plateau is surrounded by lush forests and ponds. Walks in this region offer an unforgettable experience.
  • Huser Plateau: Huser Plateau, which is among the hiking routes, is located among lush forests and waterfalls.

Hiking and nature lovers can enjoy nature thanks to these magnificent routes Turkey offers. Walking on these routes surrounded by unforgettable landscapes, historical riches and untouched beauties will lead to brand new discoveries and unforgettable memories.

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